Monday, October 19, 2015


Speak to me of love and you will understand the mystery of all healing.  Our inner spirit longs to understand the meaning of simplicity, unity and wholeness.  And yet, the mystery continues its endless rounds because the light within is dimmed by the false pretensions of a world that has lost a true sense of reality. The subject of healing is understood in its completeness through the awakening of the heart.

Many people ask for healing and yet they do not experience the sweetness of the holy touch that comforts and removes the dis-ease of the soul, mind or body.  Perhaps, you have asked yourself why do I have to suffer?  How is it that a person who neither loves God or is actively searching for the meaning of life frequently is blessed with an instantaneous healing of great significance while another who is steadfast in his/her faith is not healed.  The answer is an interesting one.

Many souls have trust and faith in their own life experiences without developing a religious or devotional nature.  They already respect and actually love who they are.  Because they feel good about self, they are healed.  Feeling confident and deserving makes it much easier to be healed compared to a soul who is programmed to feel unworthy.  A judgmental self-consciousness is gradually developed over repetitive experiences and enforces the lack of self-esteem.  The soul has been conditioned to accept himself as a sinner, guilty, and not worthy of divine love.  If the mind on any level is convinced of this erroneous thinking, it becomes a reality and no matter how sincere his conscious prayers may be or strong his fervent wishes, a lasting healing simply does not take place.  Sadly enough, he or she needs to be inwardly convinced of the right to be whole.  Haven’t we all been told at one time or another that we are not good?

Goodness is an aspect of God.  The sweetness of goodness is an intimate part of your true Self, the individualized spirit.  Simply because the goodness is not always evident in the personality does not mean that the goodness does not exist.  If the goodness were not a reality, the individual would be bereft of its light, a shell without its life energy.  All that you seek, you already are.  You are a divine being clothed in form expressing through a limited mind and body.  You are intrinsically good.  A soul within physical matter needs to experience the reconnection that occurs through a healing of an affliction or imbalance.  In healing, hope surfaces and a genuine goodness is experienced. 

Most people have great difficulty believing that they are truly worthy enough to experience holiness.  Sometimes, changing our attitude is the greatest healing experience of all.  The truth, dear friend, is that you deserve the best of both worlds - the world of love and wisdom and the best of the world of man.  The world of light, love and wisdom is a mystery to the majority because they have lost sight of their true identity as divinity in form.  The trap of make-believe in the denser vibrations is so immense in its scope that the majority of souls fall into it at one time or another.  The secret of not falling into the mesmerism of the unenlightened is to awaken to a higher reality, practice discernment and respect all life seen or unseen. 

We are meant to love one another and to be free as the wind.  We are meant to bend with the will of heaven and trust as we move along the winding path to our goal.  How many accept that they actually have angels and guides by their side eager to assist?  The journey becomes perilous because most people are groping in the dark with no clear understanding of their own beauty and wonder.  The luminous beings who observe us from the higher realms of thought, energy and light watch with wonder as they see us stumble, try, stumble, try groping for the power and presence that is already patiently waiting within and without.  Light is blocked through forgetfulness.  Forgetfulness is not a sin but rather weariness and a lack of attentiveness that burdens the soul when it becomes overburdened with the endless demands of physical life.

It is not easy to remain enlightened or untouched by the material glitter of a world that feels basically cold and cruel to millions of people.  The warmth of radiant Light is missing.  When we become overly stressed in our work, relationships, health and pursuit of wealth, it is easy to fall prey to the forgetfulness of what is real and what is not.  Too frequently, we forget that we actually have an inner power that is available for happiness and health.  We don’t need to continue to be ordinary.  We become extraordinary in all ways by realizing that we have the potential to be well and can if we choose to transmit the power and presence of healing in every area of our life.

Perhaps, you have heard people say that we are not healers.  It is the Holy Spirit or the Lord who is the healer.  I explain this somewhat differently.  We must be a healer in our mind and heart first before the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, Divine Love, will flow through us to do permanent work.  Divinity is not activated in humans who do not have a good sense of what is implied here.  It may appear at first that something is being done, energy felt but there is a difference.  Healing is both scientific and spiritual.  If your heart and mind, in other words your intention is pure, you are a healer.  A true healer will draw angels and higher energies in such a way that his own consciousness and body is healed and others as well.

You deserve to be healed regardless of what you have thought or done in the past.  I claim this because to judge self endlessly stifles the inner spirit.  We all miss the mark at times.  Learn from errors and bring fresh life to your soul, mind and body.  A genuine healing is definitely in the realm of possibility.  Stop judging and sentencing yourself to lack and limitation.  No Almighty Power decides that you are bad and must be denied a healing.  You decide your fate.  You choose to be sick or well.  You choose to live and when to die.  You attract the challenges, people and experiences to your self.
Every time you suffer and judge that you have failed ask, “What is the real cause?  What cause could possibly be drawing this adversity to me?”  There are no accidents.  Stop, think and ask and you will find the true answer if you are open and honest in your appraisal of self.  Tomorrow, I will share with you a woman’s healing and her two cancer-free checkups since the healing.

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