Thursday, October 29, 2015


Do yourself a favor and coax your master self to come forward.  It needs to be convinced that you really place a high value on its guidance and love.  Long hours spent in meditation and prayer is not required. Simply, accept the presence and power of a higher identity as the real and eternal part of what you are.  Your master self will become your best friend.  It will not blossom if you always look outside of self for your inner needs.  One day, you will experience that special moment that arrives when understanding clicks in and you more fully realize divinity exists within you.

During this period of spiritual growth, discernment must be strengthened.  They are many who feel that what they channel as thoughts, words, and actions are solely God’s messages.  Not necessarily so.  Until you develop a keen awareness, you could be projecting your own unfulfilled desires or a discarnate that may not even be as spiritually developed as your consciousness.  All of us must develop a sensitive and keen sense of discernment to help differentiate between the master self, an angel, an ascended being, or a soul in a vibration close to earth’s energy field who is also struggling to understand.  Many humans are fooled by the subtlety of guidance given by ‘visitors’ from the unseen planes of consciousness.

There is a spiritual hierarchy in the subtle worlds as there is here in matter, as we know it.  We are all one but not in spiritual growth, awareness or expression of the oneness.  There is a wide variance of clarity and spiritual attunement within the unseen worlds very much like it is on earth.  The difference is caused as a result of intent and the experience of the particular intelligence in question.  The vibrations differ according to the purity of the individual awareness and the expansiveness of the consciousness.  For a human to assume that God told him this or that is not correct.  It usually is an intelligent being vibrating in a finer frequency making a connection with a receptive human.  Ideally, more humans will become intuitively sensitive to the guidance and love of their personal inner guide, the master self within.

In contrast to other intelligence helping us on our journey, the Holy Spirit, a creative and impersonal energy, is available to the pure in heart.  From my understanding, the Holy Spirit does not tell us what to do or not do.  Ascended beings usually do not tell humans what to do either.  It is understood that individual consciousness expands through deep thinking, choices and a love that we express as a result of our own will as a conscious individuality.  Holiness, pure awareness, usually does not interfere with personal things.  What will benefit the many is its primary concern.  Holiness, divinity is interested in the whole.  The spirit of truth may suggest a particular direction for a group of ascending souls whose intent is pure, but it is up to the humans to discern, question and decide to take action.  It is important that we understand growth comes through awareness and right action and not from a ‘guide’ telling us what to do or not to do.  I must mention this because too many people have created a relationship with an unseen entity that felt fulfilling and positive only to have it later turn into a manipulative disastrous energy pull.

There is so much to understand regarding this subject.  Even prayer can be manipulative.  We can actually interfere with another person, country or organizations evolution.  What we ask for may be the opposite of what is actually needed to bring about change and growth.  This holds true for the ‘guides’ who hover around humans who are receptive to this form of interaction.  I urge you not to become ‘caught up’ in the signs or gullibility that results from relinquishing control to an outside force.  True growth comes from our having eyes open at all times to the many possibilities and acting on them with a clear mind and a pure heart.

For many souls, an experience with divine intervention occurs that serves to help you and those close to you to move toward self-healing, self-change and a higher consciousness and union with divinity.  I call this intervention divine helpfulness of the purest and most loving experience that you could possibly imagine.  It is often unexpected and can come through a stranger or even a stranger set of unimaginable circumstances.  I will share one of many examples.

A friend requested that I visit her neighbor who was staying at a hospital only a few blocks from my home.  All I was told was that the patient was on oxygen and had cancer.  When I entered her room, relatives were standing around the woman’s bed.  I am basically shy about sensitive matters and also do not pray out loud.  These people did not know me nor did the woman in the bed.  Never wishing to draw attention to my self, I nonchalantly put my hands on the woman’s feet although they were under the covers.  I simply looked in her face and asked her if she wanted to live and why.   As I was waiting for an answer, I experienced a brief vision of the woman being active and wearing a very distinct print dress.   In the meantime, she quietly and simply mentioned that she wanted to live for her young adopted daughter’s sake.  I asked her if she had the print dress that I saw in the vision in her closet.  Her answer was yes.  It was then I told her she would be completely healed.  I said good-bye having never said anything to the relatives.  One of the relatives got my phone number from the friend who requested I go to the hospital.  The next day one of the patient’s relatives called and told me that the woman in the bed was taken off of oxygen a few hours after I had visited the room and was in the process of being discharged from the hospital.  This I call divine intervention.  I didn’t do anything except put in a call to the Holy Spirit on the patient’s behalf.  When divine intervention or any form of healing occurs, it not only affects the patient’s perspective of life but everyone involved in the ‘case’.  Consciousness changes for the good.  I feel that divine intervention is not only for the benefit of the receiver but the observers.

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