Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Through the years I have shared what has worked for me knowing full well that if these principles work for one of us they will work for all of us.  I am obedient to the intuitive voice that guides me.  May the suggestions and stories provide encouragement in areas where there is a need.  Hopefully, the experiences will confirm what you already know and open new doors of clarity.  I will try to keep comments as simple as possible.
The following are some examples of what has worked for me.

Our devotional nature needs to be awakened in order for each of us to realize on a conscious level our intimate connection with the Sacred.  I feel that there is nothing as satisfying as the Holy Communion experienced with the Beloved.  Although our Source, the Impersonal, cannot be described or seen, we can feel, see, hear and know Omnipresence through out spiritual senses.  I have great difficulty relating a holy experience; it simply is beyond human language.  Some of you reading this have experienced divine communion and have been overwhelmed by the brilliant light, all-embracing love and intense power felt as you merged in the Oneness.  It is an inward knowing and joy that is only understood through firsthand experience.   Seek God first.

Self-love is not always easy to come by.  If we haven’t accepted our own true identity, it can be a struggle managing our confinement in matter.  Earlier in life, I had a problem accepting and loving myself.  I simply did not accept or honor who I was.  Wonderful beings from the vibrations of love and light would send me revealing visions, messages and experiences with the intention to help open my mind but I resisted.  I particularly remember one vivid vision of light where a breathtakingly lovely female form of dazzling light appeared to me.  In awe I asked, “Who are you?”  The vision replied, “I am your higher spiritual Self, the living, eternal part of you that you ignore.”  Many of us resist that we are divinity in form.  Finally, after many years of struggle, I accepted what I spiritually am and surrendered the temporary form and personality to the true identity.  If you have not yet accepted your own connection to the Divine, know that one day you finally will.  In your realization, you are free in a grander way that is not easy to describe unless understood.

The greater our giving of love and helpfulness toward others, the more we experience healing on all levels. What we do for another, we do for ourselves.  We are energized and experience true aliveness as we connect through the heart.  One path is not greater than another.  All we can do is what we are ready to do.

Some of us are actually so innocent and gullible that we do not recognize there are many humans motivated by a misdirected sense of power.  Ask for the gift of discernment.  It will definitely help you see through the appearance and may save you a great deal of grief.  Train yourself to see what is really happening in the situations and people that come into your story.

Gaining discernment enables us to trust the true and not be misled.  I have experienced harsh lessons in this area.  In my books and classes, stories are told of manipulation and psychic harm deliberately directed toward me by people who were immersed in self-aggrandizement.  I eventually accepted that there are people who choose evil.  Some of us obviously need to experience the extreme before we wake up to what is true. Gradually, I shifted my trust to God; God never fails us. 

If you haven’t fallen in love with the Divine, know that one day you will surrender and the pure presence and power will express as you. Before my personality matured, being psychic was the dominant energy.  Discernment and genuine devotion did not manifest as a power until readiness prepared me.  We are designed to succeed.  Hold onto this truth.

The above are a few of the powers that help us eventually become masters of matter.  Self-mastery is a moment-by-moment full time job.  If our attention slips, it is harder on us than on those who are oblivious to possibilities of a genuine enlightenment.  Many souls are in trouble right now.  It is as if we are being forced to mature and recognize our true identity and purpose.  No one can save us.  We are the ones who must try, try and try again.  The only failure is when we do not try.  

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