Saturday, October 24, 2015


We have a natural man, physical and a spiritual man, soul.  Our problem is being ‘caught’ in the ever-changing opinions of the world.  These beliefs are inherited from the physical man and contrast sharply with the beliefs of the spiritual man. The difference between the two aspects of what we are is huge!  The natural is ignorance and opinions.  The spiritual is wisdom and science.  When I use the word science, I am referring to spiritual.  In my life, spiritual has been and still is a very real science.  Faith has proved over and over again that science and spirituality are one and the same.

Simple example is a telephone call from the doctor’s office complaining that I haven’t come in for a check-up in over a year.  I patiently replied to the nurse by telling her that I feel and look great.  Her response was that no one can judge by how they feel or look and I could have serious gallbladder problems, etc. etc.  I just shook my head.  People should be penalized for spreading false thoughts particularly opinions about what we could or could not have or should and should not do according to their belief system.

About five years ago, I decided to humor another nurse and went to the hospital for a long delayed mammogram.  They asked me to wait afterwards for the results.  It didn’t take too long and three people on the medical staff came out and hovered around me saying sorrowful comments.  They were insinuating I had cancer and suggested that I visit a certain oncologist.  I told them right then and there that they were wrong.  To appease my ‘doctor’, I made an appointment.  The necessary procedures were done and nothing showed up; I was fine.  I’ve learned not to believe other people’s opinions particularly when money is involved.  I gained this valuable lesson when I was quite young.  I also learned that if a part of the body was in a state of imbalance there must be a cause.  Find the cause and the imbalance can be removed.

I was seeing auras around streetlights driving at night and other unusual phenomena.  Deciding to have my eyes examined, I was shocked to learn that I had cataracts developing in both of my eyes.  I called my mother and said this is crazy and how can it be?  She nonchalantly replied that her nineteen-year-old cousin had cataract surgery so it could be inherited.  I thought to myself this nonsense is not for me.  I don’t have time for surgery nor do I accept the belief that it is necessary to inherit a weakness from another family member.  Later that afternoon, I sat in the chair where I like to sit when meditating.  I basically talked to my eyes and told them that they were perfect and I expected them to be free of any impediments.

You see, what I haven’t told you is that I am in love with the Holy Spirit.  Yes, the creative Holy Spirit that Jesus mentioned who would come to the disciples and others after he left them.  He referred to the Holy Spirit as a comforter.  I never learned about the Holy Spirit in the Lutheran Church.  Perhaps, it was mentioned but the name never entered my consciousness.  Some other time, I will tell you how the Holy Spirit came into my life.   After the prayer-meditation healing session with the Holy Spirit, I confidently assumed it was taken care of.  The next day all negative symptoms disappeared.   I did not go back to the doctor who had given me the diagnosis because the subject of faith was not one that I wished to discuss with him.  I did make another appointment with a new specialist and my eyes received a clean bill of health.

Negative programming and less than positive suggestions may come from the astral plane through a human channel as well.  Yesterday, a friend called relaying how her guide, Joshua, came through a medium friend, stating that her partner will have a very long recuperation period after his surgery next week.  Can you see how suggestion works?  She was almost smug in relaying the message to me.  I didn’t say anything at the time because I was certain that she assumes this ‘guide’ from the ‘other side’ knows more than I do but I do plan to call her today and hopefully change her mind.  It won’t hurt to try.  Everything begins in mind.  We are definitely co-creators.

As I said before, we live in two kingdoms simultaneously…the science of wisdom or the corruption of ignorance.  Once we train ourselves to look for cause and understand that everything is energy influenced by thought patterns, we become genuine healers.  Our happiness or misery depends on which one of these kingdoms is uppermost in our mind.  Frankly, I don’t want the opinions of the world to negatively influence my energy, cripple my mind or impede my dream of being a fully alive light with a balanced mind and youthful body. Hopefully, you agree.  Everything is choice.

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