Tuesday, December 8, 2015


A meaningful manifestation is highly organized.  Earth and what we know of, as life is obviously small.  If more of us would keep in mind that our planet and her life is not the result of blind forces and remember that the astral and causal heavens simultaneously exist, perhaps, more of us would explore the truth that the Christ and Cosmic consciousness of God is everywhere.

Since there are so many diverse cultures and sects, we perceive heaven according to our racial, social, and environmental habits of thought.  If we are blessed with spiritual sight, we occasionally experience glimpses of angels, luminous beings, archetypal symbols plus other worldly hearing, sight and intuitional guidance.  For us to feel the truth of multiple planes of existence, we first need to begin ascending in our consciousness.   Whether we are still ‘stuck’ or out of balance emitting negative and evil thoughts and actions or are awakening to an angelic spiritual behavior and life, everyone both when in or out of the body is attracted or are aware of higher vibratory realms between incarnations.

Astral activity, the multi- vibrational heaven levels closest to earth is the counterpart to the life and objects here in physical/material form.  I have mentioned more than once that the blueprint of what appears on earth is created in the astral factory of life prior to our seeing it.  I’ve noticed the colors particularly are exquisite and the beauty and luminosity have no limitation.  The opposite of the rainbow-hued light could be the region called Bardo as discussed by the Tibetan Buddhists.  In Tibetan Buddhism, Bardo is a state of existence between death and rebirths, varying in length according to a person’s conduct in life and manner of, or age at, death.  Its original meaning, the experience of being between death and rebirth, is a transitional period and often depicted as a painful and confused state of mind.  Perhaps, this is where some souls remain until they are ready to explore creative forces and higher beings in finer realms of light.  Kindly put but it could be likened to a resting place until the soul is ready to assimilate the past and prepare for the future.  In the study of Bardo, there are six planes discussed for our education.

The funniest comments come out of people’s mouths.  After the astronauts landed on the moon, I remember my aunt telling me that there mustn’t be a God because the astronauts did not see Him on their space journey.  Most humans do not see the heaven worlds but yet, Jesus intimated that if we tune our physical self with our own host, spiritual Self, we could perceive the astral world and in some instances transcends the various levels and consciously experiences the causal energy.  Creation is similar to electronics as far as the infinite possibilities available for reaching beyond any finite limits.  To awaken to our true identity and activate our spiritual senses, we bring heaven to earth through the soul’s powers of super-hearing and super-vision.  Vibrating in a world where the majority’s lives are based on other people’s opinion and not one’s own deep thinking and meditative practices, humans for the most part remain in the static of restlessness and mortal consciousness.

The higher subtle Heaven worlds of light are usually out of reach of the discord on earth experience by the multitudes of unenlightened souls.  It is our responsibility to spiritualize consciousness.  We have a finer subtle body, the form of our own true Self that is an angelic, immortal immutable life force.  This body of light is powerful and invulnerable to sickness, disease and troubles.  I love it when a friend or loved one crosses over and with complete delight appears and tunes in to a physical relative displaying his or her youthful and beautiful higher body.  Frequently, the subtle light form will dance and offer some form of demonstration to clearly get the message across to his or her physical loved ones that he is liberated.

Even the unreliable earthbound lower developed consciousness energy who resist reaching higher will at some point reclaim their true identity and begin the ascent toward realization of consciousness.  “Enter through the narrow gate”, said Jesus.  In other words, be like a snake shedding its skin.  When the snake senses that a new skin has formed under its old one, it looks for a crack or a small hole in the rocks and slithers in.  Its not easy but he does it.  So must we.  We must at some point in our journey shed our old skin, false ideas, habits and ways of thinking and reclaim our true eternal Self. To ascend, we will need to regenerate the connection of the center of feeling, the conscious awareness principle within which is symbolized as the heart of the door and then walk in.

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