Tuesday, December 22, 2015


On the basis of archaeology, satellite photography, metallurgy, and ancient mathematics, it is now clear that there existed a great civilization before the rise of Egypt, Sumeria and the Indus Valley.  If we in the Western World had been familiar with the scriptures of India, the oldest philosophy and psychology of our race, we would through the world’s earliest spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition have a much clearer understanding of our true spiritual identity.  The knowledge dates back to prehistoric times.  Jesus was actually an oriental, a supreme yogi who manifested full mastery of the universal science of God-union.  His study of the ancient manuscripts over six years in various holy cities provided him with the education that is so sorely missing here in the Western World.  It is written in the New Testament book of Revelation of St. John that the close disciples who were ready to receive the higher teaching, the deeper mysteries, were given the divine realization of what is sometimes referred to as the esoteric science of God-union through meditation.  There is compelling evidence that the missing years of Jesus’ life were spent in India.

I mention the above because the teachings of the Oriental Jesus have been too much Westernized and colored by the cultural perspective of their authors.  Many of us recognize that Christ has been much misinterpreted by the world.  Even the most elementary principles of his teachings have been desecrated and their esoteric depths have been forgotten.  He taught the science of God-union and the followers of today instead continue to crucify his teachings through dogma, prejudice and a severely cramped understanding.  In spite of the distortions, the water down teachings has brought peace, happiness, consolation and inspiration to many.  To understand the pure teachings of Jesus, we have to take away the outer trappings and get past the kindergarten level that has prevented humanity from moving forward.  The West must discover the layers of human identity and practice methods that will peel away the coverings so a genuine awakening can occur and contact made with God in the temple of meditation.

Here in the West, we need to develop the spiritual potentials of man instead of the ongoing selfishness, harmful behavior, competition and wars that are commonplace.  What we are, true nature, is a ray of Spirit.  Trapped in our physical nature is the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new light of the Source.  The spirit living in the density of matter is hidden behind a three-fold nature…the physical body, the astral body and a casual body of pure consciousness.  The three energy fields are connected by life force and consciousness existing in seven spiritual cerebrospinal centers, a physical body.  Our physical body is empowered by the life force of the astral body and the consciousness from the causal form.  Our individual spirit when entering physical/dense life first descends into the causal body of consciousness, then into the spinal centers of light and power of the astral body, life force and consciousness and then into the physical body through the brain and spine outward into the nervous system, organs and senses.  Although instantaneous, this process is far more complicated that what I am sharing.  It is mentioned for one reason. We already have a Christ Consciousness hidden within these ‘fields’ that make up our appearance body. Jesus, his disciples, and wisdom teachers worldwide were and are continuing to be successful in the realm of understanding true identity.  All sincere humans whether they have a belief system or not eventually are liberated, rise from ignorance, when they become devotional and intuitive and actively experience, “Be still, and know that I am God.”



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