Friday, October 30, 2015


Ask for more light.  Ask for a loving and compassionate heart.  Ask for courage and strength.  Ask for the wisdom to recognize truth when it appears through person, place or thing.  Ask for a higher understanding.  Ask for the patience to help you mature.  Ask the infinity of your being to bring to your attention the wisdom gained in past life experiences.  Ask that you consciously express your true spiritual self.

Often, a physical healing is the trigger that jolts your memory of the non-ordinary.  Not too long ago a very pleased friend visited me unexpectedly.  I had not seen him for a year.  He said that the last time we were together he had asked me to lay my hands on his chest and remove his uncontrollable desire for cigarettes.  He typically smoked several packs a day.  He went on to tell me he had not smoked in one year.  What thrilled him most was his personal experience of the divine heat that had filled his chest area.  The remarkable truth is that the warmth of the Holy Spirit returns to my friend every time he reviews his healing experience.  When the heat returns, he stops whatever he is doing and consciously sends the healing vibration to either someone else or a situation.  The beauty and joy of this healing is that he realizes that the power is a living presence always with him.  He is now a channel for love and balance.  His confidence and quickened sense of connection with own inner spirit is exciting and meaningful.  He has come into his own.

I obviously speak from experience.   The majority of people living on this planet live ordinary lives.  The secret is to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way.  New life begins when you open your mind and heart to grander possibilities and connections.  The most rewarding connection you can make is with your inner master self.   An opportunity will come unexpectedly.  Look for it.

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