Friday, October 23, 2015


I have not intended to imply a divine role nor suggest that I have a solution to anyone’s problem.  What is shared has worked successfully for me and it is up to the reader to choose his/her own action.  I have learned that the way to genuine freedom is responsibility for self, compassion, balance, deep thinking and a meaningful and working devotion toward God.  I cannot offer a solution to the problems of society. We are each unique and have our own history.  There is no dogma or written code in what I offer.  Although different techniques and suggestions are mentioned, it is up to you to find relief from emotional stress and the many distractions allowing the light of God to work through you as you.

I feel and know that there is both uniqueness and oneness in all life.  Respect for the individual is important.  Personally, I have never have been interested in creating an organization, converts or a group mission.  Each person is a teacher in some way and we can learn from one another.  Although I personally recognize the oneness of Divine Wisdom and Love flowing through all life and respect the teachings and connectedness of all world religions, my strength, hope, peace, love and wisdom are drawn from firsthand experience.  The revelations, wisdom, healing and ongoing love energies resonate primarily to the original teaching of Jesus, a soul who attained Christhood.

Spiritual experience is available for our conscious realization, joy and communion with a Power and Presence that not only created us but when awakened lives as us.  I try to do my best knowing that what is considered our best does change as our awareness matures. My heart is full of a love that cannot really be described by mere words.  Neither can it be silenced.  If you are reading this message, it is no accident.  We have been drawn together during an important period of soul rediscovery and a greater connectedness.  We have social media on our side enabling us to encourage, guide and offer hope to others who desire to be an active, pulsating part in the awakening of a fuller consciousness of what love actually is.  There is also a scientific wisdom patiently waiting to be manifested on our beautiful planet Earth.

Together with an awakening clarity of who we really are, why we are and what we are to do as we become more conscious of our intuitive spiritual Self and the anchoring of a higher consciousness, we will eventually emerge victorious.  I titled my first book published in 1982, Circle of Light, under a different last name.  I intuitively gave my work of love that title because Circle of Light is far greater than any book of words or organization.  It is a circle of vibrant souls who are conscious lights pursuing excellence, balance, respect and healing for all life.  They are deep thinkers and souls both in human form and unseen form that actively vibrate to the first and second commandments emphasized by a Christ, the man we call Jesus.

The Circle ever widens.  It is an illuminating ring of spiritual power that will elevate the vibrations of our planet in such a way that a new consciousness will dawn in the minds of men and women throughout the world.  It is an invisible force that is living and breathing in the midst of humanity and is seen and felt by souls attuned to its majesty and power.  Each soul who awakens to the brilliancy of the higher wisdom is an integral part of the Circle of Light.  Each soul that consciously attunes and demonstrates the power of truth and love is a spark of the great ring.  It is through the energy of the Circle of Light that a pure spiritual consciousness will emerge into all its beauty and reveal a living wisdom.

There is a time soon coming when the Circle of Light will emerge as a force in such a way that the world of unenlightened men and women will take notice.  As said before, the sublime energy is beyond any group or one person…it simply IS.   It is the Christ mission.

Jesus’ explanation of the Christ mission was to “heal the sick, destroy death and bring life and immortality to Light”.  The followers did not interpret his teachings correctly.  As an awakened being, he did his best at the time to transmit a great scientific truth and wisdom.  He understood that repetitive thought, whether positive or negative will eventually manifest.  This knowing is scientific.  Collective humanity has not understood mind, science and cause and effect from a true perspective.  What Jesus attempted to teach and he applied will become our personal reality through the understanding and practicing of it.  It ties in with cause and effect.  There is a science available to help us be set free.  We first must get past the deceptive programming that has held us back. Other great spiritual beings have encouraged the establishment of the same science of being.  It is a science of dissolving error with wisdom, which will correct phenomena.

We are physically living on Earth to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  Sometimes, we have to fight sadness and even depression because the appearance world is not fully reflecting the love and light of the vibrations of purity and the wisdom science.   Trust as you struggle against the subliminal.  Place your sadness aside…celebrate with us.  The Circle ever widens. You are a part of the spiritual vision.  It is likened to an illuminating ring of wondrous power that will slowly evolve as an awakening consciousness and expansion of Living Light.

Thank you for listening, gentle friends, and for looking closely at your desire to evolve.  You are needed.  These words are said with you in mind.  They contain the blessing of pure love and compassion fully knowing the longing in your heart for a manifested vision of an illuminating and victorious higher consciousness.

Shirlee Hall

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