Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Yes, you are.  There is a grand Power within that has nothing to do with learning techniques on how to heal yourself or another.  The God Power knows how to function all by itself when it has a willing human eager to allow it free expression.  Your tools are patience and faith, trust and perseverance, humility and kindness.  All you need to do is be alive and love.  Love God, yourself and turn around and love the God in everyone else.  This isn’t always easy but no one ever told us it would be.  Open your heart to the oneness of all life regardless of the kingdom, seen or unseen.  Love is what connects.  The love I am talking about is beyond these clumsy words.

The majority of people hurt themselves through neglect and lack of understanding.  I wasn’t taught the importance of good nutrition as a child or the purpose of life.  How many of us learned the importance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?
Too many people live for years neglecting the body and then as a last ditch stand they try to make quick amends.  What holds true for the body holds true for the soul. By educating our consciousness, we can accomplish healing miracles and be whole again. Inner work must be done with perseverance, discipline and love for the Higher Self.

Forget the admonishments of the old teachings that state you are not worthy.  You are worthy!  What is worthy is the Light of God that provides life.  Take away the Life Force and we are nothing.  Discard false programming and accept your inner beauty and goodness and learn to love what you really are.  It usually doesn’t happen overnight but it can.  Your life experience will turn around and you will see with new eyes and ears and give greater value to what you really are.

You are a healer asleep to the truth of your magnificence.  You can be healed if you really want to be healed.  Healing is not always a physical issue.  Forgive yourself. Making mistakes is part of the play of consciousness.  Much of what was done in the past that shames us now is the result of our conscious ignorance of spiritual law and not understanding spiritual identity.    If you feel persecuted and overwhelmed by adversity, stop and realize that you have attracted the negative energy to teach yourself what you do not want in your life.   There are no accidents regardless of how horrible they may be.  I could not write as I do if I had not experienced the darkness of despair as well as the heights of an exquisite resurrection.  As a result, I have moments of maturity, strength and wisdom as a compassionate healer who has learned to confront each new challenge with a developed equanimity.  Equipoise is another word that has always brought a smile to my face.  Realistically, there will always be challenges living in matter. Demand more of yourself.  Respect your healer identity, the essence of others and the healing energy of the Earth and her resources. 

New opportunities, challenges will appear once you make the decision to live as a conscious healer.  In gratitude and joy, observe your inner light expand and share your own healing stories.  We are here to help one another and in so doing transform minds, hearts, bodies and awaken ancient memories.  This reminds me of an unexpected vision given years ago.  I saw a large body of water before me.  All of a sudden a wooden cross came flying overhead and ended up plunging deeply into the ocean.  A Voice said to me,  “It is time to throw the cross away and live.”

You are a blessing!  Realize it!    I love you~

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