Sunday, October 18, 2015


There is so much love around us.  Open your eyes to it.  Divine love lives within the heart and has no boundaries.  Allow it to flow.  Learn to love Self completely and Light responds.  Godliness, divine love, is our true nature. It is also the nature of beings that we do not normally see.  Take time to sit in meditative silence and welcome the divine within to makes its essence known.  Talk to it and give thanks.  Be conscious of it as a constant companion.  Open a crack in your mind and heart and unsought manifestations will squeeze through.

One morning, I was in a Yoga class at a friend’s home.  I found myself going into a deep and inexpressible meditative experience.  It was a vision I recognized and have experienced periodically through the years where I am consciously and energetically connected to a pyramidal energy that extends far out into the universe.  The ecstasy and the liveliness of the radiant light usually lasts about sixty minutes.  I excused myself from the small class and went and sat in my friend’s living room expectant and filled with awe and love.  The room quickly became radiant with such wondrous light and power.  It felt like I was no longer in a house built by man but rather lifted to a heavenly sphere of endless beauty.

The waves of divine love energy were so intense that I wept intermittently for some time.  A thought came to me to ask whomever or whatever it was sending this indescribable magnificence to come closer so I could hopefully identify it.  The thought was fleeting but it did immediately attract the presence of very large golden chariot carrying three tall exquisite beings of such majesty and wonder that I cannot possibly do them justice in this recitation.  There was one great being in the center that reminded me of the brilliancy of our physical Sun.

Experience is the true teacher.  The golden chariot manifesting through the wall of my friend’s home is visible proof that we are watched and loved.  It is a funny thing about the higher love. It does not ‘show’ itself until we are ready.  There is a connection, a brotherhood between the unseen and the seen.  It is more typical for a human to seek life on other physical planets than it is to understand and accept that a ‘higher’ life also exists in our midst when we allow ourselves to raise our vibration and tune into it.  I feel this higher nature is an expression of the ‘son’ of God of us.  We remain a ‘son’ of man until we wake up our divine love nature.  Perhaps, instead of writing the word as son it needs to be written as sun.

As a child, I always felt somewhat detached from physical life.  Imprisoned in flesh was similar to watching a play.  There are many people on earth who have similar feelings.  It is like being here one moment and somewhere else the next.  Perhaps, this is what living between two worlds means.  It was much later in life that I was able to understand the significance of ‘other worldly’ experiences that felt both loving and natural.

In the past, I always seemed to be waiting for the human part to catch up with what I felt to be true within.  So much of what I have experienced has been as a lone traveler.  Times have changed and openness is peeking through here and there.  Other realities are being understood and discussed freely and that which was thought of as esoteric or mysterious can now be discussed.

Spirit is our true nature.  Love is spirit in its purest activity.  I have often gone out on a limb, so to speak, with absolute trust as a result of the intuitive thoughts that I receive.  I could have fallen flat on my face.  I never have.  When we have pure intent, the higher vibratory beings and energy support us.  Sometimes appearances such as the chariot, unexplained actions and prophetic words are questionable but Spirit is always the victor.  We are not alone.

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