Thursday, October 1, 2015


Our faith must be combined with certain disciplines and changes in habit.  A change in consciousness will often bring on what appears as a miracle.  Simple when you think about it.  By changing our thinking and harmful choices, we support the ideal nurtured by our faith.  To simplify things, break the process down into three steps.  One, recognize truth as it is in principle.  In other words, understand the perfection behind all form.  Two, keep your focus on your goal.  Three, acknowledge fulfillment of your request.   In the area of healing, I always assume that the healing process has been done and there is absolutely no cause for worry.  Commonsense is also exercised.  I realize everyone does not have the same type of confidence.  If you need to increase your confidence, begin with smaller issues until you feel a certainty and discover the joy of the results.

Pray believing that you have received and you will receive.  We cultivate this state of mind by considering similar thoughts daily.  If you are sincere in your desire to demonstrate wholeness, please avoid negative thoughts and words.  This should be very obvious but old patterns will surface.  Think of yourself as a warrior.  Be alert and get out your sword when weakness in the form of disappointment, worry, judgment and impatience tries to surface.  Look at each setback as an opportunity to practice your warrior skills.  You are changing your mind.  Some minds are more difficult to handle than others.

If there is not a healing, it could be a means of testing your faith or the faith of someone else asking for help.  How do we know we have matured in an area if we don’t have an opportunity to try our new awareness?  The illness or disability could be a carryover karmic condition that is not fully balanced.  Personally, I do not believe everything is a negative that appears karmic.  We often choose at a deeper level to experience trials to jump-start our wake-up process or fine-tune a virtue that needs extra attention.   It could also mean we are ready to learn something new in our character development.  Strangely, enough, some people on a subconscious level do not desire to be well.

There are also people who reject a beautiful healing because it upsets their daily routine and expected behavior from another.  My mother-in-law who had experienced a life changing healing called me regarding a friend who could not use her left arm as a result of stroke experienced a year ago.  I did not meet the woman.  Instead, we talked on the phone.  I offered a remote treatment and the arm returned to normal.  A month later, the woman called me stating that she was not happy about her healed arm.  Her explanation was shocking to me.  As long as the arm was disabled, her husband would willingly help her.  Now that the arm was normal, he did not.   She wanted him back the way he was and the lame condition of her arm.   We eventually do receive what we focus on.  People and circumstances are often not what they appear to be.

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