Thursday, December 24, 2015


Even if we accepted ourselves as being able to reach the conscious status as supermen and superwomen we still are subject to delusion as long as we live in the realm of maya. There are always ongoing psychological, physical and material temptations that make it difficult to transcend in consciousness and view physical-mental-soul life from the perception of wisdom.  Whatever spiritual credit we gain existing in matter normally manifests as a result of self-effort.  Liberated souls occasionally are born on earth to serve and demonstrate how each soul through spiritual labor, multiple incarnations of actually using self-discipline, prayer, meditation and service can exteriorize the hidden God Consciousness.

Whether a soul arrives on earth as a prophet of God or an unenlightened man, he still is tempted.  This is disappointing to some serious truth seekers because they expect the path to be automatically easier as they advance in spiritual wisdom.  Not so.  When we experience a resurgence of spiritual power, the Cosmic Delusive Force appears to intensify and work overtime to hamper any stable rise in our rate of vibration.   This is why it is so important to remember our true spiritual identity and in steadfastness of faith focus on increasing personal light.  An important part of this process is refusing not to misuse any psychic or spiritual powers already earned.

 Most people believe that they must live solely on food, water, oxygen and sunshine.  These are condensed energy that is easily dissipated. There are additional choices we can include in our daily regime.   We can do breathing exercises and other health related choices but what is really needed is a conscious contact with Cosmic Energy.  Originally, the inner life energy was probably meant to support the mental, emotional and physical body.  But through evolutionary generations of bad habits, the body became dependent on food, gross vibrations and at some point due to imbalances ceased to function properly. I am not suggesting it is a sin to eat food but there are many people throughout the ages that have proven that it is possible to survive nicely on the light of an awakened consciousness, which is divine and indestructible.  The body, mind and soul batteries are interrelated by bodily metabolism and inwardly charged by the super consciousness of the soul.

Understanding ancient truth and choosing to meditate deeply recharges our soul battery.  It is a powerful way to strengthen the force fields in the midst of the ongoing dramas of ignorance.  Once a human understands the powerful impact thought, feeling, action and focus have in the health of the body, mind and soul, we can actually begin to seriously reestablish our original state of immortality, be free of mental and physical disease and attain authentic happiness. It’s a big order but there is no better time to begin than now. What helps us put these truths into action is to train ourselves to not live our lives as a result of other people’s opinions.  Step out of the box and look and use the science of wisdom. Jesus said we could do what he did and more.  I believe him.  It certainly is worth the effort.  

Our thinking intelligence is intended to be a reflection of Divine Intelligence.  In making this as our conscious choice, we are actually capable of controlling the atoms of the physical body.  Of course, we need to develop a focused will to operate the switch that controls the flow of energy into the body.  I believe that is what Jesus meant when he said: “Not my will, but thine, be done”.  Let us connect consciously to the will of the super conscious part of the mind, need and eat less food and draw on higher currents of radiant light.  My desire is to demonstrate that by divine advancement we can gradually learn and comfortably live by the unlimited supply of free Cosmic Energy.

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