Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Dramatically beautiful and exciting spiritual experiences may breed a form of competitiveness between seekers.  Some people complain that their experience in meditation wasn’t as good as the other persons. Self-mastery is not competitive or involved with the world of glamour.  It involves soul progression and becoming fully alive here in matter.  Healing is experienced silently on many different levels.  The secret is to view mystical experiences as powers from the Higher Self to be used for the good of humankind, but not as an end to be sought after or achieved. You will also need to learn the difference between psychic and spiritual energy.

Acknowledge experiences as they happen and then encourage movement through them.  What effect do the visions have on your state of mind?  How do they seem to fit in to the perspective of your spiritual growth?  If psychic or spiritual experiences prove to be a benefit for your growth as well as a help to others, then be attentive, learn and use them wisely.

At the same time, you need to guard against not being grounded and falling into or becoming ensnared in an imagined reality.  If you allow and encourage this form of manifestation, your reality may become laced with the power of ego. It could become a form of turning away from its original design.  Psychic experiences can become a super-charged manipulative activity.  The lure of personal power has caused many a soul to turn away from the path of purity.  It is possible to become so immersed in the tinsel of mental mirages, the Maya, that you eventually become blind to the reality of your true essence and purpose.  We are creators.  This means we can at times create a false perception of what Is as easily as a true perception.

In the teachings of true masters, the emphasis is always “Love God First”.  Be alert to the fact that a soul can easily forget the One Presence, Power and Wisdom that is behind the creative finite manifestation.  I would like to see more evidence and hear stories revolving around devotion, commitment to soul growth and service associated with an authentic brotherhood and sisterhood.  The Lord Buddha said it clearly, “Only when you realize the full potential of your higher Self will you heal and understand the purpose of self.”

What are you willing to do to be healed in body, mind and soul?  Are you open to explore your true identity as intelligent light, a spirit, temporarily living in form?  Are you serious regarding kindling the fires of soul discernment?  Do you realize that as you lift your consciousness the requirements of Universal Law are more demanding?  Are you training your mind to be free and not duped by opinions of others?  Do you understand that self-mastery is to be attained in the physical body?  Do you realize the urgency of world conditions?

We have a responsibility.  The responsibility is to attentive and keep ourselves so filled with Light that at any hour of the day or night we are free of limitation and not bound by the misshapen desires of mental manipulation.  It is not the years, the study, the books we’ve read or the psychic experiences that matters, it is how deeply we love and try to express the heart.  I have discovered that devotion to Source is the greatest protection against delusion.  Loyalty, honesty and respect toward the higher Self manifests as a calm acceptance.  Any obstacles or glamorous inducements that cross our path will not sway us.

If you do not wish to be mesmerized, do not waste time on distractions, instead, trust and choose to see God in the moment.  We are holy beings hiding behind a mask.  In the ‘Song to God in the Bhagavad-Gita it is said, ‘Listen to me and hear me.  This is my secret…the supreme word.  I will tell you what will benefit you the most, because I love you.’  Gandhi in his interpretation of the Gita called it “a big knowledge-feast".  It is the very amrita (sweet nectar) of knowledge.


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