Saturday, October 10, 2015


I know you desire to be free on your terms and yet, you flee from your own jailer.  The jailer is the sometimes confused and misguided ego/personality who has not yet fully awakened to its true identity.  To be totally free, is to know Self.  If we become trapped in the drama of another person, environment or situation, we often become a victim of the circumstances.   I have been in situations where it is not always easy to extricate myself from a ‘victim’ situation.  If you cannot physically remove yourself, at least do your best to remove your consciousness.  You can change your attitude and perception and accept the reality that to remain locked in a negative situation is destructive to everyone concerned.

We must consciously cut the ties on every level.  You cannot fly free if your soul, mind and body are being slowly murdered.   Finding a ‘new’ teaching, teacher, material object or lover is not the answer.  In the majority of situations I have observed, it is only a detour from achieving Self-realization.  Keep running and you will never find what you seek.  True freedom requires a huge wake up call.  Observing the citizens of the world, my own journey and the treatment of self and one another, humanity is often very pathetic and destructive.  Flying free can only be a permanent energy when a moral and ethical consciousness prevails.  Too many people have lost their place in the Sun.

I believe everyone desires to be free.  The trouble lies in not understanding what freedom actually is.  We have the right to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and live with dignity and to experience the higher energies of wisdom, light and love.  There is another form of freedom that occurs and manifests as our sensitivity awakens.  As we get our ‘act’ together, a higher and far subtler intelligence begins to interact in our lives.   It is an energy infusion that works with us and not against our good. I have written five published books based on firsthand experiences that are easily referred to as miracles, psychic and spiritual phenomena and healing manifestations that the majority of people label as mysterious and only for the select few.   Wrong!  Once we begin to consciously live from the viewpoint of the presence and power of the Divine, we begin to realize that we have a celestial ‘army’ at our disposal if needed.  Anything is possible.

The following incident is only one out of hundreds that have happened to me that clearly demonstrate that freedom comes with living consciously in the light of a higher love.  You do not need to be an adept to have the experience of freedom.  My friends and I had just attended a lecture on astronomy at a local bank.  It was pouring out.  I didn’t have an umbrella or raincoat and my car was a good distance from the canopy where we waited for the storm to subside.  The rain appeared as white sheets with no indication of stopping any time soon.  I decided to run to the car regardless of the storms intensity.  After saying a quick good-bye to my friends, I removed my shoes and ran through the parking lot.  It wasn’t until I was safely sitting behind the wheel that I realized my feet, body and clothing were bone dry.  How could that be?

Later that evening, the wife of the couple who observed my dash to the car called. Jean excitedly described what she and her husband had observed.  She kept saying, “Your feet never touched the ground!  You looked like a butterfly!  How did you do it?”  Well, to tell you the truth, I was so filled with the joy of spirit that being inconvenienced by the storm never entered my mind.  I was obviously one with Mother Nature during the dash to the car in the midst of the fullness of a summer storm.  I refer to this particular incident as a joyful dance of the elements.  Similar experiences have been ongoing.  Freedom is a state of mind.  Sharing this simple story is not to imply that I am more ‘gifted’ or ‘special’ than another.  It is a true example of our oneness with all creation regardless of form.  We need to finally acknowledge our relationship with light and life and learn to fly again.

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