Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Is it our personality running our life through the influences of the subconscious, the opinions and beliefs of others, a confused ago and in special moments our own master self?  With most humans, it is everything and everyone except the master or higher self. The interesting facet of this question is that few seekers fully understand who or what the master self is.   Confusion reigns for many reasons one of them being the trying of one new technique after another without allowing the inner master self to express actively through consciousness.  How can it express if we doubt, fear, belittle another or ourselves and forget our true identity patiently waiting behind the mask of physical posturing?  We are what we think we are.  If we judge ourselves to be a victim, then a victim we will be. The same holds true regarding self-worth or any other opinion we have picked up along the way.

No one can walk the path of enlightenment for us.  Another can open the door but we are the ones who must walk through the door.  Eventually, the personality will reach a still point where a quickening will begin because the individual is ready psychologically to examine and finally seek the part of himself who is true.   Life is far from a path of roses at this point of the journey.  Discernment, watchfulness, focus and patience are required. In eagerness, an awakening soul often looks for a master teacher outside of himself.  If we have not developed discernment, choosing a false teacher because of his or her charisma and claims may happen.  Falling into this common trap will set us back but sometimes it is the jolt needed to set the soul in the right direction.  The problem with following pseudo masters is the abuse that is frequently received at the hand of a manipulator.  I write extensively about the dark pretenders in my latest book.  In the process of consciously awakening to our master self, experiences can sometimes be very harsh.  If we learn from the experience, looking at it as part of the necessary discernment process helps.  We can be healed in the soul, mind and body if we truly want to be healed.  Healing is slow coming when we feel as if we are not worthy of being whole.  In the meantime, moments are wasted and more pain created because acceptance of the master self is not yet established.   Lack lingers.  Lack in this reference is the sublime experience of the full acceptance of our spiritual identity. When we haven’t yet made a stable connection with our expanding master self a sense of loneliness or separateness can hinder our sense of oneness.  Creativity is often stifled and in many cases life is miserable.

The result being, a victim consciousness is developed.  Many have denied that they have willingly or ignorantly played the role of victim in a dysfunctional situation.  Too many of us including myself have allowed manipulative people to traumatize our energy to the point where we find ourselves numb and discouraged.  How can the inner light express fully if we allow ourselves to be attacked and damaged by the selfish consciousness of others?

Frankly, it is no one’s fault but our own.  What will turn a negative into a positive is to become a warrior.  We must stand for our right to achieve mastery and be our true identity.  Admit the injustices, step out of denial and do something realistic about changing patterns.  The past is the past.  Everyone makes mistakes and hopefully learn from them.  Why not decide to be alive in a grander way regardless of the nonsense going on around and within you?  We came to earth to anchor our brilliancy into matter.  Books do not mold character.  The challenges of life do.  When we finally make the discovery of the eternal true identity and the power firmly embraced, it becomes easier to comprehend the reality of what constitutes true worth.  It is then the miracle of being a genuine magician happens.

Hundreds of people have been healed as a result of prayer and touch.  Who is the healer?  I understand it to be the glorious hidden true master within us cooperating with the power energy sent from the Original Holy Creative Spirit.  When the patient and its soul are willing to receive from Source, a miracle happens.  There are always those who desire to be healed but are not yet fully convinced that they deserve to be healed.  To be healed or remain in bondage to fears and painful situations is a choice made on one or more levels of consciousness.

Transform your mind and attitude through diligent effort and striving to understand true identity and the meaning of conscious mastery.  As your thinking deepens and opens to a greater understanding, energy and its power and purpose take on a higher perspective.  The idea that it is actually possible to change matter will intrigue and become an active interest.  Train your mind to privately communicate with the inner master.  Invite your true self to interact and help you break the hypnotism of the masses.  Your master self will become evident with a developed conscious connection.   Allow mastery to express through the personality.  It is in our every day reactions, deep thinking, understanding and blossoming love that entices the beauty and eternality of who we are to manifest the level of results that delight.  It is up to us to consciously unite the physical life and the spiritual life into one cohesive unit of light, love and wisdom.  We begin by trying, focusing and doing what we can.  As our consciousness expands, outside help in the familiar form of the creative Holy Spirit partners with us.  Tomorrow, I will share two extraordinary examples of divine helpfulness.

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