Thursday, December 31, 2015


Many people find the logic and purpose of repeated physical incarnations troublesome because they simply cannot remember details of previous life experiences. In some ways, it could feel alarming to think that we have had multiple life experiences in a variety of forms.  Serious students researching scripture find countless references that nonchalantly refer to the natural order of reoccurring lives. It does appear that we sleep the sleep of forgetfulness when we enter a new physical form.  The veil obviously is a necessity.  Perhaps, it is an act of kindness. Think about it.  Most humans could not bear their own self-accusation.  After a period of time passes and the soul-mind matures through the acquisition of intuitive knowledge, character development and the power of faith and devotion, the veil lifts revealing glimpses of other times, faces and locations.  The intuitive flashes that give us the feeling that we been here before or know a stranger’s face and remember facts that were never presented to us this life experience are indications that we have forgotten experiences stored within the subconscious part of the mind.  To discover what we have previously been and retrace past experiences in higher learning, we must be open, have faith, practice discipline and definitely develop discernment.  A serious meditation practice quickens the process.

As a result of a prayerful and disciplined approach toward awakening consciousness, we can stir ancient memories.  Although the experiences arrive usually in an unexpected flash, we reach the conscious point where we remember bits and pieces of our past history.  To observe our journey with honesty and without fear requires soul maturity. With maturity comes a developed sense of forgiveness for words and acts done in an ignorant state of consciousness. Meanwhile, we continue to experience and hopefully learn what we need to understand and awaken fully as our true deathless spirit identity.
Assimilation takes time.  As soon as the experiences, lessons, are absorbed in the soul-mind, we are free to shed the attachments of previous past appearances.  After physical death, while resting in the invisible ‘in-between’ dimensions of the mental plane, the identity can assume whatever form it desires as the assimilation period is experienced.  When a soul-mind minus a physical body appears to a loved one on earth, it usually assumes the familiar appearance form although younger and healthier.  As the individual unit of light becomes awakened to itself, it may also appear as a burst of glowing light energy or another form that the earth relative would easily recognize.  One of my mother’s first appearances was as a glorious purple radiance and yet, I recognized and knew without a doubt it was her.  Speaking of the color purple, a wonderful friend whose death was a loss for all of us appeared at her upbeat memorial service dancing joyfully around her friends and family as brilliant light.  There were also quite a few of us who actually felt her touch.  While in her physical body, Verena loved and often led us in the Sufi movements. In contrast, other souls simply appear such as my dad looking just like himself except younger and healthier.

From my understanding, we usually are attracted to future earth incarnations until we are fully awakened.  We obviously need to clean up our act here before we go exploring another planet with physical life.  There is also the choice to remain for a time or permanently in one of the many subtle worlds of light.  Once we are free of the rounds of spiritual ignorance, lack, opinions and conditioned patterns and have regained a conscious oneness with Source, Supreme Spirit, we are free to travel to other spiritual systems.  This doesn’t mean we abandoned earth.  It is a matter of choice.  Many awakened souls return to help remaining souls who are still unaware of their true spiritual identity and purpose.

It is the spiral motion of the progress accomplished by the life impulses that develops the various kingdoms of nature.  Spirit vitalizes the continuous thread that runs through the evolutionary process.  Evolution of consciousness moves from the simple, to self, to Christ and Cosmic.  The physical body, as we know it, is an evolving expression of creative thought.  This is why many thinkers label earth as a school of learning.  If the physical form is respected and cared for and recognized as a temporary vehicle for individual creativity and progression, eventually illumination will come more easily.  However, the majority of humans look at physical bodies, as a means of gratifying the physical senses not realizing that they also have a set of higher spiritual senses.  As a result of a sluggish, ongoing ignorance, the soul-mind becomes trapped in the knots of erroneous thought that create a further sense of separation, imbalance and suffering.

Through will and choice, the soul-mind nurtured by the individual life giving spirit struggles to express itself in the duality of density.  The desires, attractions and experiences corresponding with the purpose, intelligence, memory and personality obviously vary with each traveler.  The differing aspects account for the many degrees of vacillating unconscious and conscious awareness existent on this planet.  It isn’t fair to try and compare one consciousness with another.

The purpose of an incarnation in matter is to become humanly what we are spiritually.  It is a big order when memory is veiled.  A soul may have a glorious past history of spiritual development but if he is not consciously aware of what he has previously learned because its been stifled by his current parents and environment, it means little except sadness for something missing and not quite understood.  At the same time, he could choose to strive to expand his character and consciously evolve to higher dimensions of thought and realization and not allow the ignorance of others to hold him back.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I’ve been offering classes focusing on spirituality based on firsthand experiences for many years.  People enthusiastically attend and also appreciate the books and articles that I write.  This doesn’t mean they are enlightened.  Far from it.  The majority of seekers continue to think the same way, do the same things, suffer and die without achieving God Realization.  This is truer than not because knowledge for most people is conditioned by the time they lived in and the knowledge gained from prophets, Messiahs and founding fathers of all religions in the remote past.  True knowledge is what you realize through your own devotion and awakening spirit. I have said this before and will again that the desire for liberation must be powerful before a firm “revelation” occurs and the spirit in man answers the call.

Consciousness awakens beginning in the mind as dissatisfaction, often despair, loneliness and longing to open the mind to a new and meaningful life.  Once the seed is quickened, there is no turning back.  Regeneration must first appear as a desire in the thinking part of the mind.  The desire for righteousness cleanses, purges all that the conscious mind has erroneously collected throughout the ages.  Man keeps the same desire pattern from death to the next incarnation.  What man thinks about spiritually, he becomes.  He is claiming the power of that which is known as the super conscious mind or the individuality of spirit.  It is the spirit in man that answers the call.

The Supreme Spirit, God, is unseen and impersonal. Yet, its wonders can be seen through the power and presence personalized as the Father-Mother Energy radiating through a man or woman who at long last have risen in consciousness and claimed without fault or failing his or her oneness with the Source.  Man is a spiritual being.  All that the Divine is, man eventually becomes in his understanding.  When understanding dawns, theories become facts. Being is becoming, becoming is to know and knowing is the fullness of wisdom.

Our physical body is a covering for subtle bodies of light that include the astral and mental forms, the soul, and the greater essence, the individualized spirit.  Our individualized spirit is similar to a child.  The individualized spirit is the god companion so to speak of the soul-memory-mind.  The spirit is basically dormant until the intuitive part of the mind awakens allowing for a higher consciousness to exert its influence.

Through individual will and choice the individual spirit patiently waits to express itself clothed in a confining physical form.  As individual consciousness evolves and develops faith and disciplined thoughts and actions, the soul-mind aligns with the harmonious truth principles of the universe.  Transformation begins to take place.  People use the word soul for spirit but it is not the same.  Soul is the seat of memory and reason.  It is not a form but rather the subconscious aspect of mind.   
In other words, the soul-mind is a label for memory.  It is a subtle energy that evolves and eventually fully merges as consciousness with the spirit, the God essence.   The question often rises as to when does the soul and spirit energy enter form?  Is it at conception, physical birth or later?  From what I have observed, it is dependent on varying factors.  I have witnessed the subtle light forms of a new born or young child fully grown sitting or standing next to the physical body.  It makes sense.  Why entrap energy in an infant or child who cannot fully express during the early stages of physical growth?  The physical form is designed as a vehicle for the mind, soul and spirit. This of course raises the question concerning abortion.  What is actually being killed?

In cases where the spirit has fully entered the physical body at an early age, I have observed that the child often has awakened spiritual sight and can see forms existing in the subtle worlds of light that a parent or someone else do not see.  The child may become quite excited about what he or she is watching. Animals also have the higher or finer spiritual vision and carefully follow surrounding forms that frequent what we think of as our space.  Space is filled.  Believe it.  It is really funny to observe an animals face as the animal watches, barks, chases a ‘visitor’ from the finer realms of light.

Perhaps, you may wonder why a soul-mind-spirit would choose a body in a certain family or area of the world.  Everything is choice. Attachment and unfinished business is usually the cause.  If the soul repeatedly chooses not to aim for a life of spiritual growth, at some point out of compassion a more highly awakened soul will step in and offer to guide it in a positive direction.  Help is forthcoming from higher planes of consciousness but everyone does not welcome guidance. In direct contrast, the more spiritually aware the identity, the less direction it needs.  The awakening individuality understands that self-development and eventual oneness as a conscious spirit in form with its Source is the ultimate goal.  He realizes that he must work out and design a balance, a harmony in his life’s tapestry.  As a result of direct knowledge, he is free to choose his own way. Firsthand experience is the proof we all need.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Many of us are visitors and feel a strong affinity for another planet in distant space.  Although we love and honor earth, She does not feel like our physical home base. It looks strange to see the words in print but the feeling is more common than not.  Some souls have vague memories of another place and question why they are living here and for what purpose.  There are also souls scattered here and there that consciously leave their bodies and time travel.  There is enough evidence convincing many of us that there are visitors who come and go and earth is not our true physical home.  I am not referring to our original ‘Home’ in the subtle planes or worlds of Light, Wisdom and Love.  As we currently live in dense matter, there are also more subtle degrees of density housing intelligence and what we assume as special conglomerates of varying degrees of consciousness.

So…if you feel that you are a visitor, why are you here?  If you are a visitor, it doesn’t mean this is the first and last time.  Many of us have stopped in periodically during various cycles of earth history.
There are souls who have deliberately left more advanced and glorious habitats to descend to lower spheres or developed consciousness as found here on earth.  Earth consciousness during this particular cycle is heavier and the higher wisdom science is veiled.  The beings that chose to leave their home base to visit other planes of evolving consciousness do so out of love and a great compassion.
When an awakened soul temporarily leaves such a splendid reality and chooses to put on additional density such as our normal physical earth forms, the trials of such a decision can be many. It is not easy to make a transition into a lower vibration because the ‘visitor’ will forget for a time who she or he actually is.  The ‘visitor’ will experience the identical natural laws of growth as a normal earthbound soul who enters a physical body.  The only difference being that a natural profound trust and love for Source, God, will be actively awake within the physical-emotional-mental form and usually the divine gifts of power, wisdom and love will begin to surface early in physical life.  There is an innate understanding that the ‘gifts’ are to be used to celebrate the Supreme Spirit in all its glory.  The powers are to be used to plant seeds of a higher science, a science of reality, in the consciousness of the existing earth life.  This is a gentle way of reminding the unawakened and triggering ancient memories buried deep within the subconscious.

Periodically, a ‘divine’ intervention will occur in the evolutionary process that is prompted by Spirit.  The interference occurs out of love for those who have ‘fallen’ or remain oblivious of the Grace, Power and Presence that is currently lacking in everyday conscious existence.

We are free will creatures and we always have a choice.  Humans can either listen and live the words of love and wisdom or choose to ignore them.  As said, there are souls on this planet who do know and are quite familiar with the higher realms of vibrating life.  The fact that souls would of their own choosing descend to help others who continue to wallow in spiritual darkness is an amazing gesture of unconditional love.  The choice to serve is far from easy.  It is a challenge and a learning experience for the individual light that has left the life of pure expression to be of service in the denser realms of thought. The challenge is in the bringing of the light into the darkness.  The learning experience is in the exposure to an illusion that conscious mind has created and misused, abused and in most cases entrapped the soul.

The illusion has become the conscious reality to untold numbers of souls regardless of divine intervention. I read a quote by Dr. Pillai, which is so very true. “The prophets, Messiahs, and founding fathers of all religions lived in the remote past and their knowledge was conditioned by the time they lived in”.  What is required now is to bypass all conditioning and expose the science of truth.  This is one of the reasons that many ‘free’ spirits have chosen to come to earth.  The desire is to assist and give hope to those who are ready to be their true Self, a living Spirit, a child of the One.  Perhaps, in reading this it will trigger something in you regarding a higher purpose for your incarnation.  Perhaps, you are one of the awesome lights that would like to be able to more fully alive and share the wonder and inner beauty that you know as the true reality.

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Monday, December 28, 2015


Why do souls who know of a grander life descend temporarily into physical planes that are lingering in the throes of disorder and ignorance?  It is the nature of the beast, so to speak.  When a soul awakens to its true self, a reality that must be experienced to be known, it loves with a purity that is not easily understood by the unenlightened.  This love transcends what is considered natural or normal.  It is the ability to see behind the appearance world and to grasp that, which is difficult to utter.  It is the power that speaks in the Silence of inner knowing.  When an individual intelligence has secured the power of love and wisdom in its own force field, it is the most important drive to share and to help those who remain suffering in a conditioned environment of their own making.

The awakened ones come not only from the subtle planes of light and incarnate in matter but they arrive unannounced from habitats-planets in various systems who are more advanced than what is normally demonstrated here on planet earth.  Now when I mention advanced keep in mind that technology although advanced is not the higher level being referred to.  Often the very technology that enthuses the mind is not the advancement that the awakened ones judge as being of a higher nature.  Technology often gears the soul further away from its true essence into realms of thought and materiality that have little to do with the awakening of the spirit within.

In this particular sharing, advancement is the final stirring of the higher knowledge within.  Much is written about the subject but it matters little because what is important is the understanding that only arrives as a result of firsthand experience.  Often, the experience occurs in the totality of Silence.
There are many on earth right now that understand these words.  Most people will not recognize these people as wisdom teachers because they do not have the required human credentials.  Their credentials were hard won through firsthand life experiences that both lovingly and sometimes forcefully brought home the wisdom science to their waiting mind and heart.  A real teacher usually is a quiet one.  It is the souls who surround the teacher who often insist on bringing the light of the teacher out into the open.  True teachers often understand that the Great Work can be powerfully accomplished in secrecy and silence.  It is mental or vibrational ‘work’ done through the power tool of radiating light.  

There may come a time in space where something must be openly displayed to thwart the downward spiral of the mass consciousness and lift it gently to a safe place where it can regain its momentum.   Earth people are slowly moving toward that point of explosion where something must be down to change the energy and regain the integrity of the inner spirit.

You may not fully grasp what I am writing but hopefully you will feel that a change is ready to occur that will give hope again to the lost souls spread throughout the globe.  There are awakened ones, dropouts from Heaven, so to speak, who desire to be of service. The veil needs to be lifted, the eyes opened, the heart expanded and the mind renewed before the collective consciousness will again express itself freely.  Technologies are not the answer nor are wars or materiality.  The only thing that will ‘save’ life is a change in consciousness where the blind no longer lead the blind.  Hope is coming on the wings of spirit but not in the way that a typical soul imagines.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015


The identical problems of ego and the false sense of separation from Source existed long ago as it does now.  The illusion continues to be so until each soul awakens to the truth about the inner identity and its purpose here on earth.  The charade continues until the soul longs for something grander than he experiences and actively seeks to understand and set himself free.  The various periods of history mark not only man’s academic scientific and technical knowledge but also his understanding of self.  Through the ‘fall’ in consciousness, he has lost conscious contact with a genuine awareness of what Is.
Humanity once had an awareness that was brilliantly used to discern such subjects as philosophy, metaphysics, mathematics, and astronomy to name only a few.  The mind became trapped in the concepts and as a result forgot that mind is not the One Power and One Presence.  Conscious mind has a limited power in a world of manifested creatures and things.

Through meditation and practicing the Presence of Spirit, a seeker can transcend the mind, a tool of the soul, and rule not only nature and Her world but also the universe itself.  For what Spirit Is, mind is not.  Spirit transcends all of man’s world and universe.  Those who accept and realize this truth are in harmony with the movement of the Supreme Spirit and enjoy living in the rhythm of grace.  They are masters of the personality and the emotions.  They have learned the importance in controlling the physical body and all its properties.  They are victorious builders. Mastery of self is an aliveness that creates true kings and queens of a timeless space that holds no limits or definitions.  The awakened ones are conscious extensions of the Supreme Spirit, one in One, and one in All…One.

There are other energy forms within the universe that have a grander intelligence.  This intelligence is found in varying degrees.  Its particular habitat is one that is far more advanced than what is consider normal here on earth.  To explain what occurs on a planet far removed in its spiritual expression than ours is to describe Utopia.  There are such places that do exist and generate creatures far lovelier and brilliant than we can imagine.  They are beautiful because purity and truth illuminates their beings and as a result they are a transparency for light, love and a higher wisdom that is actually scientific. They are individual souls who know and live their true wisdom identity.  They are not consciously separated from God as the majority of humans here on earth.  They are individual lights that know and live as conscious identity. They are brilliant not only for the treasured splendor that shines as them but also for the divine wisdom that expresses freely through them.

Yes, there are higher states of consciousness existing elsewhere in the universe.  Humans who have tried to imagine what heaven would be like have come close to realizing the radiance of these higher vibratory spheres of light. The movement or evolution of the individual soul is done through intuitive thought communication.  All action and communication is accomplished by thought impulses.  Thought is a positive tool meant to be used for the benefit of all.  Brilliancy vibrates in degrees.  The souls who are more advanced share their understanding and spiritual discernment with souls who seek their wisdom.  Families do not exist in the identical way as here on earth.  There is no physical act where one energy plants a physical seed within another to produce a child.  New manifestations are created as a result of a desire-thought.  The offspring are individual souls highly refined in their understanding as to what true identity actually is.  Souls are drawn together as a result of common goals, needs and the experiences that they wish to share.  The greed and desires of earthmen have been replaced with a complete devotion to truth and the pursuit of the eventual upliftment and freedom of all souls trapped in darkness.

Reality is to reach a consciousness that exemplifies the tenants of Spirit.  The higher worlds of light are ‘peopled’ with beings who openly express and embrace the One Power and One Presence.  It is a sublime existence and few can bear to leave it.  The vibrations of power, wisdom and love are indescribable yet they exist.  To be able to live with other souls who accept and actually live the truth of their being is a perfect existence and yet many choose to leave the bliss of Reality and visit habitats such as earth where suffering is the norm.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Civilizations appear to be advanced in many of the existing countries today.  In truth, they are still backward compared to what has already occurred in past periods of earth’s long history.  The parade of worlds and their civilizations exist in cycles that repeat themselves until a perfect state is finally realized.  Life is a spiral activity, a continuum.

In the long ago past, life on this planet had advanced civilizations with technology that has not yet been dreamed of during this present age.  The world has little evidence of the ancient peoples due to the movement of plates across the span of the earth.  Periodically, there is a cleansing and the old breaks away and the new begins to forge through to the surface.

Lands that once existed lay submerged beneath the oceans.  What we now walk on was once both land and sea.  This activity occurred over millions of years as a result of thought form vibrations.  The souls that incarnate on earth keep returning in clusters hopefully to rediscover and secure their true spiritual identity living in a dense form.  Much time is given to the traveler.  If a high degree of conscious universal awareness is not attained during a particular cycle, the soul will wait for the earth to prepare itself for new intelligent life at a later time in evolution.  Evolution of matter continues as well as evolution in consciousness.  Each has its cycle.  If the thought forms are used as a negative energy force, destruction occurs.  Movement spreads across the lands and civilizations are destroyed.
These changes are referred to as rounds or cycles that occur before the typical soul can reach his full spiritual awareness.  The pattern runs true to form.  First, a habitat-planet must be prepared for intelligent life. 

Once the habitat is ready for physical life, individual souls descend and use the creatures that live on the prepared planet as vehicles of expression.  As the creatures progress in intelligence and awareness, the souls who are ready for a higher level of expression enter the provided forms.  And so it goes.  Each soul moves forward in the physical universe as its awareness quickens.  A habitat is prepared for each step of the evolution of the mind and it life forms.  When the habitats usefulness or cycle is complete, the souls move on to another planet or plane of awareness that offers a finer vibration and evolutionary opportunity for further growth.

This process continues on each solar system until the need is met.  The spiral activity is manifesting throughout the universe.  As one planet or habitat is being readied for life, another habitat is dying out.  These are called rounds.  The rounds are like a night and a day, an in-breathing and an out breathing, ebb and a flow.  This movement continues and as it continues, life moves forward, falls backward, moves forward, falls backward and continues in this rhythm until the particular influx of souls have finished their respective rounds.

From outward appearances, this would seem as if nothing is being actually accomplished.  Yet, in every experience, the soul, that has descended by choice or is ascending through the evolution of the various kingdoms, is now referred to as a soul-mind.  The goal is reached through a spiral activity that moves forward in its predestined journey.  The evolution or progress in cosmic awareness of a soul or group of souls cannot be judged by the civilization or the times in which it lives.  The outward appearance does not usually reveal the true picture.  The movement from darkness to light can occur during the darkest of ages to the most illumined times written by historians.

It is always interesting to note that the same patterns continually repeat themselves.  Civilizations build up to a crescendo and then die down to oblivion.  This has repeatedly happened for millions of years.  Evidence will continue to be found that will physically substantiate the claim that life existed not only beneath the oceans of this world that far surpass our present knowledge and life style but also beneath the silent deserts.


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Friday, December 25, 2015


“At Christmas, we celebrate the union of the soul and spirit. They unite to give birth to a seed which is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests as an inner light that dispels all darkness…as heat of such intensity that, even if the whole world abandons us, we never feel alone…as an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that we wish to consecrate to the edification and construction of the Kingdom of God, and at the same time by the extraordinary joy of feeling ourselves to be part of this immensity, linked to the whole universe and to all evolved souls. And finally, we are certain that no one can take this joy from us. In India, this state is called buddhic consciousness, and the Christians call it the birth of Christ”. 



“The birth of Jesus was a historical event of major importance. But if all that was needed was for Jesus to be born two thousand years ago, why has the kingdom of God not yet come on earth? Wars, misfortunes, illness – all that should have disappeared… True disciples know that the Christ is born into the world on Christmas eve in the form of light, warmth and life, and they prepare the right conditions for the divine Child to also be born within themselves. Yes, we can read the story of the birth of Jesus and sing  ‘The Christ Child is born’ however many times we like, but unless the Christ is born in us there will be no point. It is now up to each person to have the desire to bring about Christ’s birth within their soul and to become like him, so that the earth may become inhabited by Christs! This is what Jesus asked of us when he said, ‘The one who believes in me will also do the works …"


Thursday, December 24, 2015


Even if we accepted ourselves as being able to reach the conscious status as supermen and superwomen we still are subject to delusion as long as we live in the realm of maya. There are always ongoing psychological, physical and material temptations that make it difficult to transcend in consciousness and view physical-mental-soul life from the perception of wisdom.  Whatever spiritual credit we gain existing in matter normally manifests as a result of self-effort.  Liberated souls occasionally are born on earth to serve and demonstrate how each soul through spiritual labor, multiple incarnations of actually using self-discipline, prayer, meditation and service can exteriorize the hidden God Consciousness.

Whether a soul arrives on earth as a prophet of God or an unenlightened man, he still is tempted.  This is disappointing to some serious truth seekers because they expect the path to be automatically easier as they advance in spiritual wisdom.  Not so.  When we experience a resurgence of spiritual power, the Cosmic Delusive Force appears to intensify and work overtime to hamper any stable rise in our rate of vibration.   This is why it is so important to remember our true spiritual identity and in steadfastness of faith focus on increasing personal light.  An important part of this process is refusing not to misuse any psychic or spiritual powers already earned.

 Most people believe that they must live solely on food, water, oxygen and sunshine.  These are condensed energy that is easily dissipated. There are additional choices we can include in our daily regime.   We can do breathing exercises and other health related choices but what is really needed is a conscious contact with Cosmic Energy.  Originally, the inner life energy was probably meant to support the mental, emotional and physical body.  But through evolutionary generations of bad habits, the body became dependent on food, gross vibrations and at some point due to imbalances ceased to function properly. I am not suggesting it is a sin to eat food but there are many people throughout the ages that have proven that it is possible to survive nicely on the light of an awakened consciousness, which is divine and indestructible.  The body, mind and soul batteries are interrelated by bodily metabolism and inwardly charged by the super consciousness of the soul.

Understanding ancient truth and choosing to meditate deeply recharges our soul battery.  It is a powerful way to strengthen the force fields in the midst of the ongoing dramas of ignorance.  Once a human understands the powerful impact thought, feeling, action and focus have in the health of the body, mind and soul, we can actually begin to seriously reestablish our original state of immortality, be free of mental and physical disease and attain authentic happiness. It’s a big order but there is no better time to begin than now. What helps us put these truths into action is to train ourselves to not live our lives as a result of other people’s opinions.  Step out of the box and look and use the science of wisdom. Jesus said we could do what he did and more.  I believe him.  It certainly is worth the effort.  

Our thinking intelligence is intended to be a reflection of Divine Intelligence.  In making this as our conscious choice, we are actually capable of controlling the atoms of the physical body.  Of course, we need to develop a focused will to operate the switch that controls the flow of energy into the body.  I believe that is what Jesus meant when he said: “Not my will, but thine, be done”.  Let us connect consciously to the will of the super conscious part of the mind, need and eat less food and draw on higher currents of radiant light.  My desire is to demonstrate that by divine advancement we can gradually learn and comfortably live by the unlimited supply of free Cosmic Energy.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I’ve never resonated in calling God…Mind.  Perhaps, in the world of men it makes sense because mind is the builder.  There is something grander behind mind and that is spirit. Examining the subject of creation and what is the real ‘fabric’ of our being, everything is understood from a different view.  It was Cause, the desire of the subtle collective spirits in the finer planes of light who chose to descend and express in matter.  It was that desire that created mind.  Mind was needed as a tool, an instrument through which creation could play or act out its drama.  To be an active power, to be gods in manifestation, a medium such as a mind had to be brought into manifestation.  This is why it was earlier said that man is self-created.  When solely existing as subtle spirit, a desire was felt and acted upon to create form and do what he willed with the forms he chose to create.  What I am suggesting is that individuality had an intuitive subtle form of life prior or before there was any physical universe.  I am suggesting this because I have memories of an existence in a non-physical life, as we naturally know form, prior to ever descending into a dense tangible plane.  I would appreciate hearing if you have had similar experiences.  This is not as unusual as it may first sound when it is understood that everything tangle has a subtle light blueprint prior to its manifestation in visible/physical form.

The way I understand creation as human’s experience it is in the following sequence.  The mind and its forms, all are projections of ideas that began in the invisible higher vibratory realms when we were originally created as individualized spirit.  To manifest, here in gross matter, the idea had to be brought down to a lower, heavier vibration so a visible/tangible form could actually materialize and be used as a conscious physical instrument.  The idea was to use free will and create by using the inherent god given powers.  As a result of this one choice, the freedom of spirit was temporarily lost.

Spirit created another protective covering called soul.  Soul is a word for mind-memory.  Although the soul is mind, it does forget its true identity and purpose as spirit in form until it begins to reawaken to its higher consciousness.  When an individual light of the finer vibratory planes enters dense matter, it is common to lose its conscious identity as a result of the dullness of the lower vibrations that cause a form of sleep or forgetfulness.  Eventually, desire and longing awakens within the soul and it gradually regains the higher awareness that leads it homeward.  The journey involves eons of soul-time and is not completed until the individual unit of light travels through the various levels of evolution.  As a human, the soul experiences hundreds of incarnations, the true meaning of resurrection, before a genuine enlightenment bursts forth in consciousness.

The return journey to Source is long and arduous because the soul-mind is weighed down with weak ideas, attachments and attractions.  Each time the soul-mind returns to earth, it typically acquires additional heaviness and misconceptions.  The load becomes a burden, light struggles to expand and it is an ongoing challenge for the mind and body to escape its self-created prison.  The self-created mind manifests its own prison.  A human forgets and cannot discern the real from the unreal.  It feels like a vicious circle that appears to have no end in sight.

Yes, it is an illusion, a play in consciousness that is being continually perpetuated by the desire that created it.  The play has run away with its own unreality.  The creation as duality recognizes and feeds both evil and good.  It is a manifestation that has completely alienated itself from its Source.  To finally awaken and be free from the mistaken identity is a jolt when a seeker of truth finally realizes what is the cause of suffering.  The good of the appearance world has always existed side by side with the evil.  That which appears as evil or wrong is a creation of the soul-mind who is experiencing an identity crisis. Gradually souls awaken to the light of the true life and hope returns. This is why during each earth cycle fully enlightened God men and God women make a brief appearance as Christ or Cosmic Consciousness helping the lost to remember and the heart to rejoice.   The Shepherd comes to lead the sheep Home.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


On the basis of archaeology, satellite photography, metallurgy, and ancient mathematics, it is now clear that there existed a great civilization before the rise of Egypt, Sumeria and the Indus Valley.  If we in the Western World had been familiar with the scriptures of India, the oldest philosophy and psychology of our race, we would through the world’s earliest spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition have a much clearer understanding of our true spiritual identity.  The knowledge dates back to prehistoric times.  Jesus was actually an oriental, a supreme yogi who manifested full mastery of the universal science of God-union.  His study of the ancient manuscripts over six years in various holy cities provided him with the education that is so sorely missing here in the Western World.  It is written in the New Testament book of Revelation of St. John that the close disciples who were ready to receive the higher teaching, the deeper mysteries, were given the divine realization of what is sometimes referred to as the esoteric science of God-union through meditation.  There is compelling evidence that the missing years of Jesus’ life were spent in India.

I mention the above because the teachings of the Oriental Jesus have been too much Westernized and colored by the cultural perspective of their authors.  Many of us recognize that Christ has been much misinterpreted by the world.  Even the most elementary principles of his teachings have been desecrated and their esoteric depths have been forgotten.  He taught the science of God-union and the followers of today instead continue to crucify his teachings through dogma, prejudice and a severely cramped understanding.  In spite of the distortions, the water down teachings has brought peace, happiness, consolation and inspiration to many.  To understand the pure teachings of Jesus, we have to take away the outer trappings and get past the kindergarten level that has prevented humanity from moving forward.  The West must discover the layers of human identity and practice methods that will peel away the coverings so a genuine awakening can occur and contact made with God in the temple of meditation.

Here in the West, we need to develop the spiritual potentials of man instead of the ongoing selfishness, harmful behavior, competition and wars that are commonplace.  What we are, true nature, is a ray of Spirit.  Trapped in our physical nature is the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new light of the Source.  The spirit living in the density of matter is hidden behind a three-fold nature…the physical body, the astral body and a casual body of pure consciousness.  The three energy fields are connected by life force and consciousness existing in seven spiritual cerebrospinal centers, a physical body.  Our physical body is empowered by the life force of the astral body and the consciousness from the causal form.  Our individual spirit when entering physical/dense life first descends into the causal body of consciousness, then into the spinal centers of light and power of the astral body, life force and consciousness and then into the physical body through the brain and spine outward into the nervous system, organs and senses.  Although instantaneous, this process is far more complicated that what I am sharing.  It is mentioned for one reason. We already have a Christ Consciousness hidden within these ‘fields’ that make up our appearance body. Jesus, his disciples, and wisdom teachers worldwide were and are continuing to be successful in the realm of understanding true identity.  All sincere humans whether they have a belief system or not eventually are liberated, rise from ignorance, when they become devotional and intuitive and actively experience, “Be still, and know that I am God.”


Monday, December 21, 2015


The first step in truth realization is to acknowledge that man of himself is nothing.  What gives outer form life is the divine force within.  It is in understanding this statement that we begin our journey in earnest.  The path whether we call it Oneness, God Realization, Christ Consciousness or by another name is not an easy path if we have not consciously first attempted to discover our true identity.  The path is permeated with threats to all that we hold dear. The rock crumbles away from beneath us as we discover that the foundation was not made with true awareness in its original conception.

To rediscover what we are, is to understand the whole of what is referred to as man.  Man, as he is commonly known, was and is a creature that is self-created.  Every minute aspect of a human is created by the collective will and desire of individual spirits that have been attracted to matter.  In this particular instance, I am referring to earth but this truth is evident throughout the universe.

From the higher realms of ideas, spirit descended.  The many, upon realizing that they were indeed gods, took it upon themselves to separate from the One, the Father of All.  By moving away from Source and charting their own power and course, they created through desire and will a manifested physical universe.

The universe was to be a place where individual intelligence could exercise creative power, wisdom and love.  Not realizing that by decreasing light and clothed in the confinement of density would temporarily cut them off from Creator diminishes freedom, they designed a situation that would lessen their connection from the sublime existence they so dearly loved.  Freedom was the individual spirit inheritance. As a direct result of a fall in consciousness, it was relinquished.  Unknowingly, individual spirit did not comprehend the consequences and loss assuming that it would retain all the original attributes of the Source that created them. 

Once the movement began away from Source into matter no turning back could occur.  The movement away from Core brought into focus a universe of varying degrees of evolution. It was over a very long period of activity that a suitable habitat evolved that would be suitable for intelligence to manifest as a perfect form.  Spirit intelligence that left the finer vibrations of a nonphysical vibration created through collective will a manifested universe.  Once the ideal situation was manifested, individuality assumed it could express and live the enactment of what it created.

When the fall into density occurred, the free will individual spirits took upon themselves a covering commonly referred to as soul-mind.  It is the soul-mind that gives substance, memory and life to the heavier covering of the physical form.  The individual spirit once free of any encumbrance, a child of the One Great Spirit, was now covered with veils of its own making.  As the direct result of desire, the manifested universe was soon recognized to be what it is, an experimental environment for individual intelligent light appearing to be temporarily separated from the powerful and loving Source of its own creation.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015


I wrote the Twelve Wisdom's in the 1980’s.   It is a simple guide and reminder outline that if lived both gently and lovingly will assist our true identity as spirit clothed in form to unfold as a lotus of a thousand petals.

1.     It is wisdom to develop attunement with Divine Will; Our personal will is strengthened in overcoming worldly desires and issues as we attune to the faultless Will of the Intuitive Voice.

2.     It is wisdom to listen to the internal Teacher in daily prayer and meditation: It is through the discipline of meditation that we become unified with the Cosmic Creator.

3.     It is wisdom to daily read Scripture or similar spiritual works; By filling the mind with a holy vibration, we expand, transform and lift thought to a higher level of consciousness.

4.     It is wisdom to obey the Divine Light patiently waiting within; Listen to the loving Voice and faithfully follow the ancient suggestions.

5.     It is wisdom to develop a trust in the Divine; Allow trust to work out every detail in your life.

6.     It is wisdom to study the examples Holy Ones have given us; Decide to be an example by offering a pattern open to infinite possibilities.

7.     It is wisdom to lovingly care for your body temple and guard what you put into it; Poor diet and habits create suffering and diminish light.

8.     It is wisdom to avoid extremes in any one area of development; There needs to be an intelligent balance in all cleansing to fully express the Divine.

9.     It is wisdom to guard your tongue; What comes out of the mouth can be more detrimental to our consciousness than what we put into it.

10.  It is wisdom to soften our zeal for truth near those who cling to delusion; When there is no receptivity, it is best we remain silent and not force our views upon others.

11.  It is wisdom to train ourselves to put ego aside and allow the authentic Divine Self to live as us; To do so is to successfully gain a higher understanding.

12.  It is wisdom to invite the creative comforter, the Holy Spirit, to work through us as we create a clean heart, mind and body; When the Door is open and Divine Self is activated, we become a free spirit, true love, at last.

Blessing of love and light,

Shirlee Hall
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Saturday, December 19, 2015


To give to others whether it is food, clothing, money or mental power helps them although it is only temporary.  The greatest gift is spiritual understanding.  To be able to give spiritual understanding and share permanent gifts, we must have the gift ourselves.  No matter how good our intention, we can only give what we genuinely have, nothing else. Wisdom as an example can only be a gift conferred on others by those who possess it.  To offer enlightenment, we must reflect the inner light.  We must spiritualize ourselves first.

How do we do that?  It takes constant effort and vigilance.  We must learn to recognize delusion and destruction so that we are no long fooled. It is then that we can help souls who are trapped and suggest methods to help them be set free.  The idea is to help one another.  If we gain freedom and not share it, we are selfish.  The ideal is to remember and be completely who we originally were as perfection and wholeness, our original face.  The greatest happiness and freedom is to be able to share what we have attained with others.  It isn’t always easy to share or I should that in my experience I find it difficult to find words for a feeling that is beyond words.  As a result, I call a relationship with the true and divine identity a love affair.  The real Self is my Beloved.  The Beloved is always with me and inspires, guides, protects and loves and is my best friend. 
I reached that level of companionship after a great tug-of-war with the habits of the personality.  All the negative teasing of the typical human life were faced and discarded with a mix of relief and wonder.  Virtue, accepting spiritual identity and remembering what is true requires self-control and usually an undivided faith in the unseen.  It is not always comfortable taking a stand against what is considered normal by the unenlightened.  Good may be troublesome for a time because it takes steadfastness, patience and unswerving trust to stay awake in the midst of ignorance and evil.  To be a clear thinker when appearances in the world demonstrate an attractiveness that is not real is to learn to be a scientist.  Indulging in evil whether it is a habit that harms the body or something or someone appearing very attractive can have a gripping affect that will delay spiritual evolution.  Most people are so steeped in falsity that it never dawns on them what they have done to harm their soul.  Soul evolution is delayed and the negative effects continue to follow them in future incarnations.

The purpose of our light entering matter is to bring ‘heaven to earth’, enlighten matter.  We have the innate love and wisdom to be successful but it is up to us to culture the power of goodness and increase our divine magnetism.  To achieve the goal of the soul we eventually must recognize, develop and discipline the personality to live a virtuous life.  It is important to daily meditate.  The intuitive closeness of meditation quickens inner communion with the Source of our being.  Attunement is required…not ego or a desire for self-aggrandizement.

I’ve noticed that many people who have one grand spiritual experience will quickly write a book, set them self up as a teacher or find a speaker’s platform to express a latent egotistical tendency.  If we really wish to be genuine givers or teachers, we need to have attained self-realization or at least be sincerely striving for God-attunement and subversion of the ego.  A true gift to others and ourselves is when we are appreciative, respectful toward all religions, strive to be grounded in truth and free ourselves from dogma.  There is a huge difference between being spiritually awake and denominational observances.  If we desire to share truths, it makes good sense that we first realize those truths in ourselves first.  This is why communion with Source is a requirement.  In the Silence, the intuitive power of the soul is awakened.

The gift of giving hope to others is to first have complete faith in God.  In other words, you know through firsthand experience that the divine law works.  The best teaching we can give another is through our character and actions.  Sincerity is vital, being natural, standing firm in our experience and keeping our word.  As a lover of truth whether the gift is to family member, friend or a large group you are trying to help is normally free from racial and class prejudices and preferences.  This is a natural understanding because the reality of a human’s true identity is recognized.  The outer form is an appearance that we are temporarily using to express the soul.

To give as a true disciple of the light of Spirit, we keep our distance from people who try to compete, control or get us to compromise our inner knowing.  A true giver understands the importance of cleansing the deluded ego and undergoing a purifying process.  We also understand that some of our loved ones and close friends may not desire to receive or even recognize the gift that we have to give.
Expect nothing from others is perhaps one of the most important attitudes for one who is absorbed in his spiritual growth.  Although your firsthand experiences are genuine, not everyone will embrace them preferring someone else who may instead have a Doctor of Divinity degree.  There are many physically, mentally or spiritually sick humans who yearn to receive your gift.  To receive your devotion and desire to serve is to receive God’s healing blessing.

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Friday, December 18, 2015


Many people have great difficulty in forgiving themselves and others.  This is a popular subject with multiple interpretations and beliefs.  Those who refer to Moses as accusing people for their nonbelief may not understand that he was expressing the “fatherly” aspects of the Creator’s law.  It is a conditioned response.  If children are good, the father, masculine quality of reason predominates and demonstrates love for the child.  If one of the children is bad, the father punishes him.  Moses is recorded as treating his disciples and followers with the typical fatherly love.  Living in duality as we are, actions are commonly categorized as a feminine or masculine energy.

In my last book, “Trapped: Visitor from Heaven” I share how the love Jesus gave was from the “motherly” aspect of God.  Let’s face it, most mothers, the predominately feminine quality of feeling, is unconditional love toward their children.  It is unbelievable what some of us tolerate coming from our children.   As we awaken to our divine nature, we patiently try to persuade our children and others as well through reason and love, both the masculine and feminine aspects.  Threats and particularly theological threats and the fear of everlasting punishment were and are not a part of the legacy of Jesus.  Some followers have attempted to use force and threats to get non-believers and troublemakers to behave through intimidation but it is not the way of a soul who is awakened to wisdom and is genuinely filled with love.  Let’s face it.  If God used force to make us believe, the ‘children’ and their subsequent choices would be reactions stemming from fear, mechanical and not of the spirit.
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” is a perfect statement of the motherly attitude.  People who are unenlightened do not understand the full scope of a higher consciousness, our relationship to one another and the true purpose of life in matter. Awakened souls do.   Jesus, with all his miraculous powers at his command never forced his will on others.  He knew that it is only love and a persuasive reason, masculine and feminine energy in balance that will help another.  We cannot force a soul to awaken. 

Free will is part of our make-up.  The more we awaken to our true identity as a spirit temporarily using a physical form do we begin to understand forgiveness and at the same time turn away from negative and evil choices.  The mission of Jesus was to bring the Light of Truth visibly and tangibly to the world.  It is also our mission.  No human can be truly forgiving, which is a heightened spiritual understanding, if he or she is not tuned into the divine vibrations of the cosmic cycle.  The more we individually arouse and live in balance exercising both the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature, the greater our ability to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

There are many people who truly love but remain in the darkness of ignorance.  Complacency is the culprit.  It is too much of an effort for them to seek and arouse what they have lost as a genuine experience of God’s light.  Once we realize the truth of what is actually happening to cause darkness, we inwardly seek for light, become receptive, and forgive those who are too lazy to seek the higher wisdom vibrations of love and wisdom. Most people are steeped in spiritual ignorance.  Life is hard.  It is easier to blame family, friends, government or church for the inconveniences of lack and limitation.  We live in duality.  It is up to us to seek the forgiving mother aspect hidden as energy not fully discovered nor lived.  All the contradictions of life are understood from a higher level when we harmonize reason with love.  I do wish to emphasize that another’s cruelty is a condition where the soul is trapped in the dark ignorance of materiality.  It needs to be understood that ordinary men and women who shun the Light are caught like flies in a spider’s web of delusive inner darkness.

Forgive them for their ignorance and yet, understand that one day the mother aspect of true love will awaken and they, too, will experience a reversal of mind.  They will change from solely focusing on matter and sincerely seek the existence of the true Spiritual Light.  It is then that seekers must learn to forgive themselves for being absorbed in the false whether it is a doctrine, belief or simply the foolishness of following unsatisfying material ways of living.  Every true religion leads to God, our Source.  To actually reach our destination, forgiveness of self and others must take place.  We will continue to struggle and not experience a genuine peace until we realize the ‘mother aspect’ within.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015


We are creators unconsciously and consciously.  Since not everyone believes that they are the one who is responsible for what occurs to them, suffering continues.  When harmful imbalances are in the mind and body the sickness is more than likely caused by the person’s prenatal actions from previous life experiences as well as postnatal negative and evil behavior of his current life.   To be lifted in consciousness, we must free ourselves from the influence of the tendencies of past actions.  If we do not and we continue to think, feel and act in a negative manner even worse punishment will show up somewhere in the body.  Memories of past actions remain in the consciousness of the brain and the subconscious.  These memories can be eradicated when we get in touch with the electrifying force of genuine wisdom.  The gaining of wisdom is a science. We must become scientists.

People who do not understand this and refuse to lead a scientifically discriminating life assume the good things or bad things that happen to them are some irrational quirk.  They take comfort in that conclusion.  Once a person recognizes that each of us is responsible for his own suffering, life takes on a new meaning.  The law of action governs lives.  This is why I accept reincarnation as the truth explaining the inequalities and seeming injustices that happen to human beings from their birth.   Experience teaches us that there is a solution for a chronic physical, moral or mental sickness.  There is such an action called direct divine intervention through prayer and faith or with an angelic force.  The patient needs to cooperate with the sage advice given.  The other method of healing is to train ourselves to live the counteracting good actions that will eventually destroy or at least minimize the effects of past wrong action.

Whatever spiritual healing work some of us do is actuated by our consciousness of God and the creative Holy Spirit.  True healing involves being guided by intuitional direction received from a higher Source.  We are not meant to be robots.  Having surrendered to God and doing the Will of our Creator does not mean we no longer have free choice.  We always have a choice and that choice includes paying attention to the wisdom available to us.  We who serve are not slaves.  We recognize that true wisdom comes from God.  We follow the higher wisdom and prefer that guidance rather than our own egoistic ideas of what should be.  “Thy will be done”, which frightens many people does not involve enslavement of our will but a door way that opens us to the wisdom hidden within. 

There is an active intimacy possible with the creative Holy Spirit when we accept that there is a power and presence that is willing to work with us in our every day mundane world.  What shocks me are the people who are given an opportunity to heal and actually experience a healing and then all of a sudden decide not to keep the transformation. Some people are so strongly identified with the physical body, names, titles, possessions, nationality and all the other factors of I, me and mine that they continue to live as a deadened body.  The metaphysical meaning of “death” is one who refuses to awaken and prefers to remain in the pain and death of mortal confinement.  Because of the individual refusing to seek and be open to the supreme intelligence of the higher cosmic vibrations, the person continues to suffer the consequences of his own actions when he makes wrong decisions.  When we put ourselves in a vibration of disharmony, we pass a judgment of punishment by denying ourselves to be comforted, healed and guided by a higher wisdom.

An ordinary person appears to live only once, in his present lifetime.  He doesn’t remember his identity during the transition from one life to another.  Souls who are asleep to the wisdom science have very little conscious awareness after death of the purpose and plan of the soul.  Eventually the soul will awaken and understand that the divine codes when transgressed put into motion a consequential judgment that is automatically imposed by the Universal Intelligence.  Some people are now promoting the idea that Resurrection Day when archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet is soon to happen.  Looking at the current manifestation of consciousness on earth, the trumpet won’t be sounded until more people raise themselves from the death like grip of spiritual ignorance.  This is the true meaning of the dead rising. They gratefully rise out of the grip of an ongoing spiritual ignorance. Gabriel’s trumpet signals transition, governed by cosmic law, from one vibratory state of existence to another.  Reincarnation offers souls the time and opportunity to evolve and express the full blown God-given divinity of the soul.

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