Sunday, October 25, 2015


It is a very cool and gloomy day and for some reason I decided to analyze just what was it that Jesus was trying to get across.  It sounds bizarre but I feel it is necessary.  Since he told us that we could do what he did and even greater things, what are those things he talked about? What made Jesus believe the power of the Holy Spirit as being available to all of us and we could use it if we desired to do so?  If you read any of the passages where Jesus heals he is actually saying that there is no disease independent of the mind.  His entire teaching emphasizes that humans are responsible for what happens to them and no one else.  We obviously cannot change the divine but we can create and destroy ourselves, others, life and anything else that is created except the light.  I also know that earlier in history Job said, “Ye are the wisdom of this world, but your wisdom will die with you.”  It will die because collective humanity is not yet awakened.  These statements sound dead to a level of consciousness that never had an idea of light.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?  Perhaps, it is the science of wisdom and the unconditional love that is the substance of the simple teaching ‘Love God first and your neighbor as your self.  Ignorance or ignoring of this teaching certainly isn’t heaven.  Jesus never called himself Christ.  Christ is truth.  We become a Christ when we gain wisdom.  Wisdom changes the mind.  Wisdom assists us in overcoming burdens.  This is why enlightenment, wisdom consciousness, pure awareness manifests when error thinking is destroyed.  Jesus used the practice of healing bodies and mind as a demonstration of science, a reality that the church has clothed in mysterious trappings.  This explains his disdain for the doctors and priests, ceremonies and all the complexities that accompany man’s religion.  He proved there is a Higher Power through the acts of healing.  People want proof and he supplied it.  This is one of the reasons why many seriously ill people ‘get’ wisdom.  The science of love was proved on their bodies.  This was how I learned.

A real disciple of Jesus desires to put a higher wisdom into practice by his acts.  You can only do this if you separate yourself from opinions and beliefs.  All ideas are matter and many contain fear.  I once read somewhere that parents created nine-tenths of all disease and beliefs regarding danger when their children were small.  We are programmed from the nursery by everything.  Perhaps, more people need to deeply look at their beliefs.  Are they serving the highest good?  Look how people suffer for their beliefs!  Wars are a horrible reminder.  Our happiness or misery is in our belief.  Disease is a result of error thinking and doing. 

Jesus attempted to get his theory across to the disciples at the Last Supper. He used symbolism to make his point.  Eat this bread (understand wisdom-science) for this is my truth.  Take this cup, the drink or life of this truth (wisdom-science) as long as you are interested and remember me or Christ (truth) until the science is established on earth as it is in heaven.

Well, it didn’t work.  The disciples did not hold onto the wisdom.  The women who loved him understood the teaching.   Women have always been a carrier of new ideas.  I couldn’t resist making this comment because it is truth.

Jesus tried to prove that the senses are outside the natural-physical body.  More people today understand this as a result of out-of-body experiences and near death experiences.  We have the same senses outside our body as Jesus had. It is a field that both the physical energy (man) uses and the spiritual (light body) man uses.  We simply need to learn to use them wisely.  I mention the quickened senses because it is through the senses that we can actually liberate a prison-like existence and ourselves from wrong teachings.  As disease is a belief, it has never entered the mind or sense that the false belief is the cause of a problem.  Why not elevate the mind and realize that our Creator never bound us.  Lazy people would rather give an opinion than to investigate and look for the cause.  Jesus believed that our senses were not a part of this natural body, death was unbelief and that the senses lived independently.  Today’s generations appear to understand that life continues after the physical body is discarded.

The church serves a wonderful community purpose but true healing is an inside job.  Happiness and health is our belief and our belief contains our character.  We have two worlds going on with us simultaneously.  My purpose in sharing these words is as a reminder.  Each is responsible for his opinions.  Do yourself a favor…question everything.  Religious worship is an invention of man.  Wisdom as taught by the divine, enlightened or Christ is the true life of us.  It is not confined by narrow limits.  A false belief, corrupted feelings, can make your body numb, your breath limited and much worse.  In startling contrast, your belief can also be within a magical cup in which your wisdom is confined.  It is up to you to be responsible and drink from it daily.  Perhaps, resurrection is leaving the false beliefs behind and rising to greater heights of wisdom through understanding and love.  Jesus performed miracles as a result of his wisdom understanding.  It is a science, an art, and we can do likewise.

A daily suggestion:
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to every one of my cells transforming them into love’s perfection.
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, throughout the universe attracting and giving abundance.
I send the light of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to wisdom and ask how I may best serve all life.

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