Monday, December 28, 2015


Why do souls who know of a grander life descend temporarily into physical planes that are lingering in the throes of disorder and ignorance?  It is the nature of the beast, so to speak.  When a soul awakens to its true self, a reality that must be experienced to be known, it loves with a purity that is not easily understood by the unenlightened.  This love transcends what is considered natural or normal.  It is the ability to see behind the appearance world and to grasp that, which is difficult to utter.  It is the power that speaks in the Silence of inner knowing.  When an individual intelligence has secured the power of love and wisdom in its own force field, it is the most important drive to share and to help those who remain suffering in a conditioned environment of their own making.

The awakened ones come not only from the subtle planes of light and incarnate in matter but they arrive unannounced from habitats-planets in various systems who are more advanced than what is normally demonstrated here on planet earth.  Now when I mention advanced keep in mind that technology although advanced is not the higher level being referred to.  Often the very technology that enthuses the mind is not the advancement that the awakened ones judge as being of a higher nature.  Technology often gears the soul further away from its true essence into realms of thought and materiality that have little to do with the awakening of the spirit within.

In this particular sharing, advancement is the final stirring of the higher knowledge within.  Much is written about the subject but it matters little because what is important is the understanding that only arrives as a result of firsthand experience.  Often, the experience occurs in the totality of Silence.
There are many on earth right now that understand these words.  Most people will not recognize these people as wisdom teachers because they do not have the required human credentials.  Their credentials were hard won through firsthand life experiences that both lovingly and sometimes forcefully brought home the wisdom science to their waiting mind and heart.  A real teacher usually is a quiet one.  It is the souls who surround the teacher who often insist on bringing the light of the teacher out into the open.  True teachers often understand that the Great Work can be powerfully accomplished in secrecy and silence.  It is mental or vibrational ‘work’ done through the power tool of radiating light.  

There may come a time in space where something must be openly displayed to thwart the downward spiral of the mass consciousness and lift it gently to a safe place where it can regain its momentum.   Earth people are slowly moving toward that point of explosion where something must be down to change the energy and regain the integrity of the inner spirit.

You may not fully grasp what I am writing but hopefully you will feel that a change is ready to occur that will give hope again to the lost souls spread throughout the globe.  There are awakened ones, dropouts from Heaven, so to speak, who desire to be of service. The veil needs to be lifted, the eyes opened, the heart expanded and the mind renewed before the collective consciousness will again express itself freely.  Technologies are not the answer nor are wars or materiality.  The only thing that will ‘save’ life is a change in consciousness where the blind no longer lead the blind.  Hope is coming on the wings of spirit but not in the way that a typical soul imagines.

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