Thursday, December 17, 2015


We are creators unconsciously and consciously.  Since not everyone believes that they are the one who is responsible for what occurs to them, suffering continues.  When harmful imbalances are in the mind and body the sickness is more than likely caused by the person’s prenatal actions from previous life experiences as well as postnatal negative and evil behavior of his current life.   To be lifted in consciousness, we must free ourselves from the influence of the tendencies of past actions.  If we do not and we continue to think, feel and act in a negative manner even worse punishment will show up somewhere in the body.  Memories of past actions remain in the consciousness of the brain and the subconscious.  These memories can be eradicated when we get in touch with the electrifying force of genuine wisdom.  The gaining of wisdom is a science. We must become scientists.

People who do not understand this and refuse to lead a scientifically discriminating life assume the good things or bad things that happen to them are some irrational quirk.  They take comfort in that conclusion.  Once a person recognizes that each of us is responsible for his own suffering, life takes on a new meaning.  The law of action governs lives.  This is why I accept reincarnation as the truth explaining the inequalities and seeming injustices that happen to human beings from their birth.   Experience teaches us that there is a solution for a chronic physical, moral or mental sickness.  There is such an action called direct divine intervention through prayer and faith or with an angelic force.  The patient needs to cooperate with the sage advice given.  The other method of healing is to train ourselves to live the counteracting good actions that will eventually destroy or at least minimize the effects of past wrong action.

Whatever spiritual healing work some of us do is actuated by our consciousness of God and the creative Holy Spirit.  True healing involves being guided by intuitional direction received from a higher Source.  We are not meant to be robots.  Having surrendered to God and doing the Will of our Creator does not mean we no longer have free choice.  We always have a choice and that choice includes paying attention to the wisdom available to us.  We who serve are not slaves.  We recognize that true wisdom comes from God.  We follow the higher wisdom and prefer that guidance rather than our own egoistic ideas of what should be.  “Thy will be done”, which frightens many people does not involve enslavement of our will but a door way that opens us to the wisdom hidden within. 

There is an active intimacy possible with the creative Holy Spirit when we accept that there is a power and presence that is willing to work with us in our every day mundane world.  What shocks me are the people who are given an opportunity to heal and actually experience a healing and then all of a sudden decide not to keep the transformation. Some people are so strongly identified with the physical body, names, titles, possessions, nationality and all the other factors of I, me and mine that they continue to live as a deadened body.  The metaphysical meaning of “death” is one who refuses to awaken and prefers to remain in the pain and death of mortal confinement.  Because of the individual refusing to seek and be open to the supreme intelligence of the higher cosmic vibrations, the person continues to suffer the consequences of his own actions when he makes wrong decisions.  When we put ourselves in a vibration of disharmony, we pass a judgment of punishment by denying ourselves to be comforted, healed and guided by a higher wisdom.

An ordinary person appears to live only once, in his present lifetime.  He doesn’t remember his identity during the transition from one life to another.  Souls who are asleep to the wisdom science have very little conscious awareness after death of the purpose and plan of the soul.  Eventually the soul will awaken and understand that the divine codes when transgressed put into motion a consequential judgment that is automatically imposed by the Universal Intelligence.  Some people are now promoting the idea that Resurrection Day when archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet is soon to happen.  Looking at the current manifestation of consciousness on earth, the trumpet won’t be sounded until more people raise themselves from the death like grip of spiritual ignorance.  This is the true meaning of the dead rising. They gratefully rise out of the grip of an ongoing spiritual ignorance. Gabriel’s trumpet signals transition, governed by cosmic law, from one vibratory state of existence to another.  Reincarnation offers souls the time and opportunity to evolve and express the full blown God-given divinity of the soul.

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