Saturday, December 5, 2015


What we need is to establish a great movement to uplift mankind. But…and there always seems to be a ‘but', we who desire to be of service need to remove the ongoing ignorance lodged in our three lower force fields.  Instead of seeking a religious minister-leader for his or her personality, pleasant physical appearance, oratorical power, organizing abilities or theological degrees or intellectual college education, why not choose people who speak from direct God-contact?   “We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen” (John 3:11).

Everyone I know is complaining about the emotional, physical and material mess our world is currently experiencing.  What about the spiritual mess?  If more of us would make a commitment to our higher Host, the spirit Self, to make a conscious contact with God, love the golden light that is our true life, diminish our ego and seriously do something about developing peace within ourselves, a change for the good will happen.  Do you want to be a master of your body, mind and life?  God-contact in deep meditation will open a pure channel of soul intuition.  You will quicken through your meditative practice in the golden Silence, the inner guiding voice of conscience.  The power received in deepening meditation is subtle yet it transforms.  You will finally experience a true peace, joy, understanding that is the direct result of asking and surrendering to divine love.

When you receive inner intuitive inspiration, you won’t have to depend solely on books, lectures, seminars and sermons often preached by people who do not live them.  If you feel you could use a teacher for support, look for one who is devoted to God, truth, and lives what he or she talks about.  In India, the age-old tradition is that every would-be spiritual teacher must first learn to contact God and live a life of discipline under the tutelage of a divine teacher.    This is the ideal but not as easy to connect with in the United States.  This is why I encourage you to daily make a commitment to Silent meditation.  You will find personality weaknesses diminishing and body parts healing.

To really honor your own soul as well as honor others, you must attain balance.  Church wasn’t meant to be a social and moral organization only, but a place where a serious student could train for actual God-realization.  Genuine seekers are leaving organized religious churches and temples because for the most part they do not receive a real experience of God.  There is a fast track and it comes with individual striving and being responsible for our own journey as expanding light.

There are many techniques such as chants and prayers.  They keep the mind focused on the external.  Unless the devotional aspect of spirit is quickened in your consciousness and deep, secreted, soul-loving prayers in the quietness of solitude become part of your conscious life, it isn't always easy to understand and love the spirit of Christ Consciousness.  You must do your own thinking and realizing.  It is up to each to establish a sacred sanctuary within his own heart.  Typical humans don’t gravitate and lean toward discipline of the body and soul with divine communion.  What we need in order to lift consciousness is a revival of the true wisdom within.   Self-mastery that is actually a Christ consciousness will manifest in us when we monitor our moral values, live the Golden Rule, allow devotion to motivate us and deeply meditate.

What needs to be raised are the spiritually dead people loudly speaking their deluded version of truth.  As we align ourselves with the Divine power of the One, we transmit our God-power and do our part to release the obsessions and evils of the ignorance of cosmic delusion.  We were given will power.  Let us on our own free accord express the divine compassion and transmit the results we receive by choosing to live a self-disciplined meditating life.  Our examples will teach others that self-mastery, healing, brotherhood, and truth can be a living reality.  It is ours because the God of us responds to those who have a genuine, uncoaxed spiritual ardor and compassion for life.  It is then that we ride a solid self-mastery track as awakened people no longer trapped in the doldrums of delusion.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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