Friday, October 9, 2015


It takes great courage and strength to not be sad watching the suffering happening all over the world.  True happiness more often than not eludes the consciousness of the human race.  Could it be that the majority of souls have temporarily forgotten what joy actually is?  The current civilization, its gadgets, problems and temptations hold more significance in their minds than the incredible truth that arrives with spiritual realization.  The ongoing lure of mesmeric babbles seem to mean more to the average human than the closeness experienced in the warmth of true God communion that is experienced in nature, friendship, service and a higher love.  Many would judge that words such as these are bizarre and not pertinent to survival.  They haven’t learned to understand that survival rests in our personal discovery and attunement to the higher vibrations of light.

Great numbers of souls haven’t a clear idea of what a higher reality actually is, nor do they understand inner happiness as the substance of that reality.  They continue to look to people, places and things to supply their outer needs and ignore the fulfillment of the deeper needs of the soul.  True happiness makes its appearance known in an awakening heart.  The feeling is difficult to describe.  It fills the heart that holds itself still to the fragrance of a flower, the wisp of the wind and the gentle touch of a friend or loved one.  True happiness is an inside experience.  It makes us want to call out to others and say, “You, too, can be free.  You, too, can feel the joy of it.  You, too, can be alive in the moment standing tall and alert, fully cognizant of a Grander Presence and Power.”

When we truly comprehend who we actually are, the head is held high, chin firmly set, eyes straight ahead in acceptance and understanding.  Regardless of what is happening around us, we know we are always provided for, protected and will be guided into higher spheres of spiritual activity as well as taken care of here on the ground.  Happiness is healing because it is that quiet and natural outpouring of our own special identification with divinity.  When we accept our higher Self as unconditional love, we are finally happy.  We eventually become in physical form that which we are in spiritual essence.

The healing power expresses as happiness when we remember true identity, the beauty of our essence and the aliveness of our eternal spirit.  Unhappiness is our own handiwork.  We typically blame other people and things.  It is the personality-ego, the lesser part of our Self that is confused and has forgotten.  If your Higher Self chose to actually talk to you, it would probably ask…What is all the fuss?  Why do you worry about that which has no real significance?  Why do you continue to punish yourself for yesterday’s mistakes?  Why do you doubt your true eternal identity? Why do you ignore your real purpose in physical form?  Why do you make everything so complicated?  Why do you feel so guilty and deprive yourself relief through forgiveness?  Why do you continually punish yourself for imagined crimes?  It is time more of us face the truth… the true crime is ignoring the holiness and potential of our Spirit, the Beloved within.

The next time I share, I will tell you about the experience of literally flying free.  It has happened in a fully conscious state of mind in both my physical body and using higher energy to fly my car with me in it to another location.  The Power is available for the practical as well as the mystical.

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