Friday, December 18, 2015


Many people have great difficulty in forgiving themselves and others.  This is a popular subject with multiple interpretations and beliefs.  Those who refer to Moses as accusing people for their nonbelief may not understand that he was expressing the “fatherly” aspects of the Creator’s law.  It is a conditioned response.  If children are good, the father, masculine quality of reason predominates and demonstrates love for the child.  If one of the children is bad, the father punishes him.  Moses is recorded as treating his disciples and followers with the typical fatherly love.  Living in duality as we are, actions are commonly categorized as a feminine or masculine energy.

In my last book, “Trapped: Visitor from Heaven” I share how the love Jesus gave was from the “motherly” aspect of God.  Let’s face it, most mothers, the predominately feminine quality of feeling, is unconditional love toward their children.  It is unbelievable what some of us tolerate coming from our children.   As we awaken to our divine nature, we patiently try to persuade our children and others as well through reason and love, both the masculine and feminine aspects.  Threats and particularly theological threats and the fear of everlasting punishment were and are not a part of the legacy of Jesus.  Some followers have attempted to use force and threats to get non-believers and troublemakers to behave through intimidation but it is not the way of a soul who is awakened to wisdom and is genuinely filled with love.  Let’s face it.  If God used force to make us believe, the ‘children’ and their subsequent choices would be reactions stemming from fear, mechanical and not of the spirit.
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” is a perfect statement of the motherly attitude.  People who are unenlightened do not understand the full scope of a higher consciousness, our relationship to one another and the true purpose of life in matter. Awakened souls do.   Jesus, with all his miraculous powers at his command never forced his will on others.  He knew that it is only love and a persuasive reason, masculine and feminine energy in balance that will help another.  We cannot force a soul to awaken. 

Free will is part of our make-up.  The more we awaken to our true identity as a spirit temporarily using a physical form do we begin to understand forgiveness and at the same time turn away from negative and evil choices.  The mission of Jesus was to bring the Light of Truth visibly and tangibly to the world.  It is also our mission.  No human can be truly forgiving, which is a heightened spiritual understanding, if he or she is not tuned into the divine vibrations of the cosmic cycle.  The more we individually arouse and live in balance exercising both the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature, the greater our ability to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

There are many people who truly love but remain in the darkness of ignorance.  Complacency is the culprit.  It is too much of an effort for them to seek and arouse what they have lost as a genuine experience of God’s light.  Once we realize the truth of what is actually happening to cause darkness, we inwardly seek for light, become receptive, and forgive those who are too lazy to seek the higher wisdom vibrations of love and wisdom. Most people are steeped in spiritual ignorance.  Life is hard.  It is easier to blame family, friends, government or church for the inconveniences of lack and limitation.  We live in duality.  It is up to us to seek the forgiving mother aspect hidden as energy not fully discovered nor lived.  All the contradictions of life are understood from a higher level when we harmonize reason with love.  I do wish to emphasize that another’s cruelty is a condition where the soul is trapped in the dark ignorance of materiality.  It needs to be understood that ordinary men and women who shun the Light are caught like flies in a spider’s web of delusive inner darkness.

Forgive them for their ignorance and yet, understand that one day the mother aspect of true love will awaken and they, too, will experience a reversal of mind.  They will change from solely focusing on matter and sincerely seek the existence of the true Spiritual Light.  It is then that seekers must learn to forgive themselves for being absorbed in the false whether it is a doctrine, belief or simply the foolishness of following unsatisfying material ways of living.  Every true religion leads to God, our Source.  To actually reach our destination, forgiveness of self and others must take place.  We will continue to struggle and not experience a genuine peace until we realize the ‘mother aspect’ within.

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