Wednesday, June 29, 2016


WHY ARE WE HERE?  Think of resurrection as a chemical metamorphosis, not a religious idea.
Understand it as changing our carbon-silicon energy into a light similar to diamonds.   Our class and meditation will conclude with learning more about the science of deliberate transformation.  A butterfly is able to journey to worlds undreamed of by the caterpillar.  So do we when we transform ourselves into our destined diamond body.

We will meet at Peggy McCaffray's home in La Grange 1:00 PM...JULY 10th

My new treasure, Baba - Magical Cat with a Message will be available.

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.



Saturday, June 18, 2016


Humans have murdered well over a couple hundred million people by warfare and torture in the 20th century alone.  When is a different course of action going to be taken?  More people would be genuinely inspired if somehow more of us could cultivate non harming and pacifism as a viable lifestyle.  Cooperative living communities have worked beautifully in different areas around the world.The intention for Cooperative living would not be for any spiritual or money making purpose but simply because it may be the only survival choice that will work in the future.   Perhaps, I am too much a wishful thinker.  Many people cannot get along with the few people who do live in the same home.

In social media we hear and meet people who have actually reached the inner feeling of unity with everything...reverence for life.    Moral development involves non harming.  Unity and non harming are not a romantic ideal.  Look at Gandhi.  He inspired people through demonstrations, petitions, strikes, pickets, sit ins, teach ins, go-slows, hunger strikes and more.  Today, there are dear souls who are attempting social reform through trans-formative and socially healing power of non harming.  Wouldn't it be a hopeful situation if more people would examine and translate the ideal of non harming into daily practice for ourselves, our local community and our global society?

As Patanjali suggested long ago, non harming must be practiced under all conditions, which means in thought, word and deed.   More self inspection needs to happen on a regular basis.  People are very aggressive today.  Abuse is experienced on every level.  Even being depressed will bring the energy down in our environment.  Coldness and indifference is a form of harming but yet we cannot go around crying all the time by what we see and hear.

We are made kind by being kind.  People attend the very popular woman Indian teacher's events simply to receive her hug.  That really says something about how people are touch starved. We have progressed remarkably in the area of technology but the heart of humankind needs to be opened. Compassion literally means to "suffer with."  I have often thought that collectively humans have a terrible record when it comes to compassion for animals.  In that same vein of thought, there always are stories in the news or other printed materials on compassionate acts demonstrated by animals toward all who need it regardless of the kingdom.

Years ago, Adrienne Clarkson, a former Governor General of Canada, said, "For all and everyone we must have compassion because it is in compassion that life consists."  I have many close friends who exhibit genuine compassion so much so that they often experience compassion fatigue.  Wouldn't it be a life changer if compassion was a 24-7 attitude, which embraces everybody?

I do my best to avoid the news and election discussions.  I wish there were narrators who would speak like Lao Tzu spoke of "three treasures":compassion, moderation and humility.  The collective mind of humanity needs to be transformed through training.  Followers for the most part ignore what all major religions state.  The message of religion is love, compassion, forgiveness, contentment and self-discipline. Many people must be deaf and blind.

I will close with an excellent quote from Albert Einstein.  "Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self.  We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."  Wouldn't life be an ongoing miracle if people with a similar consciousness would be elected to government offices?

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall


Saturday, June 11, 2016


My lineage is one of healers. Although I was psychic and had visions as a young child and young woman, my secret dream was to be a transmitter of healing energy. In order for dreams to materialize, we are expected to be responsible and take action. No one else can create our passion for us.  Being a healthy woman with all that a normal soul would desire in life, I remained unsatisfied. I willingly declined a Universal Motion Pictures Studios contract as a young mother and other glamorous opportunities that continually presented themselves. Deep down, I knew there was something else I was to focus on but did not have a clue. Country club living, traveling, a large number of good friends and the best of all, a good, loving and beautiful family were not enough. Something was lacking. I was outwardly living the normal human dream and I felt incomplete.
At the time, I did not understand the immensity of the inner landscape, the soul, and light within. The real part of who I was continued to play hide and seek veiled by human flesh and the conditioning accumulated from birth. All I knew is that I seemingly had everything but there was much more to consciously remember, prepare and experience before I could feel fully alive. When we have a strong inner drive for something, regardless of what it is, the universe eventually will provide an opening. When the opening appears, it is our choice whether we walk through the door and actually embrace the opportunity.
What happened to dramatically change my life and manifest my dream? It began with two choices. I chose to have minor surgery on my lower abdomen. About five days after returning home, I noticed the surgical area was swollen and red streaks were rapidly appearing. A high fever quickly developed and the pain increased. I had just given my newborn son his 10am bottle. I decided to lie down in the bed next to him because the pain and the infection became worse. The sensible action was to call 911. My second choice was in not calling an ambulance. I placed my hands on top of the infected bare skin and immediately fell unconscious. I knew the time because of the feeding schedule.  One hour later I awakened to a sticky substance spreading underneath my hands. To my amazement, an angelic force, a higher power, had created two openings, one on each end of the six-inch length stitches. When I inspected the area, I was shocked to discover that the infection was draining without any human assistance. The red streaks, pain, swelling and fever had completely disappeared. I had chosen to surrender my physical life to a Higher Power and the result was an instant healing.
Being unconscious and alone for one hour was the first step in a journey that has been non-stop until this day. What I did not know at that moment was the secret passion to be a healer of bodies and souls combined with an intense faith in God would create a situation that would catapult me into a miraculous and very eventful spiritual life. From that day forward, I was a very different person.
As a direct result of my own physical healing, I quickly discovered that prayer and laying on of hands, a healing would occur in others. Many were healed of cataracts, ongoing spinal problems, cancer, carpal tunnel, multiple scoliosis, tumors, earthbound spirits and much more.
 After the dramatic healing, I began to recall the ancient wisdom teachings; the Universal laws of spiritual living that awaken inner knowledge and heal the soul. Spending long hours in silent meditation, the teachings appeared in visions of Light projected on a bare wall in my room, radiant sentences hanging in front of me in mid air or messages whispered in my listening ear.  With ease, I began to write inspirational messages.
 I continue to witness God’s radiant light and angelic beings. My life has been dramatically saved four times by angels. Today, my dream of offering authentic service continues to manifest in magnificent ways. As a result of the original one-hour transformation, I felt alive, fearless and full of hope.  Some people refer to this type of magic as a second birth.  It is. 
 I understand suffering as a severe spiritual identity problem that we create as a result of false beliefs held in consciousness.  To heal a spiritual identity loss, there is an urgent need to understand cause and effect. To survive, we must rediscover what we really are and the purpose of life. I call the step-by-step understanding of the intimacy of this sacred relationship as falling in love with the Divine.
Some people assume that once we are on the path of Light that life will automatically be easy. Although I am constantly given unseen and seen assistance, it is not easy.  Because I had changed dramatically within, the without did likewise. Through the pain, I developed a stronger sense of discernment, patience, compassion, and power.  
 My seven published books are based on firsthand experience, the true teacher. Everyone has a story to tell. The individual story cannot be separated from the collective story. We are all One.  Eventually, all souls will awaken and lift themselves beyond the “closed structure” of the physical world. To evolve, changes are required. Some of the changes may be uncomfortable. We can through love, wisdom, and science regenerate ourselves and joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane.  Conscious thinking and action are required.
             The magic of dreams is in the heart of the soul. The human experience is a means for the inner Self to express in matter. Be true to your dream. Our evolution is the greatest love story ever written. Why prolong the journey?
In love and gratitude,
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Could all the pain really be a desire for something hidden right now, a totally different type of change not yet suspected?  Even people who normally do not seek change seem to want it.  There is a deep dissatisfaction across the globe.  The most obvious discontent is in politics.  Unhappiness is being experienced in subtle ways such as a desire that life could be better with a new job, more money, moving to another location, switching partners, changing diet, traveling, enhancing appearance, indulging in unhealthy substances or getting a tattoo.  Feelings are intense.  Many people are blaming the bias and false programming of the news media, the corruptness found in many churches, the cover-ups and indifference in the medical field.  Genetics are being blamed for problems not solved and parents who feel unworthy passing their false beliefs on to their children.  Relatives who won't take responsibility for their own lives doesn't help either.  Friends are fearful, doubtful and falsely programmed.  More people are suspecting that a deliberate rewriting of history and ongoing falsity has occurred and will continue to be kept from the public.  Conspiracy theories and cover-ups prevalent everywhere and the accompanying sorrow caused by narrowness of beliefs creates fear.   The false conditioning we have been typically bombarded with since we took our first breath is suffocating.

My feeling about the root of humanities ongoing problems is an ignored lack of insight and awareness of the cause of suffering.  I feel the mass feeling of disgust and unrest, effects, are being disguised by the outer symptoms and signs.  There is a very deep sickness.  The robotic sickness and imbalances found everywhere is an inner negligence, lack of realization, understanding and accepting one's true identity, which is spiritual.  Inner worth has been so diminished, trust tainted, truth non-existent and suffering appears to be the norm.

There is a disguised cause behind the lack and limitation experienced outwardly. The physical and material disguise confuses the mind and diminishes the light of God that patiently waits within.  We blame the cause as  selfishness, political unrest, terror attacks, bigotry, overweight, abuse on every level, random and pleasure killing, new diseases and mental breakdowns. Continued disrespect for life is man's undoing. How long must the common man be deaf, dumb and blind?  It is always a choice, a thought, a word and an action. Pain does leave once it has finished teaching us.  How long does the bulk of humanity need to remain in school?

People must awaken to their own light. Survival depends on it. We certainly have had enough master teachers as examples.    No one told us it would be an easy road.  Usually, when we want to make progress difficulties  increase tenfold.  With faith, love and perseverance we win. Ask for devotion. Begin with yourself and train to become consciously aware of your eternal light and the light of others.  It is not the outer appearances commonly blamed being the real cause of the expanding unrest.  They are effects of the cause found too prevalent in the soul...forgetfulness.   Start remembering...your load will lighten.

Honor life beginning with yourself,

Shirlee Hall
Circle of Light class and meditation 6/5/16