Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I am sitting here talking to you and crying at the same time.  I just heard from a woman I’ve never met regarding the mistreatment of her eight-eight year old father currently in a Chicago hospital.  One moment the doctors are saying he needs kidney dialysis and the next day they say he doesn’t.  They refer to him as having dementia when he was fine until they gave him some pills that are messing with his thinking process.  His daughter has tried to get the doctors to listen to the possibility that it is very likely that he is having an allergic reaction to one or more of the medications.  He was clear minded prior to entering the hospital.  She is also upset by the fact that both the nurses and doctors keep talking about the age factor implying that he is old, why bother, and behaving as if they want to forget about trying to restore any form of balance to his body. They are giving signals and suggesting that the daughter put him into a nursing home and allow him to vanquish.  On top of that, the nurses and doctors don’t look directly at her dad when discussing his treatment.  They ignore him and only look at family members.   I have had seniors mention this rude habit to me over the years.  The elderly feel ignored as if they are a non-entity.  Feelings are ignored.  Frankly, more people are convinced that the medical profession habitually offers opinions and are basically ignorant regarding effective methods to heal the body.  Forget the mind and soul…this area is forgotten.

I have heard that it is not like this in Europe and many other countries.  I hope my understanding is correct.  I began to do a remote ‘treatment’ for the eight-eight year old.  His daughter is determined to help him heal.  The wife of her dad is extremely negative the majority of the time.  This could be why the father has a hearing loss yet he hears his daughter clearly.  We do assume weaknesses to shut out what we do not wish to see, hear and feel.  If that is a strong part of his hearing loss, it can be corrected as well.  Another one who could use a healing is his wife who does not believe in healing of body, mind and soul. Having a constant negative person nearby is damaging to everyone concerned. The daughter mentioned her dad has serious stomach issues.  Of course, the issues remind me of the statement, “I can’t stomach that!”  The mind has everything to do with cause and the effects that manifest in the body. There are many dear people who live in harsh environments where they are continually bombarded by negative energy.  It is difficult to divorce your entire family particularly if you wait until you are aged and not a position of power.  Death is always an escape.
I plan to support the daughter and her deep love for her father.  Already, his numbers are better and his mind clear.  Whether they changed the medications, the daughter did not know.

As I remotely focused on the father yesterday, tears filled my eyes.  I was not crying for him but for his daughter.  She has a strong faith and determination regarding her father’s healing.  When the father was asked if he wanted to live, he replied that he would like to live another ten years.  I feel I partly had tears regarding his words because the conscious mind may desire one thing to happen and the subconscious or the soul another.  Also, some people respond to the choice of continuing their physical life because they have no knowledge regarding the afterlife and fear death.  The daughter asked me several times if the Holy Spirit would want him to live.  As I understand it, the power and the presence of divine energy does not interfere with individual will.  If the one who is sick does not seek to remain in the body from his soul level, he will not get well or simply get well for a limited time period.

The one I am more concerned about is the daughter.  Looking at this situation from various levels; the question arises as to what will happen to the daughter’s faith if everything doesn’t go exactly the way she wants it to go.  Will she assume God doesn’t love her or the dad?  It would be very helpful if people had more knowledge about the subject of the mind and how it affects healing.  Basically, healing boils down to our inner desires and viewpoints.  In a couple of weeks, I will share more information regarding this heartbreaking drama.

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