Thursday, October 15, 2015


I’ve known many people who have taken extensive courses and levels in the healing arts.  This is all fine and good if the ‘training’ is linked with another form of training…the awakening that surfaces as a genuine understanding taking hold of your mind.

To clearly understand the value of your true spiritual identity and allow it to choose and express is freedom.

To clearly understand the need for continual spiritual growth and to live as beings of love and joy cannot be given in a class, it is an inside discipline and love involving the spirit of truth.

To clearly understand the closeness of the angels and radiant beings of Light and their desire to help during our present evolutionary experience is to be assured of an army of unseen supporters.

To clearly understand that lack in any form is our own projected thought, laziness in not recognizing, believing, and living our true worth.

The sorrows of human life can be lessened through the conscious illumination of the mind.  The eternal Spirit knows no pain.  It is a winged heart ready to soar through both the known and unknown.

To clearly understand pure energy is to realize the bond of light between all form and formlessness.  To separate us from one another in thought is spiritual suicide.

To clearly understand that there is no separation from Source, whether it is between kingdoms of visible creation or the invisible worlds of light is to be aware. Humanity has accepted a mistaken identity.  What the separated energy has created can be united and made whole once again.

We do not always like the role we are playing. We can change it.  Goodness occurs when we have learned and assimilated what serves the best in us and are prepared to move to higher ground.

It is healing to trust in the Light and accept its pull and power.  All life and form is made from the substance of Light. Realize that the suffering of humanity does not have to be. When we give the spirit within back its power, it will safely and easily handle any challenge.  We do have a choice to step out of the old tale and live a grander version of what we are.

We can make a difference as true healers.  I invite you to consciously stand with the expanding family of radiating light.  We recognize the vastness of the Circle and its far-reaching impact as a force to serve and lift all life.  It is a meeting place between Heaven and Earth.

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