Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Everything seen and felt must have a cause and this is how disease is produced.  Now admitting a cause, the process of finding it is a science and requires effort.  What we see is the effect of our belief and our beliefs are matter and can be changed. Getting something as simple as the flu can be the result of your inner desire to not go to work but to remain home and sleep.  We are constantly creating unconsciously.  How much greater life would be if what we cause were a deliberate and conscious creation of a mind and body at peace.

Our words have force as strong as the magnitude of our thought and the energy-vibrations behind them.  Vibration is a motion that is material, mental, spiritual, elastic and subject to change. All phenomena are a lesser version of the Cosmic Vibration.  If we develop a strong and balanced mind through spiritual techniques such as deep concentration and meditation and we tune into the finer dimensions that are commonly referred to as heaven, astral or causal planes, we can use mind power to do anything.  Words that are spoken with clear realization are able to deliberately materialize desires.  The more we tune the mind into divine consciousness, the easier it becomes to create a healing or anything else.  Some healers use a healing command, a word or phrase of power. I use a command consisting of one special word in emergency situations.   The more powerful the mind filled with soul force, the faster the speed of thought reaches the target.  It can be easy for us in the healing field to help someone remotely because the vibrations of God’s healing power reinforce our healing vibrations and a cure is likely to happen.  Both parties may be aware of one another’s presence.

The cause of what materializes in your life is in your mind.  The mind controls all the bodily functions and can promote any condition in the body.  The ancient yogic teaching of “mind over matter” is now accepted as a self-created reality, a result of scientific research.  What the old teachings conveyed about harnessing the power of mind to enhance and create an image that will actually ‘grow’ the body into the imagined form shows that somewhere in our psyches we all have the ability to control our bodies and other matter as well.

So imagine…if we have genuinely forgiven our self and others, developed a good sense of self-esteem, place value on our thoughts and desires, we can through persistent faith and love create a powerful and healthy life force.  Willingness in the mind to perform miracles strengthens and empowers us to actually do what another judges as a miracle.  Train yourself to consciously connect to the higher Self, the Host of who you really are.  Ask for the creative Holy Spirit to assist in searching for and removing the cause of the imbalance.  We can turn the light switch from dim to bright because it already is a connection.  We were divinely created and can through focused thought strengthened by love and faith repair our field that is like a lamp that contains our holy light. Jesus was a perfect example of pure awareness awakened in man.  It is our choice to feel God’s presence, vibratory energy and strength of Infinite power and do what he did and more.

Why not become active detectives?  Deliberately seek the cause of any discomfort, lack or limitation.   The closer our connection to the Cosmic Vibration of wisdom and love and the more scientific we are in searching for the cause of situations we no longer want, the easier it will be for us to declare and materialize what is needed.  At times, we may feel broken.  The One Power and One Presence can repair the cause and our light will regain its original luminosity.

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