Monday, October 26, 2015


Having had ongoing experiences with other dimensions, nothing surprises me.  In fact, 99% of what I experience is very pleasing.  It is very obvious that we were once solely a spiritual body, a light being, and eons ago decided to descend and experiment in density.  There are days that I shake my head with sorrow and feel that it was not a wise decision. We are here now and must do what we can to recapture the magic and learn to live fully in a heavier or natural body referred to as a human.  We are immortals although most humans solely think of themselves as mortals.  The true life of us is a super-being who is unlimited, youthful and quite beautiful between excursions into heavy matter.  Of course, there are always exceptions due to the huge range in consciousness.

Not all humans understand their true identity and grieve deeply when a loss of a loved one is experienced.  Many people fear physical death because they have not yet understood that they have experienced what is commonly referred to as the afterlife more than once.  Our loved ones including friends and even strangers are so happy when a clairvoyant actually ‘sees’ them acknowledging that the ‘dead’ continue to live.  Souls in the finer dimensions feel, think, express and even look very similar for a time period to their recent discarded physical body.  Yet, there is a huge difference.  They are free of disabling physical imbalances and old age.  Limitations are discarded.

I was very close to my handsome, highly intelligent and philosophical dad.  I remember so clearly what happened when dad was in the hospital and ready to be released.  I received a telephone from the hospital.  At the last moment, something went seriously wrong.  The hospital was at least an hour’s drive away.  As I was speeding to reach him, a voice spoke the words, “There is no reason to hurry.”  I said, “Is that you, Dad?”  He answered, “Yes, it is over.”  He had unexpectedly and tragically swallowed and choked on a pill the nurse had given him.  In a blink of an eye, his spiritual body left his natural form.

My mother, youngest son and I have had many experiences with dad since we lost him physically.  One of the first appearances after his transition was to appear to my son and show him how active he could be in his spiritual body.  This is important because the physical body he left was frail and slow moving.  His spiritual body is healthy and strong.  Dad appeared wearing shorts.  None of us had ever seen him in shorts.  He was proving a point.  His legs that had difficulty supporting him during the weeks prior to his physical death were now strong.  Dad actually jumped around and performed his favorite Irish jig.  We are powerful beings whether we are living in density or a finer vibration.

Many departed souls return again and again to visit their loved ones.  One evening when my mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner she suddenly heard a different set of newscaster voices coming from the television in the den.  It sounded as if someone had changed the channel.  Puzzled, she ran into the other room and there standing in the middle of room was her husband, my dad.  He looked absolutely wonderful.  Interestingly enough, he was wearing the only suit left in his closet.  The other suits had been given away.  Mom ran to him throwing her arms around his form and cried, “John, John”.  She swore his body had felt warm.  The entire experience only lasted a few moments and he disappeared.  Those few moments of beauty and intimacy were truly a gift of love, a clear message that we are super beings whether we are in a physical body or a spiritual body.  The goal of incarnations is to learn how to anchor the light of the spiritual body into the physical and be our true identity wherever we happen to live. 

Death is not to be feared.  We simply discard one form for another. Of course, we miss our loved ones sorely.  The universe is our home.  By releasing our loved ones, we do not lose them. We help them heal and ourselves as well.  They will visit, send vibrations and be helpful in times of need.  If you try to cling to them, it is a disservice and actually selfish.  All of us need to be free to grow in our own way whether here or in another vibration.  Yes, continue to love and think of your loved ones but do so with respect and understanding.  This holds true for our animal friends. My dad, mom and many close friends as well as strangers and household pets periodically come and visit us from the finer dimensions of Light.  Love continues regardless of the form or vibration we use.  Simply understanding and accepting that life is a continuum and that there is order and purpose in the creative life is healing in itself. 

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