Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There are many of us who experience prophetic visions.  We don’t ask for them or try in any way to experience them.  They just happen.  It could be argued that we are tuning into past history.  This may or may not be true.  Prophetic visions could be accepted as warnings to awaken humanity to what could happen if dramatic changes are not first achieved in consciousness.  Everything that manifests first was a thought.  Collective thought can either build or destroy.   There are many humans who accept the scientific fact that life has existed on this planet far longer than we had imagined or been taught during our school years.  Everything that exists has its cycles.

I began to have destructive visions of earth in the 1970’s.  Destruction was the last thing on my mind.   It was during that time that I practiced a form of meditation that the Chinese refer to as ‘wall gazing’.  I didn’t find out that bit of information until many years later.  I usually did the meditative gazing during the day.  Sitting upright in a chair, I would simply look at a blank wall, not thinking about anything, paying close attention as I gazed.  In a brief time, with my eyes either open or closed, I would find myself watching changing scenes on the blank wall. The scenes were sometimes involving the destruction of nature, not buildings.  I asked to not be shown them.

Not too long ago, I briefly sat down in the living room to think about something mundane I had to take care of and spontaneous visions began.  A beautiful lush scene for instance of a forest would appear and the very next scene the same view showed me a stark ugliness where the forest life was totally destroyed.  Very disconcerting.  I deliberately stay out of politics.  It is not my assignment, so to speak, but I do love nature and find the greed and ignorance of too many humans ugly and destructive.  No one today needs a vision to tell him or her what the future will be on this planet if the lower selfish consciousness continues to rule.  This is why I am in healing work.  The collective soul needs to be healed.  If not, planet earth will become inhabitable.

We have to save ourselves by insisting that more people live what their religions and philosophies teach and heart feels…love one another.  Every spiritual teaching has some version of that powerful suggestion.  If we do not love ourselves, we obviously will hear of more gun tragedies and travesties against all forms of life including our planet.  A very insidious suicidal energy focused on the opposite of everything good and beautiful is attempting to put out the light of wisdom and love that is ready to emerge as our reality.  A battle is going on.  Denial doesn’t help your soul to progress.  The original teaching of Jesus is rarely lived.  The form of Christianity today is a mockery of truth.  If he were to speak and walk openly among people today, a bedeviled person would attempt to shoot him.    If you are a thinker as well as a lover of peace and beauty, you already understand every word that I am saying.  So, what are we going to do about it?  Begin by being ‘dead’ serious and heal self first.

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