Tuesday, October 6, 2015


To understand Impersonal Power you must also understand that God does not live off somewhere in outer space.  Reminds me of my aunt who said with authority that there was no God.  She went on to say that the astronauts would have ‘seen’ Him when they went to the moon.   A superior wisdom and the higher science are not understood on this planet.   Church leaders do their utmost to keep teachings of truth a mystery.  As a result, typically decent people believe that heaven and hell are two places independent of self.  Many people feel they live in the energy of hell all their life and look forward to reaching heaven.  Then of course, they feel they need a savior to help them get to heaven.  Heaven and hell are part of a belief system and consequently a part of who you are.  Heaven and hell exist in this moment as your energy according to your belief.

Jesus was the perfect example of one who put his faith in practice in an attempt to enlighten humankind.  We have to put our faith into practice by using energy as a power for good.  Jesus used his wisdom as a science to prove what intelligence could actually do if we understood and used it to correct error thinking and sickness of body, mind and soul.  The idea of being here in matter is to demonstrate God in the world.  Wisdom and power do not need to be a mystery.    Jesus taught people how to distinguish by their works the true Christ from the false.  He understood and used ‘The Power’.   We have the same power available to us but what needs to be recognized is that this power is wisdom.

You, too, can use wisdom to the extent that you understand and perceive it and its capabilities.  I refer to it as divine because it is the opposite of how we perceive power.  Its capabilities are infinite.  Only our consciousness thinking limits it.  This power acts for you to the extent you recognize the higher authority, the spirit that you are in reality.  This is what the Bible refers to when stating that man is made in the image and likeness of God.  Image means your perfect spiritual body of light, the wisdom body, not your physical form.  If we actually understand ‘The Power’ energy, we can with right intention use the force with intelligence and unconditional love.


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