Friday, October 16, 2015


There are spiritual seekers who refuse to recognize there is another mental force vibrating within the energy of our physical world and the lower surrounding vibratory levels that is definitely not loving and peaceful in its intention.  To glibly state, “Everything is God, everything is good”, is denying the fact that there are levels in consciousness.  All is good in the purest, original sense but layers of confusion and spiritual ignorance cover this purity.  The true essence is usually hidden, ignored by the ego and misdirected desire.

If you choose to deny the fact that misdirected energy is at work both here and in the lower invisible planes of consciousness, you are truly naive and need to snap out of your delusion.  There was a time when I chose to ignore the downside of duality or acknowledge any energy of an evil persuasion.  Perhaps, my attitude was such because I could not comprehend how anyone could lie, be hypocritical, jealous, and manipulative and deliberately harm life.  I have learned the hard way that what I physically see and hear is not always as it appears to be. 

It is reasonable to say that all is good and that every individual has a personalized spirit, an extension or light of God.  It is also correct to say that we are multiple energies when we live in matter.  Recently, a man came to me for a healing treatment on his painful hip.  As I was moving my hands over his body, a rather startling thing happened.  My ‘client’ began to address me in a totally different voice from his normal speaking voice.  The voice was aggressive, strong and eloquent.  He announced a name that was different from the clients and proudly stated that he was a pawn of Beelzebub. At the time, I was not familiar with the name Beelzebub.  I quickly discovered that in Christian and Biblical sources it is a contemporary name for the devil.  The intruder boldly claimed that I was wasting my time trying to heal the client’s body and that I had no power against him, a servant of Beelzebub.  I asked the entity how long he had been attached to the human on the table.  He said he had been with him for a very long time.  The entity went on to say that he was nourished by this man’s pain and suffering.  I asked the intruder if he ever remembered a time when he as intelligence was not vibrating in darkness.  He proudly repeated that he worked for darkness and could not remember anything except an existence of pain and suffering.

The intruder continued to emphasize that I was foolish to believe in the Light.  He said that love is nonexistent.  He strongly voiced the opinion that people like myself were deluded. He flatly stated his intent as the intent of all the pawns of Beelzebub.  He emphasized how they closely watch humans waiting to make their move and take over our will.  Uninformed humans actually help the corrupted entities when they become depressed, angry, resentful, weak and fearful.  When we abuse our bodies and minds through thoughts and substances, the unsuspecting become easy prey.  This is when the intruders make their move.

I talked to him at length mentioning unconditional love and our true substance as radiant Light.  I was not afraid since I recognize only One Power and One Presence as my reality.  I actually told the pawn that I had the power of the “Word” and in truth I could destroy him.  Instead, I chose to flood him with the power and freedom of unconditional love.  As the pink light flooded his energy, the intruder’s appearance changed.  I told the entity that was now being healed that he had a choice.  He could follow the Light having experienced unconditional love or he could turn back to the darkness and do the work of Beelzebub.  The entity spoke through the client on the table.  “She, Shirlee, could have destroyed me.  Instead, she shared and filled me with the healing power of Light.”  The intruder entity recognized and accepted for at least that moment the One Power and One Presence that I refer to as the Holy Spirit.  He was healed.  The physical client on the table was also healed.  All pain had left his hip.

Can the darkness return and again possess the physical client on the table?  Yes, and so can pain in the body be an indicator of a hidden intruder.  Other pawns can do the same form of possession if a human lowers his guard and forgets his true purpose.  I urge you to be at conscious attention.  Don’t assume anything.  To be a warrior of Light hold your shield high and carry the sword of truth and pure intention at all times.  If you give your will away, give it to the highest Self of you and the Light of truth will exercise a superior will backed by deep God realization.  Miracles will appear in your life as well as in the lives of others.  It is also very important to remember to forgive yourself for deviating from the path of purity.

For your further information, I discussed in detail with my client who was now sitting up and free of his former discomfort, the pain and manipulation that can occur to anyone who allows himself to fall prey to ongoing negativity.  In tears, he joyfully accepted the Light of Truth realizing that in his acceptance and willingness to do his part he can avoid as well as transcend the disabling energy of the evil of darkness.  His goal is not to be deluded by Maya, the insidious influence of the lowest nature.  Instead, he vowed to be alert and do his best to remain connected to his higher intuition and purpose.  His intention changed to identifying and seeking balance as a body, mind and soul instead of allowing the darkness of despair to harm and control his life.

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