Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Many mystics have referred to human life as a play in consciousness.  We are surrounded by illusions including the screen that prevents the unenlightened from viewing past life experiences.  Actually, the arrangement is a kind one.  As a result, we accept the ongoing drama and our part as an actor until we become liberated souls.  It is then, we finally ‘see’ clearly and understand the ego and its involvement in a somewhat “fallen” spiritual state.

There is a “son of God” hidden in every soul.  Most people have forgotten and instead identify with narrow bigotry, masked as wisdom, and haven’t a clue as to what is meant by Christ Consciousness.  There is the time-honored baptism by water for the masses from the ancient, pre-Christian, Hindu custom of baptism in holy waters.  Many of us as Christians were also baptized by water but not by the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit.  The water baptism is an outward ritual that is linked to how life initially came from energy, then from nebulae and then from water.  Physical life cannot exist without water.  Baptism by water is sacred but it is only temporary.  We, as evolving souls, must continually cleanse ourselves from old thoughts, habits and actions with a constant spiritual vigilance and a mental attitude of faith and devotion.

Observing what is happening all over the planet as fear, selfishness and cruelty have clearly shown what is sorely needed is the ultimate baptism, with fire.  Fire, the Holy Spirit baptism, occurs when an individual becomes permeated with God’s presence. The holy Creative Vibration expands consciousness and burns, cauterizes the ignorance and sins of present day thought patterns, bad habits and karmic effects of past erroneous actions.  An ultimate fire baptism needs to occur and soon.

There is a cosmic creative light of the Holy Spirit that imbues the whole universe.  As spirit in matter, our role is to experience and bear witness to that Light.  Perhaps, the ugliness and outward human consciousness heard and read about today had to become glaringly obvious to our senses for a good change to come about.  Outer rituals are no longer effective.  Many good souls excitedly write about ascension and the belief that it is happening right now.  The original meaning of ascension was to free our inner Self, the Christ in man, from the limited vibrations of the physical body, ego and self-consciousness and unite it with divine consciousness.  What is sorely needed in humanity is an immersion in the light of Spirit.

All manifestation is a product of vibration.  The true vibration is of the Holy Spirit is an outward movement of God’s consciousness.  It is the holy Cosmic Vibration.  If enough souls would open minds and hearts and have access to the spiritual eye within, we have hope for survival.  We can talk about oneness with all life but it is not understood or a reality until the true vibration is activated.  It would be such a relief if a world prophet would appear and give spiritual impetus to the unenlightened.  Even better, why not have several masters arrive on earth and stir up the receptivity of the souls. It usually is only a temporary ‘fix’.  We have our cycles, masters come and go but collective humanities consciousness doesn’t really change.

I personally do not believe a world savior can take on another soul’s debt.  Doesn’t make sense.  It teaches people not to be responsible.  How can debt be removed if the individual himself doesn’t forgive, cooperate, heal and remove his negative past?  I view a master as an exemplar of the consummate power of love over evil, wisdom over ignorance, forgiveness over vengefulness, light over darkness.  If more of us could live our lives adhering to the edict, “Love your enemies”, hope for humanity will increase.  As an actor on the stage of physicality and materiality why not prove for ourselves our innate power and actually be unlimited, unbounded, pure potential energy accepting the wisdom and love shared by enlightened manifestors of the past?

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