Thursday, October 22, 2015

CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS? Science versus Faith

I am blessed with three children.  The subject of science and its role in healing and mental phenomena frequently comes up in our conversations.   I would love to hear your comments.  I’ve experienced a lifetime of super-normal manifestations and yet, some I question.  You be the judge.  Our baby is crawling along the upstairs hallway.  My back is turned and all of a sudden I could hear a thump, thump and more thumps.  Running to the top of the long stairway I fling my arm out and yell one of God’s names.  The baby stops falling, instead hovers in the air waiting for me to go down a couple steps and scoop him safely into my arms.  How does his physical body hover in the air?  Are there always angels alert and ready for humans to make mistakes?  Or, is it my will holding him in the air?

Another day, one of our sons came home from school limping.  Someone had kicked him hard at recess and the throbbing had been going on all afternoon.  The two of us sat down in my bedroom in close proximity to a full sized wall mirror.  I told him that there are higher beings that enjoy sharing their love with us.  I asked his permission if I could call on one to heal his injury and pain.  Of course, he agreed.  It only took a few brief moments and a very tall form stood near us.  It was so large that it nearly reached the ceiling.  Once the form appeared, a tingling sensation occurred in his ankle and leg.  The pain left because he was healed through the love of unconditional love.  Now, this incident can be easily explained…an angel answered our need.  In fact, you would have laughed if you had witnessed this because both my son and I visibly jumped because we were so startled by the size of our visitor. We not only saw the form hear him but its reflection in the mirror.  Isn’t that interesting?  Is help always nearby?  Is healing a science based on faith?  Can anyone have this type of experience?

Another time, I decided to join the children for a bike ride.  Since I didn’t use the bike that often my husband had placed huge hooks in the garage ceiling and my bike hung on the hooks upside down.  I am of small stature and for the life of me could not figure out how to get that bike off the ceiling hooks.  Standing beneath the bike, I stretched out my arms and asked if someone from the unseen vibrations could lift the bike off the hooks and place it upright on the garage floor.  There was an immediate response.   We stood in awe watching an adult sized bike slowly be lifted off two hooks and gently placed above my hands and placed on the ground.  Who did this?  Was it my will, meaning the real me, the eternal true identity or was it another entity who came immediately to satisfy our need?

Have you ever misplaced anything, looked everywhere and simply could not locate it?  I needed a special key and didn’t have a clue as to where the key was located.  It was a key to a special box that contained official papers.  A vision popped into my head telling me the exact location.  Of course, it was there.  What or who told me the location?  How do we know if answers and assistance come from our Higher Self, angels or simply our own determination and will?

Speaking of messages, a woman friend, a mother of two young boys, voiced her concern about her husband being gravely ill and in the hospital.  Three different surgeries had been performed before a pacemaker would function properly.  As we were talking, I began to give her a message that her husband would live for many years a vital and fruitful life.  The message was encouraging and suggested she have no fear, but be patient and have faith for all would be well.  These comforting words of love still ring true.  An afterthought tells me that to share a message like that, make basically a promise, is really taking a chance, but I trusted.

These sample experiences could simply be to show us our oneness and connection with multiple dimensions of creativity.  We obviously need to know that help is always available whether it appears out side of ourselves or is our own inner voice, will and energy.  There are hosts of vibrational beings that desire to help us discover truth. Of course, there is always our own spirit of truth.  Love is our true identity.  Perhaps, more of us need to awaken to this fact, a true reality that needs to be embraced and appreciated.

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