Saturday, October 31, 2015


Do you ever think about the message of your soul?  Mine is to offer love and hope.  I keep working on it in such a way that the message of our true identity can be better understood.   It is never to late to solve an identity crisis.  It is never too late to bring about the convergence of body, mind and soul.  We are the Light.  Many have forgotten this great truth and insist on keeping the mind in darkness.  The peace of the higher Christ consciousness may be our peace if we willingly allow it to come.

If you care, do not be fooled by the outer appearances and the fearful cries of the unenlightened.  Nothing can halt the movement of light once it has begun.  You are a part of that movement.  This is the moment.  It is on the stage of physical life that we will reign as royalty seated on a golden throne.  Truth is.  As we patiently try to demonstrate a greater fullness of our light, we watch the feeble attempts, the acts of destruction, that man calls his power.  There is no real power except the Source behind all manifestation.

The ‘End Times’ according to my message is the end of the rampant and negative energy that has many names and holds humanity in bondage.  Ignorant indulgence has plagued our planet and life far too long.

You have a choice to remember your soul, discover its message and begin to live it in a powerful way.  As you discover the truth of your being, an inner cleansing will remove the attachments you have collected that only harm your inner purpose.  As more of us choose to look behind appearances, find the light, respect and love it, we draw together as a sweeping and healing force of unconditional love and joyful power.

Whether you use the power to dramatically lift one life or one hundred million, you are being a living message.  Opportunities arise unexpectedly to prove the power of love and light.  A woman called me regarding her friend’s teenage son who was hospitalized due to a horrific motorcycle accident.  He was not expected to live.  She requested that I see him and asked if the Holy Spirit would help mend her son.  I hesitated at the entrance to his room because a priest was standing by his bed giving the last rites.  Near the bed stood his mother and the woman who had called me.  I waited for the priest to leave.  When he left, the two women did likewise.  I asked them later why they left the room.   They could feel the power and presence that was coming from me before I ever reached the young man’s bed.  It was too much for them.

If they had understood the power and presence, they would have remained. I went over to the young man who remained unconscious.  I silently and gently lay my hands on his feet and trusted knowing that divine energy, the power of unconditional love, knows what to do without my giving it direction or making pleas for the young mans full recovery.
I usually remain with a ‘client’ fifteen minutes.  There are no grand hand movements or special words said or specific locations on the body touched.  I simply offer my trust and ask that pure love take charge.  Then, I leave the premises.  The young man’s inner self was receptive.  His soul-mind received the message of love from my light and faith.  Not too long afterwards, he drove to my home to personally say thank you.    Healing ones self and helping others heal is a strong aspect of the message of my heart. Do you know and live your soul message?  It reminds me of the following lines from the TAO.  

He who has God within his heart
Is like a little child.
Supremely strong in every part,
Yet tender, soft and mild~

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