Friday, October 2, 2015


If a healing does not take place instantly, it could be a means in testing our faith.  In other words, a higher purpose is in force involving the affliction.  The illness could be a carryover negative karmic memory that has not yet been resolved.  I personally feel that there is not a God judging us but we are the judges of our own journey.  Of course, there are exceptions.  For the most part, we inwardly know when we have done something harmful to self or another.  Guilt is a huge factor.  Opinions have ingrained guilt into the collective unconsciousness.

Although a person will not admit it, he or she could be afflicted and actually like the attention.  Another person may simply desire a ‘rest’ from his obligations.  The afflicted could be avoiding living a full life and feels comfortable in his choice using it as an excuse to not participate in normal activities.  Think about it.  If you have been handicapped in any way and the handicap suddenly disappears, your life would dramatically change.   When a healing has been experienced, we logically should follow up by taking good care of ourselves, being responsible and use common sense.  To remain cured, balance must be sought.  Spiritual energy heals a body naturally but the human must also do his part.  If you couldn’t do that before and now all of a sudden everything is up to you that is a huge change.

One of the reasons a person may not keep a healing is that the specific root of the sickness has not been examined.  It is very important to get at the root cause of suffering since so much of it is emotionally based.  What is actually happening behind the scenes?  A very simple example was a sore neck and shoulder experience I had.   It could easily have been blamed on sitting too long at the computer or for many other reasons but I knew better.  Taking the time to sit quietly, I asked the inner Voice for the truth of my discomfort.  It turned out that I was holding my anger in my neck and shoulder for a man who had really done his utmost to sabotage my ministry of helpfulness.  The answer made sense.  I accepted the simple answer and the discomfort immediate left and I could bend and move any direction with ease.  It certainly is beneficial for continuing health to experience harmony.  Complete comfort and health is an ongoing challenge to retain if there is an environment of fear, stress, ridicule and other negative forms of abuse.

Many people do not like the word timing when it comes to waiting for good things to happen.  They want ‘it’ now.  A healing comes in many forms and we do not always determine timing. We require a spiritual healing, an inner reconciliation, to retain a healing.  Also, it could be the perfect time for an individual to leave his physical body and accept the transition as his healing result.

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