Sunday, December 27, 2015


The identical problems of ego and the false sense of separation from Source existed long ago as it does now.  The illusion continues to be so until each soul awakens to the truth about the inner identity and its purpose here on earth.  The charade continues until the soul longs for something grander than he experiences and actively seeks to understand and set himself free.  The various periods of history mark not only man’s academic scientific and technical knowledge but also his understanding of self.  Through the ‘fall’ in consciousness, he has lost conscious contact with a genuine awareness of what Is.
Humanity once had an awareness that was brilliantly used to discern such subjects as philosophy, metaphysics, mathematics, and astronomy to name only a few.  The mind became trapped in the concepts and as a result forgot that mind is not the One Power and One Presence.  Conscious mind has a limited power in a world of manifested creatures and things.

Through meditation and practicing the Presence of Spirit, a seeker can transcend the mind, a tool of the soul, and rule not only nature and Her world but also the universe itself.  For what Spirit Is, mind is not.  Spirit transcends all of man’s world and universe.  Those who accept and realize this truth are in harmony with the movement of the Supreme Spirit and enjoy living in the rhythm of grace.  They are masters of the personality and the emotions.  They have learned the importance in controlling the physical body and all its properties.  They are victorious builders. Mastery of self is an aliveness that creates true kings and queens of a timeless space that holds no limits or definitions.  The awakened ones are conscious extensions of the Supreme Spirit, one in One, and one in All…One.

There are other energy forms within the universe that have a grander intelligence.  This intelligence is found in varying degrees.  Its particular habitat is one that is far more advanced than what is consider normal here on earth.  To explain what occurs on a planet far removed in its spiritual expression than ours is to describe Utopia.  There are such places that do exist and generate creatures far lovelier and brilliant than we can imagine.  They are beautiful because purity and truth illuminates their beings and as a result they are a transparency for light, love and a higher wisdom that is actually scientific. They are individual souls who know and live their true wisdom identity.  They are not consciously separated from God as the majority of humans here on earth.  They are individual lights that know and live as conscious identity. They are brilliant not only for the treasured splendor that shines as them but also for the divine wisdom that expresses freely through them.

Yes, there are higher states of consciousness existing elsewhere in the universe.  Humans who have tried to imagine what heaven would be like have come close to realizing the radiance of these higher vibratory spheres of light. The movement or evolution of the individual soul is done through intuitive thought communication.  All action and communication is accomplished by thought impulses.  Thought is a positive tool meant to be used for the benefit of all.  Brilliancy vibrates in degrees.  The souls who are more advanced share their understanding and spiritual discernment with souls who seek their wisdom.  Families do not exist in the identical way as here on earth.  There is no physical act where one energy plants a physical seed within another to produce a child.  New manifestations are created as a result of a desire-thought.  The offspring are individual souls highly refined in their understanding as to what true identity actually is.  Souls are drawn together as a result of common goals, needs and the experiences that they wish to share.  The greed and desires of earthmen have been replaced with a complete devotion to truth and the pursuit of the eventual upliftment and freedom of all souls trapped in darkness.

Reality is to reach a consciousness that exemplifies the tenants of Spirit.  The higher worlds of light are ‘peopled’ with beings who openly express and embrace the One Power and One Presence.  It is a sublime existence and few can bear to leave it.  The vibrations of power, wisdom and love are indescribable yet they exist.  To be able to live with other souls who accept and actually live the truth of their being is a perfect existence and yet many choose to leave the bliss of Reality and visit habitats such as earth where suffering is the norm.

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