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Wouldn’t it wonderful if we were imported from heaven already complete and perfect with no temptations to overcome or anything to conquer?  Instead, we arrive here and through self-effort struggle, are tempted and go through a great deal of suffering to eventually become humanly what we are spiritually.  This point could be vehemently argued and it has.  It seems every prophet and good person goes through one test after another to overcome the human frailties of mortal embodiment in order to attain the final state of conscious emergence in Cosmic Consciousness.  Many of us have stopped watching the news because of the focus on misery-laden humans. At the same time that misery seems to be everywhere, there is a resurgence of spiritual power in some humans who refuse to be tempted and become weakened by the ignorance of the unenlightened.  We are trying, thank God, to remember and not forget our divine state of unconditioned existence.

It would be so healing to sit in meditation under a tree, beneath a canopy of free skies, with only a few true souls experiencing the light of knowing.  Sitting under a tree wrapped in God has become a luxury today for most of us.  To find and experience the magic of silence is even a challenge depending on where we live.  True worship and communion can take place anywhere if we learn how to control our sense-bound thoughts. 

I have found a great measure of freedom through the Holy Spirit and the changes its power and presence gave my mind and body earlier in life. I continue with a daily effort to hold onto the inner contact of spiritual perception.  Meditation and making it a spiritual purpose to know truth through direct experience definitely lifts that illusory veil.   I quickly learned that we are not sustained only by limited relative energies derived from the solids, liquids and gases of the physical sources that nourish life, but from the power energy that descends and quickens as an eternal link between the human and divine, matter and consciousness.  In the Bhagavad-Gita, the Lord promises: “In whatever way people are devoted to Me, in that measure I manifest Myself to them.  All men, in every manner (of seeking Me), pursue a path to Me” (IV:II).

Being drawn to cosmic energy and not having a typical interest or fondness in food, I decided to investigate the subject of fasting. I had read where a man in the East had lived comfortably on spirulina and water for extended periods of time. It made sense to me because the body’s intelligent life energy is prana, life-trons, deriving from the life-giving functions of the subtle astral body.  From the limited study that I have done, the inner life energy is self-sufficient and it alone can support the body.  Probably what happened is the bad habits of the typical human through evolutionary generations have conditioned the body to complete dependence on food, gross vibrations.  Humans have forgotten how to draw directly upon the bodily life force and its continuous supply of Cosmic Energy.

I decided to fast on little green spirulina tablets and water.  It was January, very cold, and we experienced a lot of snow that year.  I had a one year old, my third child, and an active social life.  My energy remained high.  The baby and I would go to the YMCA and swim in the cold water and all was well in our lives.  We were socially active and being invited out to dinner and not eating probably made some of the people uncomfortable but I was determined to discover the results of fasting.  I had a chiropractor friend who had special equipment he used to diagnose people with allergies. After a couple of weeks of fasting, he tested me and my body was free of allergens.  My energy remained strong and physical appearance younger.  I stopped the fast after forty-five days as a result of my father badgering me about how he felt I was harming and not helping my self.  I felt and looked fantastic and proved a point…the light nourishes when we love God and that it is possible to receive, be fed, by the direct source of vibrating life current, the “word” of God.

I have fasted several times since but as a rule usually eat very little.  Each morning, I create a protein shake filled with great ingredients and that is my physical nourishment for a typical day.  I have heard of Therese Neumann in Bavaria who lived without food for twelve years and the Bengali woman saint Giri Bala who lived without eating for more than fifty-six years.  They expressed their choice as “I live by God’s light.” And “To prove that man is Spirit.”   Living in the western world and dining together is a popular way to celebrate friendship and love, I chose not to continue with any extreme behavior.  People felt uncomfortable as they ate and I did not.  At the same time, if more people would make a choice to eat a proper diet and lightly fast, it would be helpful in conditioning the body for a state of quiet and interiorization.  It spiritualizes the body and frees our mind, the heart is calm, the life current is switched off from the senses, and it is much easier to find relief from restless thoughts.   Donations accepted

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