Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The caption above is directly from a woman who was brought to my home who had been filled with fear, crippling her every movement when the doctor reported to her that she had cancer.    Her personal thoughts moved toward the idea to reorganize her life and clear out the cobwebs of clutter.  This woman has a similar belief system to mine, one that is filled with inward knowing that God is with us, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.  Time passed and a friend suggested she visit me and hopefully experience a healing.

I asked regarding her concerns and explained that I was blessed as a transmitter for the loving energy of the Holy Spirit.  The creative healing energy does its loving work on a physical, mental and spiritual level wherever it is needed.  Within moments the woman’s stomach was as if on fire.  She knew there was a definite difference.  The heat spread but remained intense on the area of the stomach.  The session lasted ten minutes.  The woman felt different and knew she had experienced a healing.  She described her self as having a happy heart, shoulders feeling as if a burden had been lifted.  Her posture straightened and when she walked her body glided.  The heat lasted through the night and into the next afternoon.  Elated, the woman felt that having been ill provided a blessing in disguise.  Her illness had given her a chance to work through forgiveness and personal issues and to go on to receive what she considered a special path toward spiritual awareness.   Thankfully, she has had two cancer-free checkups since her healing.  Eternally, she sends love to all.

In contrast to the woman and her love for the Holy Spirit and viewing illness as a path to awareness, I will share a story of a man friend that is quite the opposite.  Sandy and his wife are Jewish.  They never discuss faith related subjects nor do I know if they practice any.  The Sunday afternoon was warm and beautiful.  We had not seen each other for at least a year. We simply were long time friends who periodically as couples would enjoy each others company.  I noticed Sandy struggling to get out of his car and when he finally did looked really bent out of shape.  We were going to have a light lunch together here at home and then drive to a local art event.  Since he didn’t mention anything regarding his discomfort, I did not ask. 

Later, leaving for the outdoor event, Sandy struggled to get into our car.  I finally spoke up asking him if he would like some relief.  He is a large, gruff but jolly man and said, “Do whatever you need to do”.  By this time, he was already awkwardly propped up in the back seat with his wife and not that easy for me to comfortably reach.  Sitting in the front seat, I reached around and held my hand on whatever I could touch.  As I have mentioned before, the Holy Spirit knows where the need is located.  Silence, total silence ensued as the four of us waited together.  In only a few moments, he loudly said, “What did you do, hypnotize me?”  Puzzled, I asked for him to explain.  He said the debilitating pain had completely left him.  I was as surprised as everyone else because it happened so quickly.  What a transformation!  Once we reached the art event he proudly walked with us for more than an hour as we admired the various art objects.

Here we have two cases, a woman who was devotional in her faith and a man friend who was not really drawn to the practice of spirituality.  The similarity was in their inner sense of worthiness.  They both felt good about themselves and believed they deserved to be whole.  The attitude of respect and love for self, in my opinion, has a great deal to do with how we respond to any form of healing.


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