Saturday, October 31, 2015


Do you ever think about the message of your soul?  Mine is to offer love and hope.  I keep working on it in such a way that the message of our true identity can be better understood.   It is never to late to solve an identity crisis.  It is never too late to bring about the convergence of body, mind and soul.  We are the Light.  Many have forgotten this great truth and insist on keeping the mind in darkness.  The peace of the higher Christ consciousness may be our peace if we willingly allow it to come.

If you care, do not be fooled by the outer appearances and the fearful cries of the unenlightened.  Nothing can halt the movement of light once it has begun.  You are a part of that movement.  This is the moment.  It is on the stage of physical life that we will reign as royalty seated on a golden throne.  Truth is.  As we patiently try to demonstrate a greater fullness of our light, we watch the feeble attempts, the acts of destruction, that man calls his power.  There is no real power except the Source behind all manifestation.

The ‘End Times’ according to my message is the end of the rampant and negative energy that has many names and holds humanity in bondage.  Ignorant indulgence has plagued our planet and life far too long.

You have a choice to remember your soul, discover its message and begin to live it in a powerful way.  As you discover the truth of your being, an inner cleansing will remove the attachments you have collected that only harm your inner purpose.  As more of us choose to look behind appearances, find the light, respect and love it, we draw together as a sweeping and healing force of unconditional love and joyful power.

Whether you use the power to dramatically lift one life or one hundred million, you are being a living message.  Opportunities arise unexpectedly to prove the power of love and light.  A woman called me regarding her friend’s teenage son who was hospitalized due to a horrific motorcycle accident.  He was not expected to live.  She requested that I see him and asked if the Holy Spirit would help mend her son.  I hesitated at the entrance to his room because a priest was standing by his bed giving the last rites.  Near the bed stood his mother and the woman who had called me.  I waited for the priest to leave.  When he left, the two women did likewise.  I asked them later why they left the room.   They could feel the power and presence that was coming from me before I ever reached the young man’s bed.  It was too much for them.

If they had understood the power and presence, they would have remained. I went over to the young man who remained unconscious.  I silently and gently lay my hands on his feet and trusted knowing that divine energy, the power of unconditional love, knows what to do without my giving it direction or making pleas for the young mans full recovery.
I usually remain with a ‘client’ fifteen minutes.  There are no grand hand movements or special words said or specific locations on the body touched.  I simply offer my trust and ask that pure love take charge.  Then, I leave the premises.  The young man’s inner self was receptive.  His soul-mind received the message of love from my light and faith.  Not too long afterwards, he drove to my home to personally say thank you.    Healing ones self and helping others heal is a strong aspect of the message of my heart. Do you know and live your soul message?  It reminds me of the following lines from the TAO.  

He who has God within his heart
Is like a little child.
Supremely strong in every part,
Yet tender, soft and mild~

Friday, October 30, 2015


Ask for more light.  Ask for a loving and compassionate heart.  Ask for courage and strength.  Ask for the wisdom to recognize truth when it appears through person, place or thing.  Ask for a higher understanding.  Ask for the patience to help you mature.  Ask the infinity of your being to bring to your attention the wisdom gained in past life experiences.  Ask that you consciously express your true spiritual self.

Often, a physical healing is the trigger that jolts your memory of the non-ordinary.  Not too long ago a very pleased friend visited me unexpectedly.  I had not seen him for a year.  He said that the last time we were together he had asked me to lay my hands on his chest and remove his uncontrollable desire for cigarettes.  He typically smoked several packs a day.  He went on to tell me he had not smoked in one year.  What thrilled him most was his personal experience of the divine heat that had filled his chest area.  The remarkable truth is that the warmth of the Holy Spirit returns to my friend every time he reviews his healing experience.  When the heat returns, he stops whatever he is doing and consciously sends the healing vibration to either someone else or a situation.  The beauty and joy of this healing is that he realizes that the power is a living presence always with him.  He is now a channel for love and balance.  His confidence and quickened sense of connection with own inner spirit is exciting and meaningful.  He has come into his own.

I obviously speak from experience.   The majority of people living on this planet live ordinary lives.  The secret is to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way.  New life begins when you open your mind and heart to grander possibilities and connections.  The most rewarding connection you can make is with your inner master self.   An opportunity will come unexpectedly.  Look for it.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Do yourself a favor and coax your master self to come forward.  It needs to be convinced that you really place a high value on its guidance and love.  Long hours spent in meditation and prayer is not required. Simply, accept the presence and power of a higher identity as the real and eternal part of what you are.  Your master self will become your best friend.  It will not blossom if you always look outside of self for your inner needs.  One day, you will experience that special moment that arrives when understanding clicks in and you more fully realize divinity exists within you.

During this period of spiritual growth, discernment must be strengthened.  They are many who feel that what they channel as thoughts, words, and actions are solely God’s messages.  Not necessarily so.  Until you develop a keen awareness, you could be projecting your own unfulfilled desires or a discarnate that may not even be as spiritually developed as your consciousness.  All of us must develop a sensitive and keen sense of discernment to help differentiate between the master self, an angel, an ascended being, or a soul in a vibration close to earth’s energy field who is also struggling to understand.  Many humans are fooled by the subtlety of guidance given by ‘visitors’ from the unseen planes of consciousness.

There is a spiritual hierarchy in the subtle worlds as there is here in matter, as we know it.  We are all one but not in spiritual growth, awareness or expression of the oneness.  There is a wide variance of clarity and spiritual attunement within the unseen worlds very much like it is on earth.  The difference is caused as a result of intent and the experience of the particular intelligence in question.  The vibrations differ according to the purity of the individual awareness and the expansiveness of the consciousness.  For a human to assume that God told him this or that is not correct.  It usually is an intelligent being vibrating in a finer frequency making a connection with a receptive human.  Ideally, more humans will become intuitively sensitive to the guidance and love of their personal inner guide, the master self within.

In contrast to other intelligence helping us on our journey, the Holy Spirit, a creative and impersonal energy, is available to the pure in heart.  From my understanding, the Holy Spirit does not tell us what to do or not do.  Ascended beings usually do not tell humans what to do either.  It is understood that individual consciousness expands through deep thinking, choices and a love that we express as a result of our own will as a conscious individuality.  Holiness, pure awareness, usually does not interfere with personal things.  What will benefit the many is its primary concern.  Holiness, divinity is interested in the whole.  The spirit of truth may suggest a particular direction for a group of ascending souls whose intent is pure, but it is up to the humans to discern, question and decide to take action.  It is important that we understand growth comes through awareness and right action and not from a ‘guide’ telling us what to do or not to do.  I must mention this because too many people have created a relationship with an unseen entity that felt fulfilling and positive only to have it later turn into a manipulative disastrous energy pull.

There is so much to understand regarding this subject.  Even prayer can be manipulative.  We can actually interfere with another person, country or organizations evolution.  What we ask for may be the opposite of what is actually needed to bring about change and growth.  This holds true for the ‘guides’ who hover around humans who are receptive to this form of interaction.  I urge you not to become ‘caught up’ in the signs or gullibility that results from relinquishing control to an outside force.  True growth comes from our having eyes open at all times to the many possibilities and acting on them with a clear mind and a pure heart.

For many souls, an experience with divine intervention occurs that serves to help you and those close to you to move toward self-healing, self-change and a higher consciousness and union with divinity.  I call this intervention divine helpfulness of the purest and most loving experience that you could possibly imagine.  It is often unexpected and can come through a stranger or even a stranger set of unimaginable circumstances.  I will share one of many examples.

A friend requested that I visit her neighbor who was staying at a hospital only a few blocks from my home.  All I was told was that the patient was on oxygen and had cancer.  When I entered her room, relatives were standing around the woman’s bed.  I am basically shy about sensitive matters and also do not pray out loud.  These people did not know me nor did the woman in the bed.  Never wishing to draw attention to my self, I nonchalantly put my hands on the woman’s feet although they were under the covers.  I simply looked in her face and asked her if she wanted to live and why.   As I was waiting for an answer, I experienced a brief vision of the woman being active and wearing a very distinct print dress.   In the meantime, she quietly and simply mentioned that she wanted to live for her young adopted daughter’s sake.  I asked her if she had the print dress that I saw in the vision in her closet.  Her answer was yes.  It was then I told her she would be completely healed.  I said good-bye having never said anything to the relatives.  One of the relatives got my phone number from the friend who requested I go to the hospital.  The next day one of the patient’s relatives called and told me that the woman in the bed was taken off of oxygen a few hours after I had visited the room and was in the process of being discharged from the hospital.  This I call divine intervention.  I didn’t do anything except put in a call to the Holy Spirit on the patient’s behalf.  When divine intervention or any form of healing occurs, it not only affects the patient’s perspective of life but everyone involved in the ‘case’.  Consciousness changes for the good.  I feel that divine intervention is not only for the benefit of the receiver but the observers.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Is it our personality running our life through the influences of the subconscious, the opinions and beliefs of others, a confused ago and in special moments our own master self?  With most humans, it is everything and everyone except the master or higher self. The interesting facet of this question is that few seekers fully understand who or what the master self is.   Confusion reigns for many reasons one of them being the trying of one new technique after another without allowing the inner master self to express actively through consciousness.  How can it express if we doubt, fear, belittle another or ourselves and forget our true identity patiently waiting behind the mask of physical posturing?  We are what we think we are.  If we judge ourselves to be a victim, then a victim we will be. The same holds true regarding self-worth or any other opinion we have picked up along the way.

No one can walk the path of enlightenment for us.  Another can open the door but we are the ones who must walk through the door.  Eventually, the personality will reach a still point where a quickening will begin because the individual is ready psychologically to examine and finally seek the part of himself who is true.   Life is far from a path of roses at this point of the journey.  Discernment, watchfulness, focus and patience are required. In eagerness, an awakening soul often looks for a master teacher outside of himself.  If we have not developed discernment, choosing a false teacher because of his or her charisma and claims may happen.  Falling into this common trap will set us back but sometimes it is the jolt needed to set the soul in the right direction.  The problem with following pseudo masters is the abuse that is frequently received at the hand of a manipulator.  I write extensively about the dark pretenders in my latest book.  In the process of consciously awakening to our master self, experiences can sometimes be very harsh.  If we learn from the experience, looking at it as part of the necessary discernment process helps.  We can be healed in the soul, mind and body if we truly want to be healed.  Healing is slow coming when we feel as if we are not worthy of being whole.  In the meantime, moments are wasted and more pain created because acceptance of the master self is not yet established.   Lack lingers.  Lack in this reference is the sublime experience of the full acceptance of our spiritual identity. When we haven’t yet made a stable connection with our expanding master self a sense of loneliness or separateness can hinder our sense of oneness.  Creativity is often stifled and in many cases life is miserable.

The result being, a victim consciousness is developed.  Many have denied that they have willingly or ignorantly played the role of victim in a dysfunctional situation.  Too many of us including myself have allowed manipulative people to traumatize our energy to the point where we find ourselves numb and discouraged.  How can the inner light express fully if we allow ourselves to be attacked and damaged by the selfish consciousness of others?

Frankly, it is no one’s fault but our own.  What will turn a negative into a positive is to become a warrior.  We must stand for our right to achieve mastery and be our true identity.  Admit the injustices, step out of denial and do something realistic about changing patterns.  The past is the past.  Everyone makes mistakes and hopefully learn from them.  Why not decide to be alive in a grander way regardless of the nonsense going on around and within you?  We came to earth to anchor our brilliancy into matter.  Books do not mold character.  The challenges of life do.  When we finally make the discovery of the eternal true identity and the power firmly embraced, it becomes easier to comprehend the reality of what constitutes true worth.  It is then the miracle of being a genuine magician happens.

Hundreds of people have been healed as a result of prayer and touch.  Who is the healer?  I understand it to be the glorious hidden true master within us cooperating with the power energy sent from the Original Holy Creative Spirit.  When the patient and its soul are willing to receive from Source, a miracle happens.  There are always those who desire to be healed but are not yet fully convinced that they deserve to be healed.  To be healed or remain in bondage to fears and painful situations is a choice made on one or more levels of consciousness.

Transform your mind and attitude through diligent effort and striving to understand true identity and the meaning of conscious mastery.  As your thinking deepens and opens to a greater understanding, energy and its power and purpose take on a higher perspective.  The idea that it is actually possible to change matter will intrigue and become an active interest.  Train your mind to privately communicate with the inner master.  Invite your true self to interact and help you break the hypnotism of the masses.  Your master self will become evident with a developed conscious connection.   Allow mastery to express through the personality.  It is in our every day reactions, deep thinking, understanding and blossoming love that entices the beauty and eternality of who we are to manifest the level of results that delight.  It is up to us to consciously unite the physical life and the spiritual life into one cohesive unit of light, love and wisdom.  We begin by trying, focusing and doing what we can.  As our consciousness expands, outside help in the familiar form of the creative Holy Spirit partners with us.  Tomorrow, I will share two extraordinary examples of divine helpfulness.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I am sitting here talking to you and crying at the same time.  I just heard from a woman I’ve never met regarding the mistreatment of her eight-eight year old father currently in a Chicago hospital.  One moment the doctors are saying he needs kidney dialysis and the next day they say he doesn’t.  They refer to him as having dementia when he was fine until they gave him some pills that are messing with his thinking process.  His daughter has tried to get the doctors to listen to the possibility that it is very likely that he is having an allergic reaction to one or more of the medications.  He was clear minded prior to entering the hospital.  She is also upset by the fact that both the nurses and doctors keep talking about the age factor implying that he is old, why bother, and behaving as if they want to forget about trying to restore any form of balance to his body. They are giving signals and suggesting that the daughter put him into a nursing home and allow him to vanquish.  On top of that, the nurses and doctors don’t look directly at her dad when discussing his treatment.  They ignore him and only look at family members.   I have had seniors mention this rude habit to me over the years.  The elderly feel ignored as if they are a non-entity.  Feelings are ignored.  Frankly, more people are convinced that the medical profession habitually offers opinions and are basically ignorant regarding effective methods to heal the body.  Forget the mind and soul…this area is forgotten.

I have heard that it is not like this in Europe and many other countries.  I hope my understanding is correct.  I began to do a remote ‘treatment’ for the eight-eight year old.  His daughter is determined to help him heal.  The wife of her dad is extremely negative the majority of the time.  This could be why the father has a hearing loss yet he hears his daughter clearly.  We do assume weaknesses to shut out what we do not wish to see, hear and feel.  If that is a strong part of his hearing loss, it can be corrected as well.  Another one who could use a healing is his wife who does not believe in healing of body, mind and soul. Having a constant negative person nearby is damaging to everyone concerned. The daughter mentioned her dad has serious stomach issues.  Of course, the issues remind me of the statement, “I can’t stomach that!”  The mind has everything to do with cause and the effects that manifest in the body. There are many dear people who live in harsh environments where they are continually bombarded by negative energy.  It is difficult to divorce your entire family particularly if you wait until you are aged and not a position of power.  Death is always an escape.
I plan to support the daughter and her deep love for her father.  Already, his numbers are better and his mind clear.  Whether they changed the medications, the daughter did not know.

As I remotely focused on the father yesterday, tears filled my eyes.  I was not crying for him but for his daughter.  She has a strong faith and determination regarding her father’s healing.  When the father was asked if he wanted to live, he replied that he would like to live another ten years.  I feel I partly had tears regarding his words because the conscious mind may desire one thing to happen and the subconscious or the soul another.  Also, some people respond to the choice of continuing their physical life because they have no knowledge regarding the afterlife and fear death.  The daughter asked me several times if the Holy Spirit would want him to live.  As I understand it, the power and the presence of divine energy does not interfere with individual will.  If the one who is sick does not seek to remain in the body from his soul level, he will not get well or simply get well for a limited time period.

The one I am more concerned about is the daughter.  Looking at this situation from various levels; the question arises as to what will happen to the daughter’s faith if everything doesn’t go exactly the way she wants it to go.  Will she assume God doesn’t love her or the dad?  It would be very helpful if people had more knowledge about the subject of the mind and how it affects healing.  Basically, healing boils down to our inner desires and viewpoints.  In a couple of weeks, I will share more information regarding this heartbreaking drama.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Having had ongoing experiences with other dimensions, nothing surprises me.  In fact, 99% of what I experience is very pleasing.  It is very obvious that we were once solely a spiritual body, a light being, and eons ago decided to descend and experiment in density.  There are days that I shake my head with sorrow and feel that it was not a wise decision. We are here now and must do what we can to recapture the magic and learn to live fully in a heavier or natural body referred to as a human.  We are immortals although most humans solely think of themselves as mortals.  The true life of us is a super-being who is unlimited, youthful and quite beautiful between excursions into heavy matter.  Of course, there are always exceptions due to the huge range in consciousness.

Not all humans understand their true identity and grieve deeply when a loss of a loved one is experienced.  Many people fear physical death because they have not yet understood that they have experienced what is commonly referred to as the afterlife more than once.  Our loved ones including friends and even strangers are so happy when a clairvoyant actually ‘sees’ them acknowledging that the ‘dead’ continue to live.  Souls in the finer dimensions feel, think, express and even look very similar for a time period to their recent discarded physical body.  Yet, there is a huge difference.  They are free of disabling physical imbalances and old age.  Limitations are discarded.

I was very close to my handsome, highly intelligent and philosophical dad.  I remember so clearly what happened when dad was in the hospital and ready to be released.  I received a telephone from the hospital.  At the last moment, something went seriously wrong.  The hospital was at least an hour’s drive away.  As I was speeding to reach him, a voice spoke the words, “There is no reason to hurry.”  I said, “Is that you, Dad?”  He answered, “Yes, it is over.”  He had unexpectedly and tragically swallowed and choked on a pill the nurse had given him.  In a blink of an eye, his spiritual body left his natural form.

My mother, youngest son and I have had many experiences with dad since we lost him physically.  One of the first appearances after his transition was to appear to my son and show him how active he could be in his spiritual body.  This is important because the physical body he left was frail and slow moving.  His spiritual body is healthy and strong.  Dad appeared wearing shorts.  None of us had ever seen him in shorts.  He was proving a point.  His legs that had difficulty supporting him during the weeks prior to his physical death were now strong.  Dad actually jumped around and performed his favorite Irish jig.  We are powerful beings whether we are living in density or a finer vibration.

Many departed souls return again and again to visit their loved ones.  One evening when my mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner she suddenly heard a different set of newscaster voices coming from the television in the den.  It sounded as if someone had changed the channel.  Puzzled, she ran into the other room and there standing in the middle of room was her husband, my dad.  He looked absolutely wonderful.  Interestingly enough, he was wearing the only suit left in his closet.  The other suits had been given away.  Mom ran to him throwing her arms around his form and cried, “John, John”.  She swore his body had felt warm.  The entire experience only lasted a few moments and he disappeared.  Those few moments of beauty and intimacy were truly a gift of love, a clear message that we are super beings whether we are in a physical body or a spiritual body.  The goal of incarnations is to learn how to anchor the light of the spiritual body into the physical and be our true identity wherever we happen to live. 

Death is not to be feared.  We simply discard one form for another. Of course, we miss our loved ones sorely.  The universe is our home.  By releasing our loved ones, we do not lose them. We help them heal and ourselves as well.  They will visit, send vibrations and be helpful in times of need.  If you try to cling to them, it is a disservice and actually selfish.  All of us need to be free to grow in our own way whether here or in another vibration.  Yes, continue to love and think of your loved ones but do so with respect and understanding.  This holds true for our animal friends. My dad, mom and many close friends as well as strangers and household pets periodically come and visit us from the finer dimensions of Light.  Love continues regardless of the form or vibration we use.  Simply understanding and accepting that life is a continuum and that there is order and purpose in the creative life is healing in itself. 

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Sunday, October 25, 2015


It is a very cool and gloomy day and for some reason I decided to analyze just what was it that Jesus was trying to get across.  It sounds bizarre but I feel it is necessary.  Since he told us that we could do what he did and even greater things, what are those things he talked about? What made Jesus believe the power of the Holy Spirit as being available to all of us and we could use it if we desired to do so?  If you read any of the passages where Jesus heals he is actually saying that there is no disease independent of the mind.  His entire teaching emphasizes that humans are responsible for what happens to them and no one else.  We obviously cannot change the divine but we can create and destroy ourselves, others, life and anything else that is created except the light.  I also know that earlier in history Job said, “Ye are the wisdom of this world, but your wisdom will die with you.”  It will die because collective humanity is not yet awakened.  These statements sound dead to a level of consciousness that never had an idea of light.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?  Perhaps, it is the science of wisdom and the unconditional love that is the substance of the simple teaching ‘Love God first and your neighbor as your self.  Ignorance or ignoring of this teaching certainly isn’t heaven.  Jesus never called himself Christ.  Christ is truth.  We become a Christ when we gain wisdom.  Wisdom changes the mind.  Wisdom assists us in overcoming burdens.  This is why enlightenment, wisdom consciousness, pure awareness manifests when error thinking is destroyed.  Jesus used the practice of healing bodies and mind as a demonstration of science, a reality that the church has clothed in mysterious trappings.  This explains his disdain for the doctors and priests, ceremonies and all the complexities that accompany man’s religion.  He proved there is a Higher Power through the acts of healing.  People want proof and he supplied it.  This is one of the reasons why many seriously ill people ‘get’ wisdom.  The science of love was proved on their bodies.  This was how I learned.

A real disciple of Jesus desires to put a higher wisdom into practice by his acts.  You can only do this if you separate yourself from opinions and beliefs.  All ideas are matter and many contain fear.  I once read somewhere that parents created nine-tenths of all disease and beliefs regarding danger when their children were small.  We are programmed from the nursery by everything.  Perhaps, more people need to deeply look at their beliefs.  Are they serving the highest good?  Look how people suffer for their beliefs!  Wars are a horrible reminder.  Our happiness or misery is in our belief.  Disease is a result of error thinking and doing. 

Jesus attempted to get his theory across to the disciples at the Last Supper. He used symbolism to make his point.  Eat this bread (understand wisdom-science) for this is my truth.  Take this cup, the drink or life of this truth (wisdom-science) as long as you are interested and remember me or Christ (truth) until the science is established on earth as it is in heaven.

Well, it didn’t work.  The disciples did not hold onto the wisdom.  The women who loved him understood the teaching.   Women have always been a carrier of new ideas.  I couldn’t resist making this comment because it is truth.

Jesus tried to prove that the senses are outside the natural-physical body.  More people today understand this as a result of out-of-body experiences and near death experiences.  We have the same senses outside our body as Jesus had. It is a field that both the physical energy (man) uses and the spiritual (light body) man uses.  We simply need to learn to use them wisely.  I mention the quickened senses because it is through the senses that we can actually liberate a prison-like existence and ourselves from wrong teachings.  As disease is a belief, it has never entered the mind or sense that the false belief is the cause of a problem.  Why not elevate the mind and realize that our Creator never bound us.  Lazy people would rather give an opinion than to investigate and look for the cause.  Jesus believed that our senses were not a part of this natural body, death was unbelief and that the senses lived independently.  Today’s generations appear to understand that life continues after the physical body is discarded.

The church serves a wonderful community purpose but true healing is an inside job.  Happiness and health is our belief and our belief contains our character.  We have two worlds going on with us simultaneously.  My purpose in sharing these words is as a reminder.  Each is responsible for his opinions.  Do yourself a favor…question everything.  Religious worship is an invention of man.  Wisdom as taught by the divine, enlightened or Christ is the true life of us.  It is not confined by narrow limits.  A false belief, corrupted feelings, can make your body numb, your breath limited and much worse.  In startling contrast, your belief can also be within a magical cup in which your wisdom is confined.  It is up to you to be responsible and drink from it daily.  Perhaps, resurrection is leaving the false beliefs behind and rising to greater heights of wisdom through understanding and love.  Jesus performed miracles as a result of his wisdom understanding.  It is a science, an art, and we can do likewise.

A daily suggestion:
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to every one of my cells transforming them into love’s perfection.
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, throughout the universe attracting and giving abundance.
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to wisdom and ask how I may best serve all life.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015


We have a natural man, physical and a spiritual man, soul.  Our problem is being ‘caught’ in the ever-changing opinions of the world.  These beliefs are inherited from the physical man and contrast sharply with the beliefs of the spiritual man. The difference between the two aspects of what we are is huge!  The natural is ignorance and opinions.  The spiritual is wisdom and science.  When I use the word science, I am referring to spiritual.  In my life, spiritual has been and still is a very real science.  Faith has proved over and over again that science and spirituality are one and the same.

Simple example is a telephone call from the doctor’s office complaining that I haven’t come in for a check-up in over a year.  I patiently replied to the nurse by telling her that I feel and look great.  Her response was that no one can judge by how they feel or look and I could have serious gallbladder problems, etc. etc.  I just shook my head.  People should be penalized for spreading false thoughts particularly opinions about what we could or could not have or should and should not do according to their belief system.

About five years ago, I decided to humor another nurse and went to the hospital for a long delayed mammogram.  They asked me to wait afterwards for the results.  It didn’t take too long and three people on the medical staff came out and hovered around me saying sorrowful comments.  They were insinuating I had cancer and suggested that I visit a certain oncologist.  I told them right then and there that they were wrong.  To appease my ‘doctor’, I made an appointment.  The necessary procedures were done and nothing showed up; I was fine.  I’ve learned not to believe other people’s opinions particularly when money is involved.  I gained this valuable lesson when I was quite young.  I also learned that if a part of the body was in a state of imbalance there must be a cause.  Find the cause and the imbalance can be removed.

I was seeing auras around streetlights driving at night and other unusual phenomena.  Deciding to have my eyes examined, I was shocked to learn that I had cataracts developing in both of my eyes.  I called my mother and said this is crazy and how can it be?  She nonchalantly replied that her nineteen-year-old cousin had cataract surgery so it could be inherited.  I thought to myself this nonsense is not for me.  I don’t have time for surgery nor do I accept the belief that it is necessary to inherit a weakness from another family member.  Later that afternoon, I sat in the chair where I like to sit when meditating.  I basically talked to my eyes and told them that they were perfect and I expected them to be free of any impediments.

You see, what I haven’t told you is that I am in love with the Holy Spirit.  Yes, the creative Holy Spirit that Jesus mentioned who would come to the disciples and others after he left them.  He referred to the Holy Spirit as a comforter.  I never learned about the Holy Spirit in the Lutheran Church.  Perhaps, it was mentioned but the name never entered my consciousness.  Some other time, I will tell you how the Holy Spirit came into my life.   After the prayer-meditation healing session with the Holy Spirit, I confidently assumed it was taken care of.  The next day all negative symptoms disappeared.   I did not go back to the doctor who had given me the diagnosis because the subject of faith was not one that I wished to discuss with him.  I did make another appointment with a new specialist and my eyes received a clean bill of health.

Negative programming and less than positive suggestions may come from the astral plane through a human channel as well.  Yesterday, a friend called relaying how her guide, Joshua, came through a medium friend, stating that her partner will have a very long recuperation period after his surgery next week.  Can you see how suggestion works?  She was almost smug in relaying the message to me.  I didn’t say anything at the time because I was certain that she assumes this ‘guide’ from the ‘other side’ knows more than I do but I do plan to call her today and hopefully change her mind.  It won’t hurt to try.  Everything begins in mind.  We are definitely co-creators.

As I said before, we live in two kingdoms simultaneously…the science of wisdom or the corruption of ignorance.  Once we train ourselves to look for cause and understand that everything is energy influenced by thought patterns, we become genuine healers.  Our happiness or misery depends on which one of these kingdoms is uppermost in our mind.  Frankly, I don’t want the opinions of the world to negatively influence my energy, cripple my mind or impede my dream of being a fully alive light with a balanced mind and youthful body. Hopefully, you agree.  Everything is choice.

Have you checked out my books and new A CUP OF HEALING? 

Friday, October 23, 2015


I have not intended to imply a divine role nor suggest that I have a solution to anyone’s problem.  What is shared has worked successfully for me and it is up to the reader to choose his/her own action.  I have learned that the way to genuine freedom is responsibility for self, compassion, balance, deep thinking and a meaningful and working devotion toward God.  I cannot offer a solution to the problems of society. We are each unique and have our own history.  There is no dogma or written code in what I offer.  Although different techniques and suggestions are mentioned, it is up to you to find relief from emotional stress and the many distractions allowing the light of God to work through you as you.

I feel and know that there is both uniqueness and oneness in all life.  Respect for the individual is important.  Personally, I have never have been interested in creating an organization, converts or a group mission.  Each person is a teacher in some way and we can learn from one another.  Although I personally recognize the oneness of Divine Wisdom and Love flowing through all life and respect the teachings and connectedness of all world religions, my strength, hope, peace, love and wisdom are drawn from firsthand experience.  The revelations, wisdom, healing and ongoing love energies resonate primarily to the original teaching of Jesus, a soul who attained Christhood.

Spiritual experience is available for our conscious realization, joy and communion with a Power and Presence that not only created us but when awakened lives as us.  I try to do my best knowing that what is considered our best does change as our awareness matures. My heart is full of a love that cannot really be described by mere words.  Neither can it be silenced.  If you are reading this message, it is no accident.  We have been drawn together during an important period of soul rediscovery and a greater connectedness.  We have social media on our side enabling us to encourage, guide and offer hope to others who desire to be an active, pulsating part in the awakening of a fuller consciousness of what love actually is.  There is also a scientific wisdom patiently waiting to be manifested on our beautiful planet Earth.

Together with an awakening clarity of who we really are, why we are and what we are to do as we become more conscious of our intuitive spiritual Self and the anchoring of a higher consciousness, we will eventually emerge victorious.  I titled my first book published in 1982, Circle of Light, under a different last name.  I intuitively gave my work of love that title because Circle of Light is far greater than any book of words or organization.  It is a circle of vibrant souls who are conscious lights pursuing excellence, balance, respect and healing for all life.  They are deep thinkers and souls both in human form and unseen form that actively vibrate to the first and second commandments emphasized by a Christ, the man we call Jesus.

The Circle ever widens.  It is an illuminating ring of spiritual power that will elevate the vibrations of our planet in such a way that a new consciousness will dawn in the minds of men and women throughout the world.  It is an invisible force that is living and breathing in the midst of humanity and is seen and felt by souls attuned to its majesty and power.  Each soul who awakens to the brilliancy of the higher wisdom is an integral part of the Circle of Light.  Each soul that consciously attunes and demonstrates the power of truth and love is a spark of the great ring.  It is through the energy of the Circle of Light that a pure spiritual consciousness will emerge into all its beauty and reveal a living wisdom.

There is a time soon coming when the Circle of Light will emerge as a force in such a way that the world of unenlightened men and women will take notice.  As said before, the sublime energy is beyond any group or one person…it simply IS.   It is the Christ mission.

Jesus’ explanation of the Christ mission was to “heal the sick, destroy death and bring life and immortality to Light”.  The followers did not interpret his teachings correctly.  As an awakened being, he did his best at the time to transmit a great scientific truth and wisdom.  He understood that repetitive thought, whether positive or negative will eventually manifest.  This knowing is scientific.  Collective humanity has not understood mind, science and cause and effect from a true perspective.  What Jesus attempted to teach and he applied will become our personal reality through the understanding and practicing of it.  It ties in with cause and effect.  There is a science available to help us be set free.  We first must get past the deceptive programming that has held us back. Other great spiritual beings have encouraged the establishment of the same science of being.  It is a science of dissolving error with wisdom, which will correct phenomena.

We are physically living on Earth to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  Sometimes, we have to fight sadness and even depression because the appearance world is not fully reflecting the love and light of the vibrations of purity and the wisdom science.   Trust as you struggle against the subliminal.  Place your sadness aside…celebrate with us.  The Circle ever widens. You are a part of the spiritual vision.  It is likened to an illuminating ring of wondrous power that will slowly evolve as an awakening consciousness and expansion of Living Light.

Thank you for listening, gentle friends, and for looking closely at your desire to evolve.  You are needed.  These words are said with you in mind.  They contain the blessing of pure love and compassion fully knowing the longing in your heart for a manifested vision of an illuminating and victorious higher consciousness.

Shirlee Hall

Thursday, October 22, 2015

CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS? Science versus Faith

I am blessed with three children.  The subject of science and its role in healing and mental phenomena frequently comes up in our conversations.   I would love to hear your comments.  I’ve experienced a lifetime of super-normal manifestations and yet, some I question.  You be the judge.  Our baby is crawling along the upstairs hallway.  My back is turned and all of a sudden I could hear a thump, thump and more thumps.  Running to the top of the long stairway I fling my arm out and yell one of God’s names.  The baby stops falling, instead hovers in the air waiting for me to go down a couple steps and scoop him safely into my arms.  How does his physical body hover in the air?  Are there always angels alert and ready for humans to make mistakes?  Or, is it my will holding him in the air?

Another day, one of our sons came home from school limping.  Someone had kicked him hard at recess and the throbbing had been going on all afternoon.  The two of us sat down in my bedroom in close proximity to a full sized wall mirror.  I told him that there are higher beings that enjoy sharing their love with us.  I asked his permission if I could call on one to heal his injury and pain.  Of course, he agreed.  It only took a few brief moments and a very tall form stood near us.  It was so large that it nearly reached the ceiling.  Once the form appeared, a tingling sensation occurred in his ankle and leg.  The pain left because he was healed through the love of unconditional love.  Now, this incident can be easily explained…an angel answered our need.  In fact, you would have laughed if you had witnessed this because both my son and I visibly jumped because we were so startled by the size of our visitor. We not only saw the form hear him but its reflection in the mirror.  Isn’t that interesting?  Is help always nearby?  Is healing a science based on faith?  Can anyone have this type of experience?

Another time, I decided to join the children for a bike ride.  Since I didn’t use the bike that often my husband had placed huge hooks in the garage ceiling and my bike hung on the hooks upside down.  I am of small stature and for the life of me could not figure out how to get that bike off the ceiling hooks.  Standing beneath the bike, I stretched out my arms and asked if someone from the unseen vibrations could lift the bike off the hooks and place it upright on the garage floor.  There was an immediate response.   We stood in awe watching an adult sized bike slowly be lifted off two hooks and gently placed above my hands and placed on the ground.  Who did this?  Was it my will, meaning the real me, the eternal true identity or was it another entity who came immediately to satisfy our need?

Have you ever misplaced anything, looked everywhere and simply could not locate it?  I needed a special key and didn’t have a clue as to where the key was located.  It was a key to a special box that contained official papers.  A vision popped into my head telling me the exact location.  Of course, it was there.  What or who told me the location?  How do we know if answers and assistance come from our Higher Self, angels or simply our own determination and will?

Speaking of messages, a woman friend, a mother of two young boys, voiced her concern about her husband being gravely ill and in the hospital.  Three different surgeries had been performed before a pacemaker would function properly.  As we were talking, I began to give her a message that her husband would live for many years a vital and fruitful life.  The message was encouraging and suggested she have no fear, but be patient and have faith for all would be well.  These comforting words of love still ring true.  An afterthought tells me that to share a message like that, make basically a promise, is really taking a chance, but I trusted.

These sample experiences could simply be to show us our oneness and connection with multiple dimensions of creativity.  We obviously need to know that help is always available whether it appears out side of ourselves or is our own inner voice, will and energy.  There are hosts of vibrational beings that desire to help us discover truth. Of course, there is always our own spirit of truth.  Love is our true identity.  Perhaps, more of us need to awaken to this fact, a true reality that needs to be embraced and appreciated.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Yes, you are.  There is a grand Power within that has nothing to do with learning techniques on how to heal yourself or another.  The God Power knows how to function all by itself when it has a willing human eager to allow it free expression.  Your tools are patience and faith, trust and perseverance, humility and kindness.  All you need to do is be alive and love.  Love God, yourself and turn around and love the God in everyone else.  This isn’t always easy but no one ever told us it would be.  Open your heart to the oneness of all life regardless of the kingdom, seen or unseen.  Love is what connects.  The love I am talking about is beyond these clumsy words.

The majority of people hurt themselves through neglect and lack of understanding.  I wasn’t taught the importance of good nutrition as a child or the purpose of life.  How many of us learned the importance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?
Too many people live for years neglecting the body and then as a last ditch stand they try to make quick amends.  What holds true for the body holds true for the soul. By educating our consciousness, we can accomplish healing miracles and be whole again. Inner work must be done with perseverance, discipline and love for the Higher Self.

Forget the admonishments of the old teachings that state you are not worthy.  You are worthy!  What is worthy is the Light of God that provides life.  Take away the Life Force and we are nothing.  Discard false programming and accept your inner beauty and goodness and learn to love what you really are.  It usually doesn’t happen overnight but it can.  Your life experience will turn around and you will see with new eyes and ears and give greater value to what you really are.

You are a healer asleep to the truth of your magnificence.  You can be healed if you really want to be healed.  Healing is not always a physical issue.  Forgive yourself. Making mistakes is part of the play of consciousness.  Much of what was done in the past that shames us now is the result of our conscious ignorance of spiritual law and not understanding spiritual identity.    If you feel persecuted and overwhelmed by adversity, stop and realize that you have attracted the negative energy to teach yourself what you do not want in your life.   There are no accidents regardless of how horrible they may be.  I could not write as I do if I had not experienced the darkness of despair as well as the heights of an exquisite resurrection.  As a result, I have moments of maturity, strength and wisdom as a compassionate healer who has learned to confront each new challenge with a developed equanimity.  Equipoise is another word that has always brought a smile to my face.  Realistically, there will always be challenges living in matter. Demand more of yourself.  Respect your healer identity, the essence of others and the healing energy of the Earth and her resources. 

New opportunities, challenges will appear once you make the decision to live as a conscious healer.  In gratitude and joy, observe your inner light expand and share your own healing stories.  We are here to help one another and in so doing transform minds, hearts, bodies and awaken ancient memories.  This reminds me of an unexpected vision given years ago.  I saw a large body of water before me.  All of a sudden a wooden cross came flying overhead and ended up plunging deeply into the ocean.  A Voice said to me,  “It is time to throw the cross away and live.”

You are a blessing!  Realize it!    I love you~

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The caption above is directly from a woman who was brought to my home who had been filled with fear, crippling her every movement when the doctor reported to her that she had cancer.    Her personal thoughts moved toward the idea to reorganize her life and clear out the cobwebs of clutter.  This woman has a similar belief system to mine, one that is filled with inward knowing that God is with us, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.  Time passed and a friend suggested she visit me and hopefully experience a healing.

I asked regarding her concerns and explained that I was blessed as a transmitter for the loving energy of the Holy Spirit.  The creative healing energy does its loving work on a physical, mental and spiritual level wherever it is needed.  Within moments the woman’s stomach was as if on fire.  She knew there was a definite difference.  The heat spread but remained intense on the area of the stomach.  The session lasted ten minutes.  The woman felt different and knew she had experienced a healing.  She described her self as having a happy heart, shoulders feeling as if a burden had been lifted.  Her posture straightened and when she walked her body glided.  The heat lasted through the night and into the next afternoon.  Elated, the woman felt that having been ill provided a blessing in disguise.  Her illness had given her a chance to work through forgiveness and personal issues and to go on to receive what she considered a special path toward spiritual awareness.   Thankfully, she has had two cancer-free checkups since her healing.  Eternally, she sends love to all.

In contrast to the woman and her love for the Holy Spirit and viewing illness as a path to awareness, I will share a story of a man friend that is quite the opposite.  Sandy and his wife are Jewish.  They never discuss faith related subjects nor do I know if they practice any.  The Sunday afternoon was warm and beautiful.  We had not seen each other for at least a year. We simply were long time friends who periodically as couples would enjoy each others company.  I noticed Sandy struggling to get out of his car and when he finally did looked really bent out of shape.  We were going to have a light lunch together here at home and then drive to a local art event.  Since he didn’t mention anything regarding his discomfort, I did not ask. 

Later, leaving for the outdoor event, Sandy struggled to get into our car.  I finally spoke up asking him if he would like some relief.  He is a large, gruff but jolly man and said, “Do whatever you need to do”.  By this time, he was already awkwardly propped up in the back seat with his wife and not that easy for me to comfortably reach.  Sitting in the front seat, I reached around and held my hand on whatever I could touch.  As I have mentioned before, the Holy Spirit knows where the need is located.  Silence, total silence ensued as the four of us waited together.  In only a few moments, he loudly said, “What did you do, hypnotize me?”  Puzzled, I asked for him to explain.  He said the debilitating pain had completely left him.  I was as surprised as everyone else because it happened so quickly.  What a transformation!  Once we reached the art event he proudly walked with us for more than an hour as we admired the various art objects.

Here we have two cases, a woman who was devotional in her faith and a man friend who was not really drawn to the practice of spirituality.  The similarity was in their inner sense of worthiness.  They both felt good about themselves and believed they deserved to be whole.  The attitude of respect and love for self, in my opinion, has a great deal to do with how we respond to any form of healing.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Speak to me of love and you will understand the mystery of all healing.  Our inner spirit longs to understand the meaning of simplicity, unity and wholeness.  And yet, the mystery continues its endless rounds because the light within is dimmed by the false pretensions of a world that has lost a true sense of reality. The subject of healing is understood in its completeness through the awakening of the heart.

Many people ask for healing and yet they do not experience the sweetness of the holy touch that comforts and removes the dis-ease of the soul, mind or body.  Perhaps, you have asked yourself why do I have to suffer?  How is it that a person who neither loves God or is actively searching for the meaning of life frequently is blessed with an instantaneous healing of great significance while another who is steadfast in his/her faith is not healed.  The answer is an interesting one.

Many souls have trust and faith in their own life experiences without developing a religious or devotional nature.  They already respect and actually love who they are.  Because they feel good about self, they are healed.  Feeling confident and deserving makes it much easier to be healed compared to a soul who is programmed to feel unworthy.  A judgmental self-consciousness is gradually developed over repetitive experiences and enforces the lack of self-esteem.  The soul has been conditioned to accept himself as a sinner, guilty, and not worthy of divine love.  If the mind on any level is convinced of this erroneous thinking, it becomes a reality and no matter how sincere his conscious prayers may be or strong his fervent wishes, a lasting healing simply does not take place.  Sadly enough, he or she needs to be inwardly convinced of the right to be whole.  Haven’t we all been told at one time or another that we are not good?

Goodness is an aspect of God.  The sweetness of goodness is an intimate part of your true Self, the individualized spirit.  Simply because the goodness is not always evident in the personality does not mean that the goodness does not exist.  If the goodness were not a reality, the individual would be bereft of its light, a shell without its life energy.  All that you seek, you already are.  You are a divine being clothed in form expressing through a limited mind and body.  You are intrinsically good.  A soul within physical matter needs to experience the reconnection that occurs through a healing of an affliction or imbalance.  In healing, hope surfaces and a genuine goodness is experienced. 

Most people have great difficulty believing that they are truly worthy enough to experience holiness.  Sometimes, changing our attitude is the greatest healing experience of all.  The truth, dear friend, is that you deserve the best of both worlds - the world of love and wisdom and the best of the world of man.  The world of light, love and wisdom is a mystery to the majority because they have lost sight of their true identity as divinity in form.  The trap of make-believe in the denser vibrations is so immense in its scope that the majority of souls fall into it at one time or another.  The secret of not falling into the mesmerism of the unenlightened is to awaken to a higher reality, practice discernment and respect all life seen or unseen. 

We are meant to love one another and to be free as the wind.  We are meant to bend with the will of heaven and trust as we move along the winding path to our goal.  How many accept that they actually have angels and guides by their side eager to assist?  The journey becomes perilous because most people are groping in the dark with no clear understanding of their own beauty and wonder.  The luminous beings who observe us from the higher realms of thought, energy and light watch with wonder as they see us stumble, try, stumble, try groping for the power and presence that is already patiently waiting within and without.  Light is blocked through forgetfulness.  Forgetfulness is not a sin but rather weariness and a lack of attentiveness that burdens the soul when it becomes overburdened with the endless demands of physical life.

It is not easy to remain enlightened or untouched by the material glitter of a world that feels basically cold and cruel to millions of people.  The warmth of radiant Light is missing.  When we become overly stressed in our work, relationships, health and pursuit of wealth, it is easy to fall prey to the forgetfulness of what is real and what is not.  Too frequently, we forget that we actually have an inner power that is available for happiness and health.  We don’t need to continue to be ordinary.  We become extraordinary in all ways by realizing that we have the potential to be well and can if we choose to transmit the power and presence of healing in every area of our life.

Perhaps, you have heard people say that we are not healers.  It is the Holy Spirit or the Lord who is the healer.  I explain this somewhat differently.  We must be a healer in our mind and heart first before the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, Divine Love, will flow through us to do permanent work.  Divinity is not activated in humans who do not have a good sense of what is implied here.  It may appear at first that something is being done, energy felt but there is a difference.  Healing is both scientific and spiritual.  If your heart and mind, in other words your intention is pure, you are a healer.  A true healer will draw angels and higher energies in such a way that his own consciousness and body is healed and others as well.

You deserve to be healed regardless of what you have thought or done in the past.  I claim this because to judge self endlessly stifles the inner spirit.  We all miss the mark at times.  Learn from errors and bring fresh life to your soul, mind and body.  A genuine healing is definitely in the realm of possibility.  Stop judging and sentencing yourself to lack and limitation.  No Almighty Power decides that you are bad and must be denied a healing.  You decide your fate.  You choose to be sick or well.  You choose to live and when to die.  You attract the challenges, people and experiences to your self.
Every time you suffer and judge that you have failed ask, “What is the real cause?  What cause could possibly be drawing this adversity to me?”  There are no accidents.  Stop, think and ask and you will find the true answer if you are open and honest in your appraisal of self.  Tomorrow, I will share with you a woman’s healing and her two cancer-free checkups since the healing.