Saturday, October 17, 2015


From my understanding, it is possible to determine the length of our physical life span.  There is no force outside of us with rules and regulations judging that we have a certain amount of years to live.  It is possible to live as long as we subconsciously desire and do so in perfect health.  A total revamping of consciousness must first be developed to offset the opinions of the unenlightened.  The majority of souls in the density of third dimensional matter experience a hardening, a blockage of the life force due to the sorrows and sense of separation that they have encountered entering a dense form.   If the pathway is kept clear and wide, the cancers of the mind and heart may possibly disappear from consciousness.  To regain what has been lost is also possible through a complete change in the mental, emotional and physical diet.  If you desire to live a lengthy and healthy life full of zest and balance, it may be a reality by simply willing this dream to happen as your creation.  You are required to handle the transformation in a disciplined and determined way that is both scientific and spiritual.

Wisdom and scientific knowledge is manifested in form through mental power.  When the directed thought is focused in harmony with the anti-aging and perfection of the God Self, it is possible to live a long and youthful life radiating great energy, mental clarity and agility.  If your intention is to remain young and beautiful, ignore the opinions of others, genetic disposition and medical propaganda.  To become a physical immortal or at least expand your physical and mental life beyond the averages, you will need to remember your true eternal identity as intelligent light in form and focus on enlarging and using that radiant light as a daily supplement.

Anything is possible through directed thought power.  When our thought is in harmony with the Great Universal Power, a dream or object can be materialized, dematerialized, youthful or aging, born or destroyed.  In other words, whatever the dominant desire is can be manifested because we are co-creators living in an idea world of vibration.  All manifestation is determined prior to the materialization of that desire.  What happens after the materialization is also determined by thought.  You create a predetermined cause that brings about an effect and you also have a continuing effect as a result of the cause, which is your mindset.

If you do not harbor a genuine enthusiasm or appreciation for physical life, or have not quickened and experienced a conscious remembrance of the holiness and beauty of the higher life, you will typically begin to deteriorate.   Humans are erroneously programmed from an early age that life is brief and ills befall mankind leading to inevitable disease and physical death.  We are conditioned to expect and experience pain and sorrow, lack and limitation.  It would be a totally different story if we remembered our true spiritual identity from the beginning moments of our entry into physical life.

Many descending souls knew these truths before entering this dimension.  What sadly occurred was a loss of vision and identity.  The vision became clouded and the memory hazy and the awesome benefits of being a child of God diminished.  Collective humanity has become a victim in the mire of illusion.  The pain of living in a physical world separated from spiritual reality creates deterioration rather than rejuvenation and spiritual fitness.

At a very deep level many humans have a secret death wish.  The nagging death wish is usually present because the human does not comprehend the purpose of life.  They know that there is something illusive that is far grander than the normal everyday experience.  Since it is not clearly understood, there is a hidden pain.  Its origin is a conscious sense of separation from Source.  As a result of this subtle pain, a death wish begins to stir.  It manifests through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual choices that easily lead to deterioration.  The death wish is a way out of confinement.

Human life for many people is an ongoing hell because they have lost the higher realization of identity and purpose.  Life is solely judged by what they see and have. In contrast, the awakened man or woman knows with a certainty that there is something far greater and exquisite than the norm they are currently experiencing.  The secret is to reawaken here in matter and live a higher plan that embraces both spiritual and physical rejuvenation.  Illness, lack and loneliness as are all the other unpleasant manifestations experienced in a typical life are but the out picturing of a sleeping spirit who has denied his spiritual Self full expression.  We can regain paradise right here on earth.  We have a choice.   The question we need to ask ourselves is when are we going to begin to really live.

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