Saturday, October 3, 2015


It is wisdom to train yourself to look past the appearance.  Things may not appear as they really are at first glance.  Cause and effect is the law here in density.  Although we may like to believe otherwise, the major injustices of life do not necessarily arise out of innocence.  It is common to ask yourself as to how could a baby, a child or a senior citizen do such a terrible thing?  It is not the form of the intelligence that did the terrible thing but rather the consciousness behind it.  Age and gender mean nothing.  It is the soul history.  Everything major we have done is kept in our memory data bank, the subconscious part of the mind, and will surface at some point in time if not corrected.  This process is commonly known as karma.

The odds are you will not consciously know if a disability or weakness in your mental or bodily system is karma.  Sometimes generational healing, rebirthing, soul retrieval and past life regressions help shed light on the reasons for imbalances.  There are many alternative methods to help when you are ready to simply forgive and let go of the past.  I offer a Sacred Healing Breath Monthly Workshop that assists in healing inner and out wounds and has proven to lift individual consciousness to a level where you can actually heal. If a health issue remains with you or keeps reappearing, it must be looked at not only from a medical point of view but also from a higher perspective. 

Harmful action toward self or others may not appear until future time.  Negative effects will manifest if inner work has not been successfully accomplished through forgiveness and positive action.  Everyone doesn’t have a conscience.  Evolving from a simple consciousness to self-consciousness and eventually to a god like consciousness takes eons of human time.  Once subtle intelligence, souls, decided to play around in matter everything became more complicated.  This is why I suggest you learn to look at things in a much more expansive way.  It is helpful.  What appears as unjust may very likely be a balancing of the scales. 

We cannot truly judge by appearances.  Remember, we are actors on a stage.  We write, direct and act out our own script.  There are others who feel that we are merely specimens in a universal laboratory.  Whatever way we look at life…not only is survival a challenge but evolution of the mind and soul.  It is the span of lives and the thoughts and actions of the past that create and mold the soul-mind and its experiences in the present.  Our history carries positive and negative experiences forward to new life expressions that we choose to enter.  It is helpful to know that eventually all things work out for the good above and below.

Everything that manifests within all levels of consciousness occurs because first there was an idea.  In the purest sense, the answer is in the truth that suffering is linked to a souls mistaken belief that it is separated from its Source.  The mind as a result is confused.  It looks for God outside of self instead of recognizing that Source is everywhere both within and without.  The typical soul moves in and out of the ignorance of darkness regarding its identity and purpose.  As a result, it is subject to illusion and opinions that are not necessarily helpful to its health and happiness.  In our current society, everyone is being bombarded with a relentless and stressful energy.  As a result, more and more psychosomatic illnesses are common.  Meditation, deep thinking regarding your path, examining habitual patterns and recognizing what is truly important to your happiness and growth is vital.

The greater percent of suffering experienced, as a soul in a flesh form, is the result of a self-imposed veil placed on the mind.  We have consciously forgotten the higher life.  Thankfully, the veil can be lifted through desire and love for truth and open ourselves again to a genuine freedom and health.  Once the veil is lifted, suffering lessens because the individual is no longer blind, deaf and dumb in the area of spiritual matters and can actually comprehend the mesmerism that holds collective consciousness firmly in it grip.

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