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Many people find the logic and purpose of repeated physical incarnations troublesome because they simply cannot remember details of previous life experiences. In some ways, it could feel alarming to think that we have had multiple life experiences in a variety of forms.  Serious students researching scripture find countless references that nonchalantly refer to the natural order of reoccurring lives. It does appear that we sleep the sleep of forgetfulness when we enter a new physical form.  The veil obviously is a necessity.  Perhaps, it is an act of kindness. Think about it.  Most humans could not bear their own self-accusation.  After a period of time passes and the soul-mind matures through the acquisition of intuitive knowledge, character development and the power of faith and devotion, the veil lifts revealing glimpses of other times, faces and locations.  The intuitive flashes that give us the feeling that we been here before or know a stranger’s face and remember facts that were never presented to us this life experience are indications that we have forgotten experiences stored within the subconscious part of the mind.  To discover what we have previously been and retrace past experiences in higher learning, we must be open, have faith, practice discipline and definitely develop discernment.  A serious meditation practice quickens the process.

As a result of a prayerful and disciplined approach toward awakening consciousness, we can stir ancient memories.  Although the experiences arrive usually in an unexpected flash, we reach the conscious point where we remember bits and pieces of our past history.  To observe our journey with honesty and without fear requires soul maturity. With maturity comes a developed sense of forgiveness for words and acts done in an ignorant state of consciousness. Meanwhile, we continue to experience and hopefully learn what we need to understand and awaken fully as our true deathless spirit identity.
Assimilation takes time.  As soon as the experiences, lessons, are absorbed in the soul-mind, we are free to shed the attachments of previous past appearances.  After physical death, while resting in the invisible ‘in-between’ dimensions of the mental plane, the identity can assume whatever form it desires as the assimilation period is experienced.  When a soul-mind minus a physical body appears to a loved one on earth, it usually assumes the familiar appearance form although younger and healthier.  As the individual unit of light becomes awakened to itself, it may also appear as a burst of glowing light energy or another form that the earth relative would easily recognize.  One of my mother’s first appearances was as a glorious purple radiance and yet, I recognized and knew without a doubt it was her.  Speaking of the color purple, a wonderful friend whose death was a loss for all of us appeared at her upbeat memorial service dancing joyfully around her friends and family as brilliant light.  There were also quite a few of us who actually felt her touch.  While in her physical body, Verena loved and often led us in the Sufi movements. In contrast, other souls simply appear such as my dad looking just like himself except younger and healthier.

From my understanding, we usually are attracted to future earth incarnations until we are fully awakened.  We obviously need to clean up our act here before we go exploring another planet with physical life.  There is also the choice to remain for a time or permanently in one of the many subtle worlds of light.  Once we are free of the rounds of spiritual ignorance, lack, opinions and conditioned patterns and have regained a conscious oneness with Source, Supreme Spirit, we are free to travel to other spiritual systems.  This doesn’t mean we abandoned earth.  It is a matter of choice.  Many awakened souls return to help remaining souls who are still unaware of their true spiritual identity and purpose.

It is the spiral motion of the progress accomplished by the life impulses that develops the various kingdoms of nature.  Spirit vitalizes the continuous thread that runs through the evolutionary process.  Evolution of consciousness moves from the simple, to self, to Christ and Cosmic.  The physical body, as we know it, is an evolving expression of creative thought.  This is why many thinkers label earth as a school of learning.  If the physical form is respected and cared for and recognized as a temporary vehicle for individual creativity and progression, eventually illumination will come more easily.  However, the majority of humans look at physical bodies, as a means of gratifying the physical senses not realizing that they also have a set of higher spiritual senses.  As a result of a sluggish, ongoing ignorance, the soul-mind becomes trapped in the knots of erroneous thought that create a further sense of separation, imbalance and suffering.

Through will and choice, the soul-mind nurtured by the individual life giving spirit struggles to express itself in the duality of density.  The desires, attractions and experiences corresponding with the purpose, intelligence, memory and personality obviously vary with each traveler.  The differing aspects account for the many degrees of vacillating unconscious and conscious awareness existent on this planet.  It isn’t fair to try and compare one consciousness with another.

The purpose of an incarnation in matter is to become humanly what we are spiritually.  It is a big order when memory is veiled.  A soul may have a glorious past history of spiritual development but if he is not consciously aware of what he has previously learned because its been stifled by his current parents and environment, it means little except sadness for something missing and not quite understood.  At the same time, he could choose to strive to expand his character and consciously evolve to higher dimensions of thought and realization and not allow the ignorance of others to hold him back.

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