Monday, December 14, 2015


Human beings are subject to three kinds of disease, those that affect the body, the mind and the soul.  The body is affected by bacteria, viruses, toxins, wounds, and organic troubles, which cause physical suffering.  The mind is susceptible to infection by mental bacteria of fear, worries, melancholia, psychological nervousness, anger, greed, sensual temptations, selfishness, jealousy, and nasty tendencies.  The healing of psychological diseases is called mental healing.  The soul is haunted by the disease of ignorance born of cosmic delusion, which causes man to forget his perfect divine nature and lose himself in his imperfect human nature.  Spiritual ignorance creates a disconnect between mind and body, soul and mind and invites every other form of trouble.  I strongly feel that spiritual ignorance is the worse disease.

Many of us have discovered that when we are healed of spiritual ignorance and the higher wisdom becomes a part of us through meditation, devotion and faith, we can actually control the atomic structure of cells and harmonize psychological agitations.  We learn to restore ailments of the body and mind.   The purpose of life is to awaken to our true identity and reflect our higher nature which is beauty, youth, peace and if desired, immortality.   It is up to us to choose good actions of helping not only others but ourselves to be free from physical, mental and spiritual suffering.  People ask for freedom.  Real freedom is liberation from delusion is what is needed but we must practice the presence, keep asking for truth and concentrate on spiritualizing thoughts.  If more of us would meditate, the causes of mental disease and unhealthy habits would lessen.

People desire to be healed and in some cases wish they were healers.  It won’t happen until the mind is changed and we stop doubting, feeling depressed, pessimistic, lack the will to do what is right.  When we allow ourselves to weaken, the flow of healing life energies halt.  If people had a choice, they probably would agree that they would like to be a healer and to be healed themselves.  There is a mental way to do this by stimulating the will, imagination, emotion or reason.  To be a healer we must have great concentration and the ability to use a higher will, imagination, emotion or reason on patients. There is a power in the mind to arouse curative life energy and the best place to practice is first on ourselves.

Everything in our body has been created by our energy and mind.  To have access and use of cosmic energy and use it for healing, faith is required.  Whether I lay hands on people or remotely send the cosmic energy to them, the current is most strongly sent through the power of love and understanding.   The power of the life force transmitted outwardly for healing others is proportionate to the power of the will of the healer. There are various outward means of transmitting cosmic energy: laying on of hands, divinely charged words, transmission of energy by will and powerful thoughts.  Keep in mind, everyone is not receptive to the healer’s healing vibrations.  Negativity and lack of faith are the worse restrictors.  Also people are often stuck in karma.  A healer can sometimes get around the negativity by sending directly to the brain of the patient.  This is an effective way to reach possessed souls, people who are crippled or blind.  Sending to the brain can burn out bad karma and harmful mental tendencies.

If we are to be successful, we must have a consciousness in tune with the Christ Intelligence, Christ Will in order to penetrate astral forces and entities.  Through the years, I have had a few cases where I was an instrument in helping individuals who are possessed.  Sending the power of the Holy Spirit to the brain will remove the possession or obsession.  Healing is a science whether you do it on yourself or another.  The basic formula is the intention behind the vibratory power of the life force being sent and the receptivity of the person to be healed.    Donations accepted

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