Sunday, October 4, 2015


Within mankind’s consciousness is a deep feeling of guilt.  The conscious mind frequently blocks what it does not wish to face.  This decision will often create illness or an accident.  At an inner level, a sense of separation exists and guilt.  Often these feelings are released through bodily suffering. 

Occasionally, a healing is only temporary because a lesson has not been learned.  Problems are only permanently removed when the root cause is removed.  When we ask and receive Divine Energy, the surge of energy recharges our force fields.  It is always wise to offer gratitude.  Healing is a cooperative effort.  There is a part played by the mind, feeling nature and body.  Attitude after a healing is important.  In many instances, a “spiritual rebirth” occurs after receiving divine love.  As a result, the healing may change the recipient’s life for the better.  If the healed forgets and takes for granted the divine love bestowal, he or she may in time lose what was once received.

All imbalances are not due to old debts.  Some problems arise out of a need to encourage a keener development of a particular virtue.  Obviously, negligence in regards to the laws of nature and hygiene may be a cause as well.  The idea is not to only remove a problem or to sidestep karma.  We need to grow up.  If an affliction is removed and some virtue or much needed understanding is not completely learned, another ailment will take its place until the blockage is face and healed.   We can transcend karma through conscious awakening and changing patterns.

The family members we have chosen usually play a large role in our spiritual development.  They can if unchecked wear us out.  The following is a brief description of what a very close friend emailed to me yesterday regarding a family tragedy.  “My dad was transferred to seven different places as a result of a serious accident, three different hospitals and four different nursing homes.  Suffering the wrong treatment, neglect in the form of bedsores, and necessary major surgery to relieve pain, and four strokes over a period of seven weeks took a toll on his body and he died.  I was power of attorney for the medical decisions for my dad.  I wanted to share the information and decisions with my three younger brothers and sister.  That was a big mistake.  I should have only conferred with the medical staff.  I became a target of hateful criticism by my three brothers and sister.  My father and the medical staff supported me.

In the midst of the chaos, I walked through the forest to replenish myself.  Seeing nature and hearing my feet on the ground usually calmed me.  I was not calm.  I felt wobbly and scattered energetically.  I was not connected.   I called Shirlee and asked her to send me healing energy as I sat on an isolated bench in the forest.  Yes, I felt the healing energy of love.  As I sat there, I felt calm and connected to the Holy Spirit, hovering above my head.  I felt surrounded by divine protection and clarity.  When I started walking again, I felt stronger and more focused and supported.  I was now
 dealing with the true reality of Spirit, the field of love and wisdom Shirlee shares with others.  I was clear about what I needed to do.  I was “put back in place.”   I was safe and free.

It is easier for me to return to the loving energy now.  My focus and pure intention is back.  Now, I am where I should be, or I know how to get there”.

I am thankful to Peggy for sharing her painful family experience.  At the same time, isn’t it comforting to understand that there is an ever-present Grace we can turn to in our time of need?  When we are abused in any form, our energy field is temporarily weakened.  Helping one another and seeking an intimacy with the spirit of truth helps us to handle serious troubles with trust and understanding.  The ideal is to be eventually anchored in both our spiritual body and the field of light regardless of what is happening around or in us.

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