Monday, October 12, 2015


Let me tell you more about yourself from my point of understanding.  There is a wonder and beauty within you that needs to be accepted and appreciated.  The marvel cannot be experienced unless you first recognize its presence.  The inner word is the spirit, the light of God.  You are love in form.  You are light covered by collective ignorance.  In essence, you are all that is true and good.  This may be difficult to believe because you tend to judge yourself and others by appearance and not the inner light.  The appearance form is not always the full truth of what you are.

What we witness here on earth is but a brief moment in the evolutionary experience.  There are many planes existing simultaneously within the mortal-material world so familiar to you now.  These planes are of a very subtle nature and vibrate at higher and higher frequencies.   The realms of love, light and eternal life exist for the spiritual evolution of the progressing soul/mind.  As the soul moves forward into higher planes of consciousness, it opens more fully to its true identity.  As individual awareness increases and purifies, it is possible to consciously remember past soul experiences and existences in other worlds of thought.

Along the path of soul progression, you may visit old friends and spiritual helpers who will help guide you toward your goal.  You will experience grander versions of your soul when it is more securely and consciously connected to its own divinity.  Love is the fiber that holds the fabric of existence together.  It is the urge of the soul to return to Source, our Creator.  The inner call encourages the evolutionary life to move gently along the path of higher possibilities.

Love comes in many forms.  It can be a friend, foe, relative, stranger or animal.  It can be an intuitive thought or an angelic presence.  We are surrounded by love.  All we need do is open our hearts.  Within each of us is a loving presence that desires to express and expand in all its power and creativity.  First, we must consciously recognize that it is within the realm of possibility for us to consciously and successfully express a higher love in our daily lives.

Many truth seekers feel at times like a stranger here on earth and in truth some of us are.  To be aware to the possibilities of Spirit always brings a remembrance of realms where we once drank the sweet ambrosia of the divine.  Some of us come from exalted states of awareness and find it difficult at times adjusting to the numbness that can be experienced confined in a physical form living in the midst of spiritual ignorance.

Be patient, dear one, if this feeling applies to you.  It is our responsibility to anchor our inner knowing and the lingering memories into our emotional/mental and physical force fields and experience the magic and wonder of God Realization right here and now.

No one told us the journey would be easy.  As more light comes into your mind and heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an all-knowing being and everything will be perfect in your life.  We are constantly challenged because wisdom and unconditional love is not the norm on planet earth.  At the same time, though, you will have the secret ingredient that is constant nourishment for your inner joy, the truth of who you really are.  You realize without a hint of doubt that you are deeply loved by a Source impossible to describe.  Awful things can happen all around you but you are anchored in your body of light, a soul who remembers and is supported by the power of the One.  The Light is always with you.

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