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I’ve been offering classes focusing on spirituality based on firsthand experiences for many years.  People enthusiastically attend and also appreciate the books and articles that I write.  This doesn’t mean they are enlightened.  Far from it.  The majority of seekers continue to think the same way, do the same things, suffer and die without achieving God Realization.  This is truer than not because knowledge for most people is conditioned by the time they lived in and the knowledge gained from prophets, Messiahs and founding fathers of all religions in the remote past.  True knowledge is what you realize through your own devotion and awakening spirit. I have said this before and will again that the desire for liberation must be powerful before a firm “revelation” occurs and the spirit in man answers the call.

Consciousness awakens beginning in the mind as dissatisfaction, often despair, loneliness and longing to open the mind to a new and meaningful life.  Once the seed is quickened, there is no turning back.  Regeneration must first appear as a desire in the thinking part of the mind.  The desire for righteousness cleanses, purges all that the conscious mind has erroneously collected throughout the ages.  Man keeps the same desire pattern from death to the next incarnation.  What man thinks about spiritually, he becomes.  He is claiming the power of that which is known as the super conscious mind or the individuality of spirit.  It is the spirit in man that answers the call.

The Supreme Spirit, God, is unseen and impersonal. Yet, its wonders can be seen through the power and presence personalized as the Father-Mother Energy radiating through a man or woman who at long last have risen in consciousness and claimed without fault or failing his or her oneness with the Source.  Man is a spiritual being.  All that the Divine is, man eventually becomes in his understanding.  When understanding dawns, theories become facts. Being is becoming, becoming is to know and knowing is the fullness of wisdom.

Our physical body is a covering for subtle bodies of light that include the astral and mental forms, the soul, and the greater essence, the individualized spirit.  Our individualized spirit is similar to a child.  The individualized spirit is the god companion so to speak of the soul-memory-mind.  The spirit is basically dormant until the intuitive part of the mind awakens allowing for a higher consciousness to exert its influence.

Through individual will and choice the individual spirit patiently waits to express itself clothed in a confining physical form.  As individual consciousness evolves and develops faith and disciplined thoughts and actions, the soul-mind aligns with the harmonious truth principles of the universe.  Transformation begins to take place.  People use the word soul for spirit but it is not the same.  Soul is the seat of memory and reason.  It is not a form but rather the subconscious aspect of mind.   
In other words, the soul-mind is a label for memory.  It is a subtle energy that evolves and eventually fully merges as consciousness with the spirit, the God essence.   The question often rises as to when does the soul and spirit energy enter form?  Is it at conception, physical birth or later?  From what I have observed, it is dependent on varying factors.  I have witnessed the subtle light forms of a new born or young child fully grown sitting or standing next to the physical body.  It makes sense.  Why entrap energy in an infant or child who cannot fully express during the early stages of physical growth?  The physical form is designed as a vehicle for the mind, soul and spirit. This of course raises the question concerning abortion.  What is actually being killed?

In cases where the spirit has fully entered the physical body at an early age, I have observed that the child often has awakened spiritual sight and can see forms existing in the subtle worlds of light that a parent or someone else do not see.  The child may become quite excited about what he or she is watching. Animals also have the higher or finer spiritual vision and carefully follow surrounding forms that frequent what we think of as our space.  Space is filled.  Believe it.  It is really funny to observe an animals face as the animal watches, barks, chases a ‘visitor’ from the finer realms of light.

Perhaps, you may wonder why a soul-mind-spirit would choose a body in a certain family or area of the world.  Everything is choice. Attachment and unfinished business is usually the cause.  If the soul repeatedly chooses not to aim for a life of spiritual growth, at some point out of compassion a more highly awakened soul will step in and offer to guide it in a positive direction.  Help is forthcoming from higher planes of consciousness but everyone does not welcome guidance. In direct contrast, the more spiritually aware the identity, the less direction it needs.  The awakening individuality understands that self-development and eventual oneness as a conscious spirit in form with its Source is the ultimate goal.  He realizes that he must work out and design a balance, a harmony in his life’s tapestry.  As a result of direct knowledge, he is free to choose his own way. Firsthand experience is the proof we all need.

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