Sunday, December 6, 2015


I once believed Satan was a symbolic force, not real, but once the Holy Spirit became an active force in my life, I soon learned otherwise.  Unexpected involvement in exorcisms proved the influences of entities normally not seen by humans. Negative energy is constantly looking to influence humans whether it comes from the lower subtle worlds unseen or the physical-emotional world of physicality.  When a human is master of self…calm, understanding, unselfish, forgiving, and daily meditates, all these virtues serve to keep him close to the Light and available for ongoing assistance.  We are destined to reach that point in consciousness where we are free from suffering and all other terrors and instability that a typical human experiences.   Jesus said, “Get behind me, Satan” Luke 4:8.  I finally through several severe challenges understood that Satan is the nasty force that feeds on the fear, hate, selfishness and judgmental thoughts, words and actions of the unenlightened that are deluded.  They are living in their own self-made purgatory.

When we finally awaken and recognize duality at work, we will achieve a state of fixed self-mastery.  We learn to look past the sweetness of falsity, the schemes of the attractive appearances and the mindset of ignorance.  I am convinced that the majority of physical and emotional illnesses are the result of the cosmic delusion being in control of the mind and matter of humans.  Once we begin to have visions of light, the ignorant and evil influences of the unenlightened both in physical form and subtle-astral form will try to bring us down.  The majority view life from the mindset of spiritual ignorance.  They view everything in terms of mortal consciousness.  The more we recognize what is happening behind the scenes and completely terminate the negative influences in our lives, the more liberated we become.

For years, I was in denial regarding the dark side of consciousness.  Being na├»ve is a lame excuse.  Whenever a friend would bring up the subject, I would change it.  How could there be darkness when I could see radiant light everywhere?  Well, it exists.  People are alarmed about terrorists but often ignore the fact that they may be experiencing ongoing terrorism from a family member, a friend or someone in the workplace.   It took me a long time to recognize that there was an ‘enemy’ in my midst, more than one, who desired that I lose the light I had gained.  Not being one who easily judges, I did not recognize the subtlety of what was going on.  Occasionally, when we ignore the signs, we are given a dream scenario or a vision that attempts to get a much-needed message across whether it is a warning or an existing fact.

Those who are striving to regain a conscious ‘sonhood’ must be alert to the fact that reactions affect energy.  Often, we won’t admit ‘hurt’ feelings because we don’t want to believe the truth about someone’s intent. I mention this because sensitivity and pain sometimes appears as dis-ease in the body.  If we had addressed the harm whether subtle or obvious directed at us instead of pretending it really didn’t matter, we may be healthier today.  The force referred to as Satan is busily, secretly and deliberately working through the minds of unenlightened men and women.  The intent of the dark energy is to obstruct our path by mysterious misfortunes, words and actions from continuing a chosen journey where we will consciously receive the grace of god.  The same holds true for the world news energy bombarding us daily.  It is important to train yourself to stand apart and realize that what is being broadcast and received by many will eventually disappear as humanity awakens.  We can do our part by deliberately rising above duality and its compulsory struggle with evil.  Do not allow negative forces to control the mind and actions.

 I’ve had people come to my public offerings who outwardly are intelligent, charming, good-looking, attentive and claiming to be on the ‘path’.  Both men and women play the con game in metaphysics, religion or whatever label you prefer that represents your idea of ‘The Path’.  In the past, I would be silent because eventually the ‘pretenders’ reveal their true colors and can no longer play a consciousness game, at least around me.

Today, I won’t put up with those who serve evil regardless of what others may think of them.  People are experiencing great unrest during this cycle.  When we give in to judgments, complaints, and are tempted by another, think twice about the source.  Living in the flesh is similar to living in the wilderness.  It is up to us to see clearly, use analytical thinking, see behind the appearance and defeat any attempt to taint our journey homeward.  Don’t be a fool and allow negative energy to tempt with deceptive contrivances that are pleasant looking and promise happiness.  We stand in the middle of the Light and the Dark.  It is up to us not to be weak willed.  It is prudent to carefully watch the signals we send out.  We are perfectly free to act.  The signal we send will pull us toward misery or freedom.  The stronger we master ourselves, the weaker the influence of Satan.    Donations accepted     A cup I designed to remind us of healing...

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