Sunday, October 11, 2015


My past history was to typically ignore the ‘dark side’.   I felt the dark side was something the church conjured to keep the assembly in place.   As a result, I went into denial.  Denial that I had experienced in childhood and all too frequently throughout my adult years took many forms of abuse including marital, relationship, being choked to death and surviving and the worst foe, from so-called ‘seekers’ in the area of enlightenment.  Being a woman, I cannot speak for the men.  What I do know is that many men have tried to dominant my energy and make me into their image and likeness to fulfill their hidden agenda.   A few simply had the intention to steal a creative energy that they had not yet developed.

I finally realized that it was healing to speak of firsthand experiences if it serves a higher purpose for the listener and the self.  Since I always kept my mouth shut and pretended everything was perfect, I did my self a great disservice.  My higher Self and the angels obviously felt I needed to wake up to darkness in the midst of the light both here on earth and in the vibration frequencies close to earth.  As our land and bodies of water are being assaulted with insidious toxic substances so are the souls here on earth.  What is needed is the Living Water that flows freely to and from individuals who embrace and willingly demonstrate the spirit of love and truth.   Not is there only something amiss with the general thinking and feeling nature of the collective mind on this planet, there is a drought of ignorance.   In our search for enlightenment and authentic happiness we need to educate ourselves regarding pollution’s impact both on the collective mind and the air, land, water and life of our beloved planet.

I was jarred out of my trance like denial by deliberately being exposed to people who seriously needed to be exorcised of evil.  Many of these people are good but they have blindly opened themselves proudly to the fact that they are channels for the invisible world and select inhabitants.  If you are not balanced, nor have gained discernment and believe you have a direct line to ‘heaven’, think deeply regarding what I am suggesting.  If you are not whole in body-mind and soul, a con artist from the astral plane or physical plane can easily mislead you. At the same time, there are many souls who have a measure of enlightenment who become overly enamored with their own personal power status and as a result become manipulators of individuals, groups, organizations and countries.  We must not only heal ourselves first but also do everything we can to help others who ask to be healed.

Many of the self styled ‘teachers’ are manipulators of one form or another.  They may appear charismatic, educated, handsome to look upon, loving and wise.  What some followers do not recognize is the hidden intent that lurks behind the facade.  The good part is that after great trials and heartache, all comes into the Light of understanding and eventual healing.

If indeed, we are a light of the Great Light, why do we need to be alert to the delusion or glamour of the lower vibratory frequencies?  In current time, using a physical form, we wear a symbolic veil until a higher level of consciousness is developed.  The veil prevents us from seeing the true worlds of radiant splendor.  There are more answers than solely this one.  What we need to remember is that humans are will creatures, co-creators who thrive on desire.  It is through desire for beauty and power that the lesser designs in the dream world of creativity manifest.  All that you and I experience has been created through desire.  Until we reach that sublime point in consciousness where we surrender and unite consciously and willingly with the divine radiant Self and actually comprehend what oneness implies, the temptations to manipulate and to compete will find an opening and take control.

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