Monday, October 5, 2015


Typically, humans find spiritual identity confusing.  It remains confusing for the most part because the ‘followers’ of the various religions who became the ‘leaders’ ingrained the idea that the followers require an intermediary.  Not true.   The priests, ministers and teachers who are typically only intellectually trained and not enlightened beings, having picked and chosen select passages, etc. have created religions, rules and regulations to control the masses.  The result is often distorted teachings that sometimes do not even resemble what the enlightened way showers tried to give to truth seeking souls.  When tablets and ancient texts are discovered centuries later, these are either kept from us for many years or again interpreted by unenlightened humans.   This has become so obvious; it almost does not need to be mentioned.

It is the higher spiritual body that has access to real power.  The source is the Godhead.  There is an impersonal mighty original energy that we can tap into once we understand what the power can and cannot do.  Actually, this power, Spirit, is the only genuine power and it won’t work against itself.  Try and abuse it and you are in big trouble. Mathematicians, scientists, metaphysicians of philosophy and religion have told us about this unified field for thousands of years.  The average person has not realized that this force has been made available for you and I to use.  When a healing is offered, it is this force that we are using.  For most, the use of it has been limited because there are definite truths we need to learn to request properly and initiate action.   How can you use a force properly if you neither are unaware of it nor understand it?

My purpose as with many others who work with Spirit is to help people understand the One Power that actually acts as all forces or power.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn about this primary force, Spirit, and actually use it as originally intended?   You are a spiritual being.  You must learn to understand yourself as a spiritual being.  It is up to you to learn how to do all things.   The Power is not only for priests, prophets and saviors, it is for you.

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