Thursday, October 8, 2015


Life is not what it appears to be.  Train yourself to look past the appearance.  This is very important if you feel you need to have a spiritual teacher.  You must be able to look past the ‘glamour’ of the facade and discover the teacher’s intention.  Hopefully, your goal is to be free and divinely inspired by the Beloved within.  If so, the following suggestions will help you in your progression.

  1. Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers.
  2. Make your life plan according to your intuitive voice.  The plan will perhaps change as you spiritually mature.  Decide what is best to do first and do it with confidence and faith.  Make a priority list.
  3. Pray and meditate asking for pure guidance from the Higher Self, the Beloved Light within you.  Ask only for purity, unconditional love, wisdom and what is best for all concerned.
  4. Realize what it means to bring the Infinite into the finite glorifying the Divine and not the personality.
  5. Take a vacation from negative books, television, movies, news, projects and people that do not reflect your goal.
  6. Accept that you are special regardless of your history and do not allow anyone to prevent you from fulfilling your inner longing for fulfillment as a soul.
  7. Take responsibility, understand and act out your priorities by realizing that you are the only one who can manifest your goals.
  8. Know as your truth that you are a higher love personified and that the truth of what you really are cannot BE as active as designed unless you have prepared the way through wise and loving choices.
  9. Realize that loving God comes first.  The all-embracing love includes you.  Realization will allow you to genuinely love others.  It matters not what you have been or have done.  What concerns the Spirit of Truth is that you awaken to Its Presence now.
  10. Love your body by caring for it wisely.  Be alert to lesser energies that will pull you down such as any form of addiction temptation present in the body, mind or soul.  Blockages will attract negativity and keep you from your goal.
  11. Use deep thinking, meditation, prayer and compassionate service to help you consciously connect with your own inner Voice, the true teacher and lover.  It is in the holy vibration of Silence that the higher love and wisdom makes its presence known.
  12. Understand that kindness to others is kindness toward Self.  We are all One.  Reach out to the hidden holiness in others and all benefit.
  13.  Be consciously aware that there is more occurring within your momentary experience than you can consciously grasp.  This is why the development of discernment is vital.  Dimensions within dimensions co-exist.  Things are rarely what they appear to be.

I suggest your main focus be to train yourself to be conscious in every moment.  Pay attention to who is responding?  Who is acting? Who is the lesser self and what is the Beloved within?

The more you call on the Beloved, the less you give your power away and the more confident you will become.  The lesser energies have less of an opportunity to influence your mind or demonstration.  Only you can make your vibration strong and pure.

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