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The finer vibrating planes are invisible thought realms that fill the same space as dense creation.  There are dimensions existing within dimensions.  The subtle worlds have boundaries in the sense that they are attracted both to dense habitats (planets) and to groups of souls who are compelled to repeat cycles of rebirths until conscious perfection in oneness is attained.  Dimensions of thought are the arenas where ‘fallen’ consciousness exists between rebirths, during out-of-body experiences and when the physical body sleeps.

Obviously, creativity cannot be measured.  It is enough to say that intelligence both formed and formless, visible and invisible, exists vibrating in varying degrees to the music of the spheres.  The spiritual system that evolves from simple consciousness in the elemental kingdoms on through the self conscious and divine consciousness is a direct result of the original creative desires of individual light beings that existed prior to dense worlds as we know them.  I know religions claim the reason God created the universe and life is a great mystical mystery.  I understand the visible worlds existence, as the direct result of deliberate desires manifesting because unseen, some refer to them as angelic intelligence, desired to create.  There is nothing ‘fallen’ about a desire to create but the loophole lies in the fact that the farther energy is removed from the center, Source, the denser it becomes.  Forgetfulness occurs resulting in a false reality and the sense of separation and suffering surfaces.

Simple consciousness gradually evolved not only on earth but also in different world systems not necessarily similar to this one.  The higher animals eventually became undeveloped humans and consciousness continued to progress. I have learned that not only evolving consciousness inhabits earth but also visitors from other systems peopled earth.  In other words, all intelligence existing on earth did not necessary originate here.  The individual intelligence is only conscious of that which it has already learned regardless of its beginnings.  The individuality is compelled to return to a given planet repeatedly.  Those who are not cognizant of the universal laws are simply drawn by desire and attachments and do not question that which has not yet registered on their soul-mind.  The ascending soul is the same whether in a body or out of the body.  When the consciousness is not developed or refined, it is basically asleep to the meaning of life and its purpose.

You may wonder if a soul is not aware of universal laws of creativity is it still subject to karma, the balancing scale of justice?  Karma is the law of the universe, karma being cause and effect.  Intent is what is noted.  All acts that are injurious to others as well as self-afflicted are stored in soul memory.  The conscience is its own judge and jury, not a mysterious God.  Either through the leavening justice of cause and effect or by the grace of Spirit is balance eventually realized.

Many people gravitate toward the idea of having a soul mate; it seems to give them hope and comfort.  A soul mate is a helpmate in its purest sense.  By the time the soul-mind begins to stir enough where it has a conscience and a glimmer of purpose in form it will often choose another soul with similar intent.  Together they will join forces or energy to pursue the heights of purity and conscious awareness in their search for truth and return to wholeness.  This is why they are referred to as helpmates.  Their goal is to be cooperative in the gradual attainment of realizing perfection in form.

The soul-minds frequently incarnate together and assume roles interchangeably.  As the soul-mind evolves, the spirit individuality awakens and begins to assert itself.  As time passes, it becomes less necessary to cling to the soul mate arrangement.  The greater the conscious awareness, the less one needs a helpmate.  There are some individuals who progress at a similar pace and their bonds become so strong that they remain together throughout the human incarnating experience.  In the purest sense, we should all be helpmates-soul mates to one another.

I am fully aware that there are other ways of looking at this subject.  There is a belief by some that soul mates were originally one unit of light and split off as female and male on their respective journeys to one day later reunite.  My view is that each soul existing as an entity in duality has both a masculine and feminine principle to its make-up.  The ideal is to bring the two principles in harmony and work together as a cohesive unit of light.  I have seen this in symbolic vision where I am receiving from a male counter-part looking very much like a twin and we are giving to one another precious stones such as amethysts, emeralds and diamonds.  I also feel that one of my visions of two fully grown brilliant blue figures resembling butterflies dancing to the rhythm of love symbolized the same ideal regarding the male and female principles within the soul merging, harmonizing and working together as completion here in physical form.  I know it probably seems more romantic to believe that there is a prince or princess waiting in the wings, so to speak, to join us in living happily ever after.  This may be very true but I choose to look at completion of Self as a living light right here in matter as the ideal to consciously achieve and enjoy as a result of returning to the completeness of being a fully conscious light of God.

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